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Discussion in 'Member fiction' started by crayle, Apr 15, 2010.

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    A mutual friend of ours is getting married, and we decide to liven up the bachelor/bachelorette party by buying some off-color novelties at an elaborate pornoshoppe: realistic dildo, sex-enhancers... and a male chastity belt!

    The cute girl who runs the shoppe talks me into buying an expensive one, last of a discontinued line. The manufacturer is out of business.

    Back at my apartment, You act like You never heard of a c-belt for men, and say You think I must have been taken. Surprised at your naivet, I insist there are such things, and You insist I show you how it works! I go into my bedroom to put it on (leaving the keys on the coffee table) and once I get it on, Im surprised how elaborate it really is. Made of some super-tough stainless alloy, covered with soft latex, fitted with one-way adjustable tabs that can be pulled tight but not loosened without taking it off. Of course, I have to undress completely to put it on, and when I come into the living room wearing it, the look in your eyes makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    (any ideas? if not, keep reading)

    You tell me it will be easily seen under street clothes, but I insist it will not, and to prove this, I go back in my bedroom, get dressed, then come back out to show You. Just then, the phone rings. Its your sister (who will be Maid of Honor at the Wedding) and theres some sort of emergency at her house. We jump in your car and head over.

    Well, its kind of an Emergency: Shes having a Wedding Shower in a few hours. Everthings ready except her back yard needs mowed. Thats not a big job, but her car got worked on today, and she needs a ride over to pick it up. We can handle this easily: Youll drive her to get her car while I mow the yard. But Im wearing dress clothes -- not good for mowing a yard, especially on a hot day like this! We look for something else I can wear. The only thing that will fit me is one of her short skirts!

    Well, no one will see me in the back yard, and since Im wearing that c-belt, I need to wear Something! So I reluctantly undress in the bedroom and put it on, then go out to mow the yard while You two go to get her car.

    You get back just as I finish. Im all sweaty and have to clean up before I can get dressed again. So I use her bedroom shower while You wait in the bedroom. Under the warm water, I mention how the belt actually seems to get tighter when wet. You look and see my clothes folded neatly on the bed. Im in the shower, nude, except for a c-belt, and there are no other male clothes here I can wear... and very few items of female apparel!

    (any ideas? if not, read on!)

    I call out to You. Ive shampooed my hair, but theres no soap in here. Anything out there? You see a bottle of depilatory. You tell me theres some special anti-chigger soap out here, that I really ought to use. I just have to rub it on and let it work for a few minutes before washing it off. And oh yes, there may be a depilatory side-effect. I dont really know what that is, but I use it.

    Fifteen minutes later I emerge from the shower, hairless from the eyebrows down (except for my pubic hair!) I call to You. No answer. Dry off, and use some Body lotion to soothe the depilatory sting. Come out into the bedroom.

    Youve left, and taken all my clothes! In an hour, this place will be full of women. There are only a few things here I could wear.

    Take it from here: Of course You have the c-belt keys and all my clothes, but did you take my apartment keys, too? And what are your plans?
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