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What was that?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by PouchPantyLover, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. OK, I just had a "what was that moment" a couple of hours ago. I asked my wife this morning if she'd be willing to milk me at some point today. I've been trying to remind her about getting some form of release every couple of weeks for health reasons and it had been just over 2 weeks since my last ruined orgasms. She agreed and when she got home from workout I had everything set-up.

    Our milking experience hasn't been great. the first time was probably the best and even then I'd say I only produced a few drops. I'm not one of the guys on here that leaks puddles. The other few times we tried produced little or nothing. The thing is that I've always been super focused on the "milk" and not the process.

    This time I decided, to just enjoy the sensation. She had me bend over the bed and begin using a vibrating prostate massager on me. I was really into it and giving her feedback on what felt good. She tends to be a little rough with the thrusting and I encouraged her to slow down a little. Then she pushed the toy in deep and held it in this spot and I lost it. All I could do was moan as this incredible feeling swelled up inside me. It built and built to this plateau and I was half moaning/crying as I just stayed there. I was sure I was cumming buckets because it felt like a huge drawn out orgasm.

    Ultimately it finally receded slowly and only the usual few drops had come out. I have no idea what I just experienced. I think maybe my long-term chastity has made it so that my mind is craving a "release" and this is what I have found. I've been in a very weird head space since then. Is this my new orgasm? Is this even an orgasm? Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is this a common or rare thing?
  2. Hello @PouchPantyLover@PouchPantyLover I have experienced the same type of feelings , although usually from being pegged by my mistress , I am still not 100% sure how to put a name to it , but I like to think of it more as a body orgasm , I have tried to explain it in other posts on here but I think it is something you have to experience first hand as you have to fully appreciate , I totally agree with the intensity of it and the lets say " strange feeling " it leaves you with after , nice but hard to put into words , and apart from the as you word it " head space " side of things it leaves me feeling drained tired and very relaxed , I am not sure if it is common but is something I have and still do experience , although not every time , for me general mood , situation , position and length of lock up all seem to play a part in things
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  3. Body orgasm is an apt word. Same thing happens to me with an anal vibrator. Like a rolling earthquake that is 10 times more powerful and draining than shooting a massive load through masturbation or intercourse. I never want any other kind now.
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    I've had the same with a guy with, er, the biggest wang I've ever seen (the head was the size of my fist and I've not got small hands). Full-on rolling shimmering white-out, body fizzing, I remained totally over-sensitive for about 10 minutes after and only very slowly came back to myself. It was a deeply cathartic experience and altered my mood and state of being for some days leaving me super relaxed and calm. One of my bosses even commented on it the day after - and she knew a thing or two - "You need to have sex like that more often, I hope you got his number" is what she said. How she knew I've no idea.

    Since then it's happened occasionally, and it's always well worth waiting for.
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  5. By the way, it is purely and absolutely only a myth that a male "needs" to have a release of any kind every so often for health reasons. Your lucky you guys get anything.
  6. It is indeed. I came close to that when I was being fucked in a sling by 10" of young black cock which kept bumping against my prostate. The sling allowed me to arrange for the best angle. Problem was, he blew his load after 10 minutes. With the anal vibrator, I can control both the meat and the motion and have body orgasms every day. I do miss having that bathhouse audience, though.
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  7. It's not a myth:-


    As with all things you pays your money and takes your choice and if we want to enjoy chastity play or fly microlights or scuba dive or ride the Isle of Man TT then so long as we know the odds it's fine. It's perhaps OK to tell yourself that there are no risks to an activity you like to indulge in, however, it's wrong to suggest to others that any of these activities are without risk.
  8. This is a pretty good description of a prostate orgasm. I had my first encounter with this when I was still at school. I was climbing up a rope and every time I gripped the rope between my feet and pushed up this feeling built. I very nearly fell off the rope!

    When the "Bend over Boyfriend" video came out in the late 90s there was a late night prog. on UK Channel 5 that featured pegging (though the term hadn't been coined at that stage) and from the description of the orgasm they gave I realised what it was I had experienced all those years before and was very keen to repeat the experience. Luckily Mrs G is game for a laugh so it's become a common part of our lives since then.
  9. The main purpose of our female-controlled marriage is literally to drain away my manhood and neuter me by psychological castration. My wise and benevolent wife has devised a program that provides me with incredible sexual pleasure to compensate. Besides my twice-daily anal milkings, she allows me unlimited use of a prostate vibrator as well as weekly peggings with a 10" black dildo. The orgasms, needless to say, are profound. Much better than shooting my load inside of her pussy.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, I was really shocked by it when it happened. I've been a little more shocked by some of my aftermath. I'm not sure if it was related, but I was really emotional the rest of the day and in to the evening. I inadvertently said something that upset my wife and it made me cry. That is also something that has never happened. I'm sort of adjusting to the idea and things seem back to normal today, but it seems like a new normal. It's sort of like the first time I put the cage on for an extended (back then) 3 days. It was just this mental game changer. I feel like I'm embarking on something new, just when I thought I had this all figured out :confused:
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  11. That has been exactly my experience as my wife has slowly but irrevocably drained my manhood out of me. I'm much more emotional, I cry easily and I've become amazingly docile. Experiencing an orgasm the way a female does, a whole-body tremor that comes from being penetrated long and hard, likely has much to do with it. Hope you enjoy your new normal as much as I am.