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What is your favorite sex position?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Cincy, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Almost all the sex between my wife and I involve "tease and denial" in which I perform oral sex, and then I rub "little willy" between her legs until I get really wet with pre-cum. I do this back and forth until I am about ready to go over the edge. My wife can tell, and tells me I can't cum, and tells me I have to stop.

    The best position for us, is for my wife to sit on the edge of the bed, and lay back with her knees pulled up to her chest. I kneel on the floor, with my tongue between her legs, and our bed is high enough, so I can stand and "little willy" can have a rub. Its "tease and denial" but we call it "lick and rub".
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  2. I would say it is me on my knees. My hands are together and I am begging for an orgasm as my wife keeps repeating "I am in control", like a mantra.

    When she wants oral I kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed. She stands up in front of me and then just lays back. She is then able to put her legs over my shoulders, grab my hair and pull my mouth to her vagina.
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  3. On my hands and knees with my wife behind me wearing a strap on. You can fill in the rest :)
  4. Well said Mash I will second that
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  5. Simple and to the point LOL
  6. Thank you
  7. Well let's see, there's a couple. She likes to have me on my knees beside the bed with my hands tied behind me and my feet tied. Then she sits on the edge of the bed and has me pleasure her orally while she uses the vibe. When she gets tired of that, she straps a ball gag in my mouth, puts a strap-on on me, then has me lay on the bed while she rides herself to several more orgasms. She also likes for me to tie her hands to the bedposts, frog tie her legs, then pleasure her orally after which she gets the strap on until she screams enough! Of course my cage usually stays on. As my orgasms are not really important in the total scheme of things, as long as she gets hers, I'm perfectly happy with the arrangement. Happy key holder happy life.
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  8. Best for me so far was when my wife sat and watched me masturbate and would tell me when to stop and start. She then demanded a ruined orgasm, which I did to myself. She then demanded another, which I did again. She then looked me straight in the eyes and said "real men don't cum this way". Chills up the spine on that one.

    Any position serving her is particularly awesome as well. Lately she has been favoring a three pronged combination of my mouth, a vibrator and a magic wand.
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  9. Hmm if I'm free to do whatever I like I'd say my fave is in her butt missionary. If I'm being used by her: amazon (aaaaamazing). If I'm locked up...the best is when she sits on my face for sure.
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  10. That's just friggin COOL!!!
  11. My wife's most recent go to is having me bring her to the edge several times with my tongue then pushing me back on the bed and slowly sucking my cock as she uses a vibrator on herself. I begin to feel her teeth as she orgasms hard. I am never to cum without permission, but I feel like I have experienced a orgasm of my own when ever she cums like this.
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  12. Thumbs up on that one. She's a special lady
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  13. Favorite position while caged has to be taking her from behind using our strapon Johnson. I can't reach, so is unbelievable to really give her a good rough fucking, watching it enter deeply, and listening to her make sounds I never could on my own.

    Uncaged...definitely have to roll with her riding me cowgirl. Totally controlling every aspect, pace, depth, pressure, and using me like a sex toy.

    We tried Amazon...I am not long enough. After I push it down, there isn't enough cock sticking out for her to get anything inside. Is a hot position though.
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  14. I love taking my slutty husband from behind in front of a mirror stuffing her mouth with a dildo
    as I'm pownding away on her with my strap-on .....
    I get to watch her struggle trying to swallow the dildo stuck to the mirror as I'm pownding her from behind
    Liza has become such a dirty slut
    :):):) Mrs. L
  15. Lucky Liza
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  16. That would be any position where she actually allows me to have sex with her ;)
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  17. I'd say, there's not much choice! :p:D
  18. Any position...it's sex so I'll be happy it even happens.
  19. Since penetration is not allowed, it is the 69 position with me on top giving her oral while she plays with my balls, buttocks and other parts of me while carefully avoiding any stimulation to my locked penis. After a half hour or so she just relaxes and concentrates on her building orgasms.
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  20. My favourite position would is her sat on my face, with my tongue rimming her ass.
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  21. As a key holder mine is with two or three friends, with husband locked up
    Swimming pool sex is good too