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What is a ruined orgasm?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by SubJoeGated, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but there is a lot of talk here about ruined orgasms. I'm not sure what that is. I suppose it is ejaculating without the overwhelming orgasmic high.

    But if that's so, then I have had ruined orgasms for years! My daily secret shower fumblings don't really do it and vanilla sex with my wife doesn't either. That's why I have decided to try chastity to see if saving it up for a while may lead to a better climax. Mrs Joe is very keen on this idea for different reasons (she likes the idea of control and ownership). But I don't want to experience ruined orgasms via chastity! That's not at all what I was hoping for.

    Confused :confused:
  2. A ruined orgasm occurs when all stimulation stops just before the first burst of ejaculation. If done properly, this leaves the man even more frustrated and horny than when you started, even though he does ejaculate. Generally it involves a *very* slow handjob of many minutes perhaps even hours in duration. This is somewhat related to milking, massage of the prostate, but the stimulation in this case is to the cock. The trick is to be very aware of when he will cum, and stop before that several times, with the last time being so near the edge that he cums even though you stop stroking then.
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  3. Thank you Keysafe. I really don't like the sound of that at all. :(

  4. I think that is the point, you are not supposed to like it :) But remember that are far more "un-likeable" ways to orgasm. For example, there are "head polishing" orgasms, which seems to me to about the most "un-likeable" orgasm there is.
  5. The last one I had made me ejaculate everything but there was no pleasure at all. I was still horny afterwards. Not fun at all. However sometimes she will get me cum again right after the ruined one so I get two for the price of one. :)
  6. Hmm… well I had this done and I think a good head polishing could lead to a mind blowing orgasm if aimed for it.

    In fact, Keysafe, you said « un-likeable way to ruin » and I think the leading word here is « way » because a head-polishing could be horribly edgy and long long so long to lead to an orgasm.

    But with it you can have pure bliss, crying ruin, or yelling post-o torture.

    Beside, SubJoeGated, among all your life orgasm, wouldn't you like to try at least once every existing flavours ? ^^ :)
  7. Now I'm learning about "head polishing"! Every day I learn something new.
  8. Same here. Looking forward to trying this...one day...perhaps...
  9. My wife has given me (or allowed me to give myself, as she watches) a number of ruined orgasms, and the common feature to all of them has been that there has been no refractory period afterwards. The refractory period is that time following an orgasm when your body recharges by sleeping, not wanting sex, and having you feel a little down.

    The amount of semen ejaculated doesn't seem to be any indication of whether it was ruined or not, at least for me. The telltale sign is that, after the R.O., I'm still horny, hard, and ready for more teasing.
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  10. I received a ruined orgasm this past weekend. My wife was stroking me and just at the point when I was about to cum, she grabbed my cock right below the head and squeezed hard. My cock swelled, but nothing came out and I thought she had stopped to early. However, when she let go my cum just kind of dribbled out. I was spurting but it was trapped inside so I had no sensation of cumming. Afterwards I had no afterglow or endorphin rush. The only positive from it was being teased in the first place, and then not having that over full feeling in my balls.
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  11. I could not resist your leading question and here it goes: When your wife walks in on you when you are having sex with another woman. :)
  12. i can assure you, you won't enjoy as such. As a relative newcomer to chastity last year after i gave wife the key, i too was interested to understand what a ruined orgasm was. As my new Mistress gained confidence and accepted my increased attention and pampering and began increasing the duration of lock-ups, i let it slip out that i had been reading about something that others did to their locked subs. She had already begun to love tease and denial seeing how desperate i became and this just took it to another level. With hands cuffed behind i was teased and teased, driving me mad, but then after probably 40 mins her face changed and eyes glazed and i realised how intense this had become for her. Forgetting our previous discussion i awaited my final moment of pleasure whilst uttering my devotion and innermost thoughts as she pulled harder on my sensitive nipples as well as the vigorously handling me below. Her eyes gave it all away as my body started to enter its final convulsions as she suddenly smiled ... And let go!!
    Never have i experienced such intense frustration. I cried out, screaming for contact as i oozed onto my stomach with none of the usual sensation. I was even bucking furiously into mid air for some kind of sensation but it made no difference... Whilst she just watched and smiled excitedly and finished herself off for an intense orgasm. I can assure you it was totally frustrating, humiliating and made me realise my position...... But it left me as horny as before and wanting to do anything for a proper release. Being relocked again straight after just added to that and I reflected on the "careful what you wish for" statement! She may not have fully embraced my desire to dress en femme but it is very true to say that she has grabbed the ruined orgasm well and truly by the horns!
    Good luck with your next chapter!
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  13. I have maybe a different view on ruined orgasms. In the last 2 weeks I have had two of them, others believes they leave you horny, but I personally find that they take the edge way too much. We have been doing teasing most nights, and some mornings and after about 3-4 days of this it takes Mistress less and less time to get me to that point. The point I have to ask her to stop, it gets sooner and sooner. And I hate that it gets sooner but love the feeling it gives me, I feel different - frustrated but in a really good way. When I have had the two runied orgasms both of which I got no pleasure from, the edge was gone, my nipples were not sensitive and I really didnt feel horny. I felt very flat. I think a milking is better than a ruined orgasm, I remain more sensitive and horny!

    I was granted an orgasm over the weekend which I did not expect but it was amazing, and it was after a full 5 hours of being teased and edged!..

    So my advice dont bother with ruined orgasms - in any book it is still an orgasm?

    slave baby phil
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  14. As always, Phil. YMMV... I'm the opposite. For me, a well timed ruined orgasm leaves me considerably hornier and more frustrated. We're all different...
  15. Mistress has discovered a very wicked way to ruin my orgasm! I am securely bound spread eagle standing, hands to the ceiling joists, feet to the corners of the bed. Estim machine then connected, one large pad to testicles, smaller pad to underside of penis. Careful to avoid any contact with my mm jailbird, which stays locked on. Estim is then turns on and with much teasing, slowly turned up, starting as a rather pleasurable sensation and occasionally turned up to almost unbearable. Eventually, sometimes up to an hour later, I can hold back no longer, I start to leak cum and at the point of no return, as my cum starts to flows, mistress turns up the electrode way past unbearable. I struggle and beg, but mistress only relents once the flow of cum stops. All in all a very intense sensation.
  16. Not sure I am looking forward to princess learning about this!!!!!
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  17. There was this real short guy, And mistress was real tall, She would take his cage off and have him stand on a bucket and give him a hand job, when his eyes got as big as baseballs, she would kick the bucket out from under him, That's A ruined orgasum. FOR SURE! LOL!
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  18. I'm curious to know how you keep the JB on and have a electrode on your cock. We've been playing with our TENS unit, but I'm not sure I'd like to have the cage in contact with the electrode pad.
  19. Use a little insulation tape, cover the back of a small (or cut down) pad, and insert under the jb. Experiment with different locations, and attach another pad to your testicles. I can assure you it can go from fun to agony!
  20. I'm join to ask my wife if we can try it. She generally likes it when I play with the TENS unit. Says she enjoys the way my dick twitches and jerks about. She's also noticed that my toes curl when a strong pulse hits my balls.
  21. I would love to experience this type of scene someday. I once found a milking video called Capt Hoods Backback that had a similar milking scene, where a man was milked dry viciously for several minutes with the electro going off on his prostate through an anal probe. I was just wondering, has anyone come across any similar videos?

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