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what first sparked your interest in cuckolding?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by nd601, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. So my GF is new to chastity and I'm easing her in. We're playing tease and denial without a cage and it's been a few days...

    I've never really been into cuckolding that much. today, I was washing dishes in z towel (there was a giant pile... thought I'd wash a couple) and I'd just finished a shower. So I'm washing, and in the meantime she's texting a common guy friend about meeting up tomorrow for whatever.

    conversation must be pretty good because she's giggling and laughing... and then comes by and snaps a pic. Turns out she's sending this to the common guy friend.

    I was annoyed, but oddly turned on, because I could see from her face she was having fun, especially in his responses.

    Now this friend is vanilla and everything was innocent (although she is attracted to him) but I suddenly had this compelling thought that I was actually chaste for her, and she was texting a fuck buddy and were both enjoying my denial and humiliation.

    Maybe im more interested in cuckolding than I thought.

    So what sparked your interest first (addressed to both the cucks and their Ladies on here).
  2. For me it was when our girlfriend got married to a cuckold she found on the internet. I cuckolded him for about 25 years. He is a doctor and submissive guy whose first cuckoldress left him for one of her lovers, an all too common occurrence in real life for those who make it a lifestyle. I also cuckolded another husband for about 6 months and a third for about 3 months. Met the first two husbands but not the third. My girlfriends husband wanted to watch so he came over to my house. He sat with my wife so they both could watch since my wife liked to watch too. He was OK during the making out phase but as soon as I started to remove his wife's clothes he freaked out and left. She had to drive him home and came back the next day.

    I do not know if this technically qualifies for cuckolding although I have seen it labeled so in porn, but I lived with a girl that I did not love and was not exclusive with, who had sex with me 2-3 times a day and with other guys, both black and white from the nearby Army base, and then came home to me where she sat on my face and told me how many men and how many times she orgasmed. She used to be a hot cheerleader who gained a little wait and needed validation of her desirability by having sex with every man she met, no matter how gross they were. We never even dated. She just needed a lot of sex and I was dating other women on the weekends. She eventually asked me to impregnate her because I apparently had the best genes out of all the men she had sex with. I told her no and asked her to leave lest she trick me into impregnating her since back in the Pre-Aids days, most of us did not use condoms.

    So that is my experience. One thing I learned from this is that it is much better being the one having no strings attached sex with women then tasting their lovers after they get home. :)
  3. I first became a cuckold when my then wife started having lunchtime sex with a co-worker. When I found out I was pretty upset. We had a long heart to heart and it turned out I wasn't satisfying her. After many tears and long discussions, we decided to keep up the arrangement as her sexual needs were met by him and her emotional needs by me. It wasn't long before I started getting turned on by the idea of them together. I would ask my wife about their 'sessions' and she was surprised that it turned me on. Eventually they started having sex in our flat; sometimes I was there, sometimes not. Our three-way relationship was such that I could watch if I wanted. It was a very enjoyable time.