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What do you prefer: Pantyhose or Stockings?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by innocent.in.574, Aug 9, 2016.


Pantyhose or Stockings?

  1. Pantyhose

    39 vote(s)
  2. Stockings / Thigh Highs

    106 vote(s)
  1. Stockings with garters for those occasions when i can go all out, other wise pantyhose
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  2. I'm wearing suntan pantyhose under my trousers today and I have on some open toe pumps with a 2 1/2" heel. I've noticed that one of our account managers keeps looking at my feet. He's at least ten years younger than me, married and a very nice young man. Another member suggested when I'm sitting I dangle my shoe off of my toes or take my shoes off all together watch his reaction. He may have a fetish...
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  3. If you were in my office I promise you that I would get zero work done today.
  4. Thigh highs. And the guys really seem to like them

  5. OMG!

    When I took off my shoes he had no reaction at all. He didn't even take a second glance after he saw I was barefoot.

    But, when I crossed my legs, purposely let my pants leg ride up higher on my leg to show more pantyhose and then dangled my high heel shoe off of my toes he almost tripped over himself to get a better look!

    I'm so proud of myself, I played it really cool and didn't let on that I noticed. So I leaned back and made a phone call. Then I dangled away and wiggled my foot as much as I could while trying to look like I didn't realize that I was doing it.

    I wasn't facing him so he probably thought he was getting a free show. But I could see his reflection on a small mirror on my cubicle wall. I actually think he was thinking about molesting my feet right there in my cubicle.

    Does he have a foot fetish, a pantyhose fetish or a high heel fetish? How to I tell? I'd like to tease him some more!
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  6. In the past i have worn pantyhose while sessioning with a Pro Domme and once while serving a Lifestyle Domme, She made me dress in a garter belt and clip on the stockings. From there She cuffed my hands behind my back and attached a leash to my collar and said we were going into the hall to get ice at the motel we were playing at. I was so scared at that moment i though i would pass out. She was only joking but it was pretty scary for a moment.
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  7. I wore slacks and pantyhose to work again today. This time with red strappy open toe heels. These were a little higher than the other ones, about 3 1/2". Since they had ankle straps I couldn't do any dangling (I didn't think about that when I got dressed this morning) but I managed to sit cross legged and show off my heels a lot.

    After lunch it was pretty dead and he and i were chatting about last night's debate. I was making my heels very visible the whole time and I noticed he kept breaking eye contact with me to steal glances of my shoes/feet/pantyhose, I wasn't sure which one yet. After about the millionth time I finally made a big deal of and laughingly said "what do you keep looking at? Did I step in something?". Still smiling and laughing I made a big deal about inspecting my shoes then looked back at him and asked "what is it? Tell me, I don't want people staring at me all day, what do you keep looking at?"

    Then he just said matter of factly that he liked my heels. Just like that, he didn't even show the slightest bit of hesitation. All I could think was OMG, what a stud! But all that came out was a silly and cheesy thank you. I feel like it sounded more like"awww, shucks".

    So, this mild mannered family man whom I've known for years has got me really turned on. I keep thinking about him grabbing me and bending me over my desk right on the spot.

    I can never look at him the same way again.
  8. If you did that to me I would have been a stuttering fool and tried to deny it.

    You're right, he is a stud.
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  9. Pantyhose for me.
  10. Love that feeling of peeling off the stocking while i'm being watched. Come to think of it, i like watching her peel hers off too, when I'm bound up and helpless... assuming she hasn't blindfolded me.
  11. Beatles forever! :D
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  13. I'll go either way really but its so much easier to function in a garterbelt and stockings.
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  14. Garters with stockings for me. I love the lines and the feel of the garters. I am not adverse to pantyhose sometimes though.
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  15. Love pantyhose especially when they're the full body type.
  16. I don't like pantyhose for myself, so BF wears stockings and garter belt just like I usually do. Often, when I'm disciplining him, I wear a panty girdle or an all-in-one, but I only buy girdles like that with garters, so it's stockings then, too. Pantyhose? NEVER!

  17. Cecilia: when disciplining do you wear a long-leg high-waisted panty girdle? What colors do you usually like to wear? White?
  18. nobody can deny that nylons are sexiest. They glide and caressing around the leg, not arched, giving a female character, more beautiful and more delicate, soft and shiny. Bah these tights.
    Remember that with nylons men hang arou

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  19. I wear different kinds of girdles. If it's a panty girdle, I wear a long line bra with it. Usually it's black or red. Pink and white are for bf, although he doesn't wear girdles. Sometimes I'll wear white or pink, but not often.
  20. Stockings and garter belt and panties daily a must for my slutty bitch
  21. That's cause you're slutty bitch is one of the sexiest sluttiest bitches on this site!!
    Lucky Bitch
    Lucky Mistress
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  22. Tight girdles and control top pantyhose for me.. whatever it takes to make the man parts hidden
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  23. i has got now some little tieside panties and i like them a lot.

    new tiesides2.jpg
  24. I prefer thigh highs, otherwise you need to half undress just to pee, or remove them fully to play.

    Yes I've seen people cut holes in them or rip them, I'm not fond of ruining my clothes.
  25. well they am very easy to take off.