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What do you prefer: Pantyhose or Stockings?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by innocent.in.574, Aug 9, 2016.


Pantyhose or Stockings?

  1. Pantyhose

    39 vote(s)
  2. Stockings / Thigh Highs

    106 vote(s)
  1. I
  2. I love wearing pantyhose to help support my cage, but perfect stockings when things get hot!
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  3. I perfer stocking and a garter belt but in this day and age it does not go well with normal wear. But by far it is still sexy to wear and see worn.
  4. Last night I was quite horny and expressed my fantasies out loud to my wife/Keyholder. It's no secret that I have a thing for pantyhose and I told her that going out in public wearing short(ish) shorts, sandals and sheer toe suntan pantyhose really turned me on. She didn't say much, but before bed she painted my toenails red as what I thought was a consolation prize.

    This morning she told me to get dressed like I was in my fantasy. It felt nice hanging around the house dressed like this and I appreciated her indulging me.

    About two hours ago she said c'mon let me take you for a drive. This is something we do now and then and I love it. She'll usually drive and go that drive through. True to form she drove straight to Starbucks and got a coffee. I was loving the exposure even though other than my pantyhose I was dressed as a man. I don't think the barista even noticed.

    A few minutes later she says that the car needs gas. This will be fun I thought.

    She pulled into a busy gas station and picked the pump furthest from the cashier. I'm thinking that this will be easy, pay at the pump and go, no problem.

    So I get out and walk around the car and I reach towards her expecting to be given the debit card. Instead she gives me a $100 bill. As soon as it's in my hand she rolls up the window and locks the door.

    I Actually freaked out for a few seconds because this is my hometown and it's during lunch hour and very busy. She pulled out her phone and checked her email, which was a sign that she should ignore me until I did what I needed to do.

    So I took Deep breath and walked into the store as normally as I could. I really wanted to look down at my toes but resisted the urge. I pre-paid for the gas and walked back out to the pump and filled up the tank. When I finished I went back to the cashier for my change. There were two people in front of me so I waited patiently for my turn. Once I had my change I headed back our to the car. On my way our the woman who was in front of me in line held the door open for me. I thanked her and went to the car which was now unlocked and the windows were open. I got back in buckled up. My wife reached over and put her hand on my chastity device and asked if i enjoyed it. I said yes, thank you.

    I asked her if it was noticeable that I was wearing pantyhose and toenail polish and she said my legs looked a little shiny, but nice (she never said it it was noticeable or not). I asked what about my toes and she laughed and she could see the sunlight reflecting off my shiny red toes all the way to the building. She then said that if I was good shed let me see the pictures and video.

    I know that this isn't that big of a deal, but I had fun and wasn't expecting it so u thought I'd share my experience.
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  5. Stockings and girdle
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  6. Oh definitely stockings held up with garters! Nothing looks of feels sexier!
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  7. My husband @CSG in a Pink 18CP@CSG in a Pink 18CP has been locked in his (rather my) Lori's device for a month now. I never really knew how strong his pantyhose fetish was until now.

    I've been having him wear them to bed at night for the last three weeks and he loves it. I started wearing them to bed too and he can't keep his hands off of me. I know it's driving him nuts.

    This afternoon I'm going to put on a pair of sheer nude hose with my shorts and spend the evening that way. I won't say a word about it and he's not to speak of his fetishes and desires so well see how he reacts. I'm starting to enjoy the teasing.
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  8. What brand of footless hold ups do you recommend? I've not had good luck with finding toeless hosiery since I have big feet.
  9. I prefer stockings. More of a thigh high type of guy... :) Something made of lycra and with separated toes if I can find them.
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  10. I just teased my husband @CSG in a Pink 18CP@CSG in a Pink 18CP and told him that I'm posting some pictures of him from the other day. He was wearing shorts with pantyhose and sandals so his red painted toenails were visible. I took a bunch of pictures of him when we stopped for gas and he had to go inside to pay. He was totally freaking out, but honestly I don't think anyone paid any attention to him. On his way out a woman actually held the door open for him and she just politely smiled at him.

    Anyways, I'm sitting here typing this on my phone and he thinks I'm uploading the pictures. As soon as I'm done I'll take his phone for a little while and let him sweat (his face is fully visible in the pictures).

    I'm feeling devious today. Poor guy...
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  11. Pantyhose, pantyhose , pantyhose
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  12. Stockings and suspenders for me
  13. I prefer Stockings/Thigh Highs over panty hose unless the panty hose are open crotch.
  14. Crotchless can be fun, but I prefer a tight pair of control tops to smooth out the bulge in front.
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  15. I've been checking your photo albums for pictures of your husband. We're you just teasing him? Personally, I think you should post them. If he walked around outside dressed as he was for everyone to see, why not post them for us to see?
  16. I'm jealous! What a great bargain.
  17. I've always wanted to try Wolford pantyhose, but a little out of my price range. Plus, they don't make a queen size.
  18. Mistress has just bought me some crotch-less pantyhose with a suspender design so I can pee pee without having to pull them down.
    Personally I like my suspender girdle however if I am to wear pantyhose as well I will. I think the new pantyhose will look like suspenders and will keep the stockings higher up my legs so better with my short skirts as not too much leg showing at the top.
    Suspenders and girdles are better with a kneee length skirt and a pantyhose design with a short shit imo.
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  19. Lately I'm dressing in shorter women's shorts and suntan pantyhose. Not super short, but noticeably shorter than Mens shorts. I'm getting accustomed to wearing them all day long even out in public if I have an errand to run.
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  20. In an effort to make my chastised husband jealous I posted a few pictures of me wearing pantyhose in my gallery. So if you like pantyhose take a look. You can let my husband, @CSG in a Pink 18CP@CSG in a Pink 18CP, know what you think. Enjoy!

  21. @Keyholder For CSG@Keyholder For CSG Thank You so much for sharing Your beauty with us. @CSG in a Pink 18CP@CSG in a Pink 18CP is very lucky to be able to worship you. That is all he really needs, his pleasure comes from pleasing and worshiping you!
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  22. I like both, but I wear pantyhose more often. I have a whole box of No Nonsense control top pairs in my closet that I intend to wear more when the weather cools down. Love to wear them to go out, especially with a short skirt. I am usually in chastity when wearing pantyhose as they turn me on, but I have been very naughty a few times and worn them without being locked.
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  23. i really really wish they dint ladder so easy. why do they.
  24. Probably so they can sell more of them.