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What do you prefer: Pantyhose or Stockings?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by innocent.in.574, Aug 9, 2016.


Pantyhose or Stockings?

  1. Pantyhose

    39 vote(s)
  2. Stockings / Thigh Highs

    106 vote(s)
  1. I'm all about pantyhose. I wear them every day and sleep in them at night. My favorite is Leggs sheer energy full support, suntan.

    What is your favorite?
  2. I like Maidenform pantyhose and tights. Last year they had an online clearance sale and I had a customer loyalty coupon code so I was able to buy them for $1.98 a pair. I bought everything they had in my size! I bought over one hundred pair that day, one of the happiest days of my life.
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  3. Can't stand the confinement of pantyhose, but I love having my garters pull and tug on my stockings as I move about. Of course, having rh ability to use the bathroom easily is also a benefit and I don't care for my cage to be confined by pantyhose!
  4. Love stockings and garter hate attaching them lol
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  5. Love pantyhose, especially on freshly shaved legs. JC Penney Sheer Caress control top pantyhose is my favorite!
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  6. Stockings for me anyday (every day) althought I do have pantyhose also
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  7. Stockings and garter belt for me :)
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  8. my avatar say "pantyhose"... :)
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  9. Stockings but they are both so very very wonderful
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  10. Same but my color fave is taupe!
  11. Stockings pretty please for me xxxx
  12. Stockings attached to the corset unless I'm wearing a very short skirt.
  13. I can't pick a favorite. I LOVE them both! I wear panties 24/7/365, and some kind of nylons (stockings or pantyhose) nearly every day as well. I will say, by far, my favorite pair are my Wolford pantyhose.
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  14. To be honest I do like them both, but my preference is garters and stockings, to feel the tug of your garters...delicious.
    I must say though in the winter, pantyhose have their place. They do take some of the chill out of the day and when not locked up they keep you nicely tucked.
  15. regarding the bathroom...I cut the cotton panel out of the crotch of the pantyhose....access!!!! :p
  16. Stockings every time .

    If you have trouble with suspender clips put them on first and then pull the stockings on carefully . Well trimmed toe nails and smooth legs are essential .

    Xx Wendy
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  17. As a pantyhose lover I must concede today and trade my control tops for a nice sheer pair of Stockings and a garter belt. It feels like 105 degrees (F) outside and I need a little more ventilation under my skirt. I'm thinking of catching a few days this afternoon in my bikini, but that's another story for another post ;)
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  18. depends on style and fashion, lenght, transparence and tightness of skirt and soooo many other things - who could not love both then...? ;)
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  19. We can love both. It's like the Beatles and Elvis. You can love both, but you always love one more than the other.

    For me, it's Elvis and pantyhose!
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  20. Both as long as they aren't on me!
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  21. Both! On either of us! Preferably on both of us! ...I DO like the way pantyhose hold my HTV2s tightly to my body...bodystockings are a delight too...when my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder used to work in an office it was a delight to see her in hosiery EVERY workday...I sooooo, remember laying in bed (she had to be up before me) and watching her put on pantyhose, winter tights and thigh highs and becoming erect as I watched and then hopping out of bed and slipping her a quickie on a several occasions...this was all pre-chastity though. In the same situation I would now probably be up making her breakfast before work locked and leaking away in my own hosiery, weak-kneed and wishing I was rubbing and kissing her legs and feet and aching to drop to my knees to worship her luscious pussy....oh to dream!

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  22. I love my footless holdups they show off my painted toes nicely in my high heels
  23. One other benefit is when squatting to pee its easier with stockings also healthier more ventilation to keep our girl bits dry
  24. I like both as well but stockings am a bit fiddly and my fave color for stockings is seethro black and for tights its nudey color.
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  25. loving both in the same colour...

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