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What do sissies and crossdressers in chastity wear to work?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by fem_deena, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. @xcitedsisssy@xcitedsisssy - Thank you. I enjoyed it so much it's been panties everyday since...
  2. I have worn panties and a bra under my male clothes for years. Never had any issues other than the occasional bra strap sliding down, I also like to add a garter belt and hose when i can.
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  3. I have to wear a bra with small breast forms and panties 24/7 with the only exception being Fridays when I only have to wear the panties, I am glad my work shirts are quite heavy and loose.
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  4. I wear big panties all the time . Don't own any male underwear x
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  5. I wear panties 24/7 days a week and a sports bra sometimes pantyhose depending on the weather!!
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  6. I always wear comfortable suspenders with minimum 8 straps. Seam stockings, micro thong and a quarter cup bra daily among men clothes.
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  7. i go working

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  8. giggle, it a wonder the policemen don't has you.
  9. have worn panties to work and a few time stockings but new locker room so cant get away with it as much which is a shame lol
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  10. For a while, bf was working in the office in his job, so not only could I send him to work in chastity, but also underdressed. Dressing him in women's underwear makes him submissive, so I use it alot. It's not hard to get him to do it, since he still associates it with sex. What's funny is he has special lingerie and dresses for when he's going to be spanked, and he still gets hard when he puts them on. He also has a special set on lingerie for when I'm going to lock him up and I still have to use the bag of frozen vegetables. Alot of times, the lock-up lingerie comes off once the lock-up ritual is finished, but I always make him dress up to be locked up or spanked.

    Usually, he can't wear the cage or lingerie when he's on the job, but if he's working in the office, he can. He did tell me in case they do have to send him in the field if something comes up, he'll have to excuse himself, run to the bathroom & take off the cage & lingerie (he has bolt cutter thingys to cut the lock 'cuz I won't let him have a key). I have to understand that. All he does is buy a new lock & he has to bring it to me unopened (so he doesn't copy a key without me knowing).. I don't think he'd lie to me about them sending him out. He doesn't lie to me about anything else and he doesn't even delete stuff off his computer history, even if he knows when I find pornography he's going to get spanked.
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  11. Panties for me but I'd like to wear more if not noticeable
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  12. I wear panties 24/7. I work at home, so I'm often able to wear more: bra, nylons, garter, heels, dress, etc. My wife knows I cross dress, but she doesn't like to see me fully dressed, so I reserve that for the days when she's not home too.
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  13. I wanted to post this and this is the perfect thread to post this under. I am an engineer by trade and work in an outside sales position and have to attend a lot of meetings and visit customer's office and project sites so I usually wear anything from a full blown suit and tie to docker style pants and polo shirts but every day I at least have on panties of either the standard silky type or full cut satin sissy panties, a garter belt and stockings (usually white or pink) a bra, and a tight fitting camisole. The feeling they give me all day reminds me of my place and who and what I am. I know all of you sissies know exactly what I am talking about of feeling your freshly shaved legs encased in stockings or nylons that grip your legs so tightly and feeling a silky tight fitting camisole around your smooth body. I have to wear a sports bra depending on the shirt I am wearing to hide my small breasts but if it is colder outside I can wear a normal bra and allow them to show but just wear a sweater which hides them well.

    So last week I was sitting in a meeting with about a dozen men. I had on everything I described above but was wearing pink satin full cut panties with a matching bra, both covered in frilly bows, ribbons, and lace. I could feel the straps on my garter belt running down my legs and could see them slightly under my slacks. But in addition to all the wonderful feeling clothes was that Kyle (Mistresses' lover) had ordered me to put a medium sized butt plug in me and keep it there until he texted me and said I could take it out. Then just because I am such a sissy I decided right before the meeting to put nipple clamps on myself in the bathroom of the meeting place. I angled them downward so they would not show and OMG were they tight and biting into me.

    So there I was with all these manly men, feeling my body and legs wrapped tightly in the most amazing feeling undergarments, feeling filled up completely...anyone who has ever had a good sized plug in them for a longer period of time and sitting down knows what I am talking about...it is VERY intense and almost overwhelming after a while. Then feeling those clamps biting into my nipples, and the ultimate...the feeling of my little useless cock squirming in it's permanent cage. I kept thinking how I knew I was the only sissy at the table. Maybe other men had on panties because a lot of men do that but me? I was sissy from head to toe and pussy to clit. My heart was racing and my cock even got hard as I pictured how I looked without my male clothes on. I started thinking about what their reaction would be if I stood up and exposed what I had on underneath and then really got naughty and had to serve each man around the table. OMG I was now fully hard in my cage and I almost had to slap myself to get back to being focused. Right then a question came to me about something and I snapped back to reality. The meeting went on for over an hour and by that time I was thinking that I should not have put the clamps on me. God they hurt so bad.

    I went back to my hotel, got fully dressed in sissy lingerie, got made up, and fucked myself silly with a dildo for hours thinking about all those men.

    Seriously is there anything better than being a chaste sissy? I could not imagine my life otherwise.
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  14. SlaveBridget, i´m hetero but i like sissy style, and i´ve dreams wearing sissy outfits. I love your post because a felt in a mirrow about that. Kisses