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What do sissies and crossdressers in chastity wear to work?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by fem_deena, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. It's half-past seven and I am ready to go to work: wearing panties, 40 den black pantyhose along with a pink Holy Trainer chastity device under my work clothes. Needless to say that this keeps me on the edge the entire day, the rubbing of the nylon against the jeans gives me shivers of joy and excitement, but the Holy Trainer is there to remind me that frustration is the closest I can get to climaxing. The great part is that it keeps me well-behaved and attentive to the girls at work and I somehow feel a lot closer to them when dressed like this.
    With this lifestyle spreading like wildfire, I was wondering how many of you sissies and crossdressers wear female lingerie to work each day? How many Mistresses use lingerie discipline to enforce submission and control over their sissies?
  3. ....wait, as in the 'occupational workplace' or when at work in fealty to our Queens at home? ;-p
  4. I am quite often dressed the exactly the same way. The only change would be that I would also wear garters and nylons instead of pantyhose. I always love the feelings brought about when dressed as such. At the very least I am always in panties. Have fun and enjoy the exquisite feelings and emotions.
  5. Going to work just like you (in different devices) - and it has more to offer than the benefit of keeping me aroused: at this time of the year it will also keep me warm! :)
  6. i works at home cleaning so i has a smock that go over my clothes so they don't get dirty.
  8. I wear female panties and tops under my male clothes at work almost every day, my favourites panties are thongs and g-strings, love to feel the string between my cheeks. I like them one size smaller than my normal size, because I feel that tight panties contain the cage best. I also love to wear female jewely under my clothes, it increases the female feeling.
  9. I wear...mens clothes including underwear. I don't mix. I am either fully dressed in female clothing or I'm not at all. Sorry to be boring.

    Now if I was told to wear panties underneath that would be so very different.
  10. U look awesome deena
  11. I too wear female panties and top under male clothes. Female panties are perfect to keep my KTB in place.
  12. I wear panties and a bra at work under my male clothes.
  13. Always panties, a bra when more daring!
  14. I knew only one guy who loved to wear women's clothes. He was not shy telling his friends about this. He wore panties, panty hose or stockings and a bra under his business suit. Although my wife and I just played around with cross dressing for a few months, I like to try everything at least once, I wore a bra and panties under a pair of Docker pants and a Polo shirt. Of course I also had my chastity cage on. The only problem I ran into was constantly adjusting my bra straps while not making it obvious that I was wearing a bra. I doubt that a non transgender person would were female clothes to work. I do not think most companies and people are ready for that yet.
  15. It used to be that I had to force or layout Liza's sexy under clothing dally not anymore :)
    She picks out and dressed her self every morning now,,,
    I just started her wearing a bra dally to so she goes out wearing
    Sexy women's stockings and garter belt and panties and bra
    under her work clothes dally and loves it that's what's important ;)
  16. Panties and tights for me. I would then put the matching bra and boobs on when I got home.
  17. I wear panties each day.
  18. nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  19. I wear panties every day when I can . I've worn a bra on occasion but I'm always nervous bc it looks like I have books lol. The only time I've warn a bra for a whole day is when I was on a long drive and new I wouldn't see anybody I knew. I've also warn stockings and a lace one piece teddy under my work cloths the cup
  20. Cups weren't padded so it didn't show
    It was a very erotic day !!
  21. I just love the hug of the bra band and the tug of the garters on my nylons (under my women's jeans) as I go thru my day! It feels like I'm being embraced all day long! How very feminine!
  22. Just normal men clothes as i have to strip down to underwear at locker room. As soon as i get home i usually change to thong or hipsters. :)
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  23. nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  24. A little update to my post above. I was thinking about this thread and one morning last week I thought 'what the hell' and put a pair of panties on, got dressed as normal and went to work. And it was actually very nice and quite exciting. Needless to say it was panties for the rest of the week. I have also ordered some more!

    What have you lot done to me?
  25. @Kate Medova@Kate Medova so glad to hear you enjoyed the different feelings while wearing panties under male attire. And guess what nobody but you knew those feelings and emotions. Enjoy

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