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What device to choose (CB6000 or CB6000S)

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by HenkieY, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Right now I have a CB3000 (old model) I'm really pleased with it, but it's a bit old, and I'm thinking about maybe buying a CB6000. Will I was searching the internet, I saw the CB6000S, which seems interesting. I'm uncircumcised which makes cleaning everything a bit harder. And on the internet people said it was easier if you have an CB6000S, cause the head of the penis is closer to the hole where the pee comes out, so it wil get less dirty.
    Also sometimes I have a little to much room in the device, but when I get hard, it's still quite painfull.

    So my question is, when do you 'qualify' for a CB6000S? What would you advise?

    (just for information, my Lady and I are both not interested in metal devices or belts)

    *edit: Typo, I'm UNcircumcised (A)
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  2. Hello Crinsane I would say that a CB6KS would be a better fit for you considering that you do have space in the CB3K. I am currently locked in a CB6KS and overall I love it I think its very comfy and I even forget that I'm wearing it at times. I am also circumcised and I do find that the shorter tube does work better to keep clean. My penis stays lined up pretty well with the pee slot most of the time and I'm allmost allways all the way to the end of the tube witch can get frustrating when I get an attempted erection. I also. Have a CB3K and I do still like it but I had the same issue with my penis sliding up into the cage and not being able to line up with the pee slot. Well I hope my info helps you and I wish you good luck but I think you will be happy with the 6KS.
  3. Hi. If your cock is small enough to fit inside the smaller CB6000S I think it's better because it's less visible under clothing and erections are incredibly frustrating (because your cock cannot grow to full size). My cock is about 5.5" when erect. I'm able to masturbate to orgasm in the CB6000 but in the CB6000S there is not enough room to become fully erect so it's almost impossible for me to cum. On those rare occasions when I spent hours jacking off in the CB6000S and I managed to cum it is a very annoying and unsatisfying orgasm. It's basically like a ruined orgasm, which leaves me feeling even more horny and frustrated.
  4. I like the cb-6ks. As far as the size well you get use to it over time. About the first week is the worst then I tend to fill up half the cage. Bathroom yes I pull or push and get the head lined up no problem, of course sit at the house I'm not worried about missing at a public place.
  5. Okay, so you all say the CB6000S.
    What I'm the most 'scared' about, is that it will be to small during the night. I mean, I can stand a little pain and discomfort. Already have to get out of bed sometimes. And I really don't mind. Part of the job I always say ;)
    But I would hate it if it turned out to be to small, and I would have to buy another cage... (still a student, so every euro I can safe is welcome)

    But I must say, I like the stories about the CB6000S.

  6. I understand your concern about the CB6Ks cage being to tight during erections. I get to about 6.5 inches at full erection and I do fit into the cage without any major problems. And I sleep through the night without any problems at all its all a matter of getting used to the smaller cage witch over time will happen. I find that the cage is comfortable most of the time except when I get very aroused and get as hard as I can get in the cage. At those times the cage gets extremely tight but as you said that's part of the job!. You should do what you feel comfy with I was just giving you my experences I understand not wanting to spend to much money also. Well I wish you good luck and I hope you make the right choice for you. Take care.
  7. Thank you for all the information!

    What I forgot about, don't know if you experience this too, but At night, the most painful for me is when I get erect and the cage gets 'pulled away' from the body. And I would think that with a smaller cage, it would get pulled away further from the body (so it pulls on the balls more)

    But as you say you can sleep without many problems and the biggest 'problem' is the narrownes of the cage, I might be wrong?

  8. Hello Yes I do experience the cage getting pulled away from my body during erections but it is not that painful for me. I guess that my body has adjusted to wearing the cage and the pain has settled down over time. I have been wearing CBs on and off since Aug of 05 i started out using a CB-2000 and back then I was in horrible pain epically around where the A ring sits. The new ring shape really helps alleviate the pain at least it has for me. I don't really notice that the shorter cage pulls on my balls any more that it did with the CB-3000. Also the CB-6000s cage is not narrower than the regular CB6K or 3K its just shorter in length.
  9. Hi,

    Okay, I would imagine that, because the cage is shorter, more of the penis would come out, but as I understand from you, it would seem more likely that because of the beter (smaller) fit, more of the penis would stay in (cause the penis can't retract back into the cage so much)
    That sounds good.
    What's the longest periode you've been locked up for with the 6000S?

    A couple of people and website do say that the 6000 and 6000S cages are a little narrower than the 3000 btw...

  10. Hi I just checked the CB-6000 web site and it says that the CB6k, 6ks and the CB3K have an inside diameter of 1 3/8" so according to the manufacturer they are the same size in width. The longest I have been locked in the CB-6000s is 35 days. The tip of my penis does on occasion squeez out of the end of the pee slot during a very hard erection and that does cause some pain but that does not happen very often. I hope I have helped you out and take care.
  11. You've helped me a lot, and I think if I'm going to buy a new device, it will be the 6000S. Thank you very much!!

    But I would still like to hear the experiences from other people :)
  12. Hi!

    An answer from tonights members here, do you have a job where heavy lifting belongs to the daily routine? Then don´t choose the 6000 but use 6000s. I am a janitor in the city of Gothenburg and all our heavy lifting has managed to ruin several of my sets.


  13. Actually, I'm webdeveloper, so no heavy lifting for me. Only my 'very heavy' mouse ;) But thanks!
  14. I have had the CB3000, CB6000 and CB6000S. The CB6000 is much more comfortable to wear, particularly overnight, than the CB3000. In fact I would say no contest.

    The CB6000 and the CB3000 are about the same length, but the CB6000 is snugger fit - I know they say both are 1 3/8 diameter, but the contouring of the shape makes it a more comfortable snug fit. The CB6000 is much better under clothes than the CB3000.

    Now to the CB6000S. And my advice would be that if you are on the smaller size (particularly when soft), then go for the CB6000S. I am 2.5-3.0 inches soft and still barely reach the end of the CB6000S, which is much more comfortable for normal use than the CB6000 as a result. Yes - when I grow, particularly the 4am woodie, then it is probably slightly more uncomfortable because the smaller size means it is pulling more on my balls than the CB6000 would. But that discomfort is worth paying if the other 23.5 hours a day it is more comfortable.

    Anyway, after a few days / weeks / months even of wearing it, then you soon learn to moderate the 4am woodie!!
  15. I say skip getting a new plastic device and move to metal!

  16. We've tried them all -- from the CB2K, Curve, CB3K, and skipped the CB6000 to go right to the CB6000S. Trust me, if you have room in the CB3K when soft, then it will fit inside the CB6000S with a little lotion or astroglide. And yes - it will be very uncomfortable during that 3am hard-on (or wanna be hard-on). But isn't that what chastity is all about? It's called "tease and denial"... not having your own way or maximum comfort. If the concept of chastity makes you horny or turns you on, then the CB6000S will do it a whole lot more.
  17. Thanks for you reaction.

    Well, I'm quite certain that I will buy a CB6000S. Think it will be perfect for me!
    But I think I don't totally agree with you on the second part. For me chastity is totally not about waking up in the middle of the night, with the pain in my balls
    It's not about the moments of discomfort.
    Those are things/moments that come with chastity, things or moments that you accept and cope with, cause the other part I love so much.
    Which for me is knowing I've got no control over my orgasms, no control over my penis, my own 'sexuality'.
    Reading something that makes you horny and feeling your penis growing in it's cage, and knowing, you will not be able to come in the near future.

    That for me, is chastity.

    Bye, Crinsane
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