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What defines a sissy?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by purpleswordfish, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Ask any group of people what defines a sissy, and they'll most likely say a sissy is an extremely submissive male who enjoys being forced into hyper feminine clothes and humiliated for being weak, wimpy, impotent, inferior and any other number of degrading things.

    But what if that's not entirely true of all sissies? Or more accurately, just one sweeping term used to describe many subtle varieties of men you identify with the term "Sissy". Much like the term "Slut" is used to describe a woman who by definition has lots of sex, it can be used both in both positive and negatives ways. For example, calling a girl a slut for simply liking sex and enjoying it with more man and women than the accuser deems "appropriate" for her is a clear negative. On the flipside, I know several kinky girls who love when their partner calls them a "slut", but this time the context is completely different and they are meaning that they are their partner's "slut" or that they want to take control of their own sexuality and "own" the term rather than have it shoved in their faces.

    The same applies to a Sissy. Personally I don't quite fit the "stereotypical" sissy fit. I loathe ruffles and frills, I'm not a fan of hyper feminine (and usually male designed) sissy outfits. Humiliation just for the sake of it does nothing for me either, except loses my respect for the person giving it. Does this mean I'm not a sissy?

    Of course not. It mean's that I view it differently and have different expectations. I guess I am lucky, I have several female friends who I ask advice about clothes and fetish outfits. All of them are open minded enough to embrace a man when he says he's a sissy, be that in any shape or form. But I have met a few people who have challenged me on the grounds that because I don't identify with the stereotypical sissy then I'm not one. That because I speak my mind, dress in clothes that an actual girl would wear and don't hand over automatic submission then somehow I don't meet the requirements.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had thoughts like this, or find themselves not quite fitting into the "traditional" sissy role or look? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.

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  2. I'm transgender, still have a penis but would not consider myself a sissy.
  3. I am a male, often caged, who enjoys wearing feminine clothing, especially lingerie, and I am submissive to my wife/Mistress/KH. I think that qualifies me as a sissy in it's most popular connotation. I do not enjoy the maid outfits, fetish wear, or other femme attire as I most like to dress, age appropriately, to blend in with women my age. I enjoy feeling really feminine as well as being controlled by my Mistress. I don't care much for labels; just enjoying who I am, where I am, and under whose control I am.
  4. Don't consider myself a 'sissy'. more gender fluid with a definite strong transgender streak. Too old to do the whole thing but happy to consider myself more female than male.
    As time progresses my mind seems to now consider that being shaved with waxed eyebrows, female deodorant and panties puts me where I need to be to identify as femme.
    When younger I needed to dress fully in a very feminine way and possibly could have been getting towards the 'sissy' area.
    Lets face it Sissy is just a word :)
  5. I should have mentioned earlier, I'm not referring to trans people as sissies. I have trans friends, some kinky and some not, and they are a million miles away from anything sissy. A trans person's gender is what ever they identify as. What I'm talking about here is the "average" guy who enjoys being a sissy.
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  6. As with any term, there are endless shades, degrees, permutations of what the definition is. Factors include geographic location, heritage, socio-economic status and most importantly, what works for the individual / couple. I've seen people claim to be a 'sissy' because they wear panties and their SO refers to them as 'My Bitch'. Others are full regalia ruffled undergarments, satin dress w/ crinoline petticoat, Baby Jane shoes, and a wig. I wouldn't get caught up in the term itself but more, what does it mean to you. If your talking to another person about it, they will almost always understand.
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  7. I'm a total sissy. I am not capable of satisfying my wife and submit to both her and her Bulls. I love wearing my maids outfit and frilly panties and my clitty is permanently locked.
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  8. i'm just me really.
  9. My husband @CSG in a Pink 18CP@CSG in a Pink 18CP used to over do it and go for the most ridiculous hyper femme look he could get. Digging deeper into what makes him tick we're discovering that he has a gender identity disorder and was over compensating to hide who he truly is.

    We've revised his appearance to reflect that of an average middle aged woman. He looks and feels much better. He's not hiding who he is behind the sissy look anymore.
  10. Very interesting thread - and my answer is: I have absolutely no idea! o_O
    If there might be something like an "obviouds sissy", I never thought of myself being one. I am not afraid of mice or spiders, I'd rather need a maid instead of wanting to be one and I*m definetely not the "pardon-me-for breathing"-sub. But on the other hand there were people naming me sissy - maybe they know better...
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  11. Hmmm I have identified as being a sissy at times in my life. For me if I did really deep into it, I was often called one by the cool kids back in public school and somehow deep inside I now enjoy the humiliation aspect of being called a sissy. Now no one calls me that but in some situations it would turn me on.

    On a different front for years I also identified as being Transgender and hung out with many people that were transitioning or just having fun with being feminine and although I knew I did not want to fully become a woman, I did have fantasies about being turned into a passable woman but with a penis.

    For a long time i played an online game called Second Life where I was a big part of the virtual sex trade/feminization culture on there. It was fun and allowed me to explore a super femme submissive world.

    These days NotSoMuch as my online name says.
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head, Jemima.
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  13. When being called a sissy it's just an exciting way of telling me what my place is. It helps (amongst) other words to heighten the current stage i am in.
    Just like being told i don't measure up, not a real man, a cucky etc etc. For me it's not defined by wearing women's clothing, could be without... it helps a bit though :)

    For the record, i love the humiliating fact of not being a capable man sexually.
    But i do not think dressing as a women itself is humiliating, since i think there is nothing humiliating of being a woman off course.
    It's a fine line, but i think often overseen by the general public, which is a shame since i would love to wear those clothes more often :)

    It is humiliating when i am made clear that i'm not a capable man (nor a woman) just a pretty sissy at best (or cuck, slave etc etc)
    The clothes are a mere tool to help achieve that goal, pointing out what i am not.
    What a magnificent tool it is might i add... :D i feel so pretty in heels, nylons and a tight corset :p

    That's just how i feel about it :)
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  14. ooh. :)
  15. I never thought that one word could ever describe a person. We are all so different in so many ways. That is what makes life so interesting. I suppose if someone wants to define me as a sissy because of my feminine tendencies, so be it. I am what I am...just me.
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  16. I like guys but what defines "sissy" for me; The humiliation of deliberately being stripped of masculinity, no longer having a cock, it's now a clit, and it stays locked in chastity. Along with always being shaved clean from eyebrows to toes. Having to keep those toes painted in pink or whore red. Eventually being tattooed with your Owner's Mark. All of that reinforces and reminds you that you are no longer an Alpha male, but a beta. Knowing that you serve Real Men in the female role, and you will never again have sex in a male role. Sissies don't Fuck, they Get Fucked! Learning that your only sexual pleasure comes from orally servicing Cock, or having your shaved asspussy stuffed with Cock or Dildos. Discovering the joy of fully submitting to a strict Master or Daddy, learning to love the humiliation and degradation of being trained as a slave to serve Real Men in any way your Owner wishes and your complete obedience to Him. Once a sissy, always a sissy. There is no going back from this.
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  17. Interesting thought sissy Jamie. I must admit your thoughts make my bits tingle with excitement. When I was exploring this side of myself there were some women and tgirls that took offense to the sissy being submissive and a beta because we are now a sex toy etc. I certainly don't think of women as being beta, but I know what you are saying. Sissies at least for some is just that. Giving up traditional roles of being expected to be masculine and often the sexual aggressor.

    I think being a sissy is a personal lifestyle choice and in no way degrades what a real woman is. Us Sissies are not "real women" but a failed example of male hood that really is best used for others pleasure. In so doing that gives us pleasure.

    Not sure if I am making sense but just trying to put some of my observations about sensuality and gender in the context of sissihood out here.

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  18. You make sense, and I pretty much agree.
  19. I completely agree that dressing as a woman is not humiliating, I mean why would it be? It does seem that "sissy" means many thing to many people.
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  20. I'd like to think that if you were to look the word sissy up in the dictionary you'd find my picture. :)
  21. Well it looks like this thread is getting a little older but the subject is of special interest to me. In response to the original poster I do not think you are really a sissy at least as far as I define it but I guess everyone is different. I have two sides to me. One that enjoys just being feminine and dress quite normally in feminine clothing and even lingerie. In other words I wear what any woman who feels like a woman wears. But the other side of me is what I define as a sissy and it feels completely different than dressing as a woman. The poster says he loathes frilly stuff and lace and to me that is what defines a sissy.

    Full cut satin panties in pink, baby blue, and other pastel colors with lots of frilly ribbons, lace, and bows. Bras to match and outfits with tutu's, sparkly leotards, stockings and garters in pastel colors and white, and more. The feeling I get from having these things on, especially when presenting myself in front of Mistress and her lovers is indescribably delicious and humiliating all at once.

    I know for a fact that not being a sissy and being a cuckold or sub and still enjoying wearing fem things is possible. But in my opinion being a sissy means you love...I mean LOVE wearing things associated with being a sissy.
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  22. 100% agree...well said.
  23. I have some black friends.......... :)
  24. My wife likes to call me a sissy as I am locked all the time and she likes seeing me dressed in what ever womans atire she chooses I have to wear female underwear and stockings to work under my clothes
    I think it is the fact I like it as well ..however it is just a term we use between our selves I am sure there a lots of different veiws on the term but isn't that what makes the world an interesting place:)
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  25. I am a sissy. I wear bright colored, frilly, girlie outfits. I have an assortment of glue on breast, bras made to hold fake breasts. plastic vagina, wigs, shoes and all types of lingerie. I own several female latex masks for special occasions. I own several "prissy sissy" outfits worn when entertaining a Master I am a collared slave who's duties include maid service, cook personal maid and pleasuring males orally and anally. I accept all punishment from Mistress and whoever else she decides can punish me. I accept one or more males and I have no safe word. I at swinger parties as a sissy. The outfits are to remind me that it is my duty to go to my knees for any male and adding to my humiliation and further degrading me. That is how I define a sissy. But. I know I am at the far end of the spectrum.