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What can I do to be a better sissy for my Dom?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by samuelcoral202, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. What are some things I can do to be a better sissy for my Dom? All advice is welcome.
  2. Whatever she wants.

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  4. Sorry whatever HE wants. ;)
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    Exercise. Get your core tight and firm, work on your legs and bum, work on your cardio. This will almost certainly please your dom, and make you a better sissy able to carry out tasks for longer and with more gusto. Join a gym, swim, cycle. Do 30 minutes of something that gets you out-of breath each day.
  6. I am being nice by saying that you should do what your dom wants. How are you to know what will please him/her. I once called my wife Mistress and she hated it. Told me never to call her that again. I thought I was being a good sub. If you are into a D/s relationship with someone you pretty much have a good idea of what will please the "D" half. So my advice is that you can be a better sissy by doing those things that your dom would like you to do. There are no written fetish rules so it is up to the two of you to make your own and to succeed the rules need to be what you both enjoy or it will not last. I have been around for decades and seen them come and go. With fetishes those who communicate their likes and dislikes well last. Even meet a domme that does not tell you what she likes? Nope or she would not be a domme so you should know what is wanted and just do it better.
  7. You might try being serious about dressing up and making yourself up for him. He obviously likes to have a feminine sub around. Oh, and I bet he might enjoy a little of your lipstick on his dipstick!