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What came first chastity or crossdressing?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by SubHubbyInChastity, Jun 16, 2017.


Which came first, crossdressing or chastity

  1. Crossdressing lead to chastity

  2. Chastity lead to crossdressing

  1. Chastity. But when we, my wife and i tried crossdressing, it turned out than female panties are very good to support my KTB. 2-Control_Panties.JPG

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  2. Well, I have been looking at H&M hmprod.jpeg
  3. Crossdressing started first when I was about 5. Most of my friends when I was young were girls and I remember being so jealous of the other girls and wishing I could be one. Luckily one of my friends would let me dress up in her dress when we played together. Chastity only made an appearance much, much later in the last 10 or so years.
  4. I started with cross-dressing, first panties, bra and garter belt and did that for years from age 12 or so. Than I aged I wanted the feminine look so I started to tuck and would than use a string to tie it back between my legs. After college than I came across a picture on the internet of a chastity device, I than made my own device out a PVC pee trap and a starap-on dildo harness to hold the PVC in. The rest is history now, I love and do both hand in hand
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  5. That's such an easy one, dressing....I have been dressing for years but only now started in chastity