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    I was released for the July 4th weekend and was given a torturous great time. My wife locked me up on Memorial Day and was originally set for a 2 week cycle. The female half of the couple who is staying with us decided she was going to be punishing her husband for the month because of his behavior, so I ended up with the same penalty because of guilt by association. My wife promised me I would be let out to pleasure her on the 4th of July holiday and I took that to mean the 3rd which is the recognized holiday. Imagine my surprise when I was led over the the stocks and my head and neck were locked in place.

    The next thing I know is my wife is sliding on the vinyl gloves and lubing my anus with gel before she slide her finger into my hole. To make it worse, she then starts the 2 finger method and once loosened, slips on her strap-on and gives me a pounding for a little while. When she tired, she pulled out and started the prostate massage and the already leaking caged cock started dripping like a facet. When she was satisfied, she went and cleaned up and returned with the lock key. Thinking I was being released brought a smile to my face and ended just as quickly when she slipped off my medium BON4 with the extra small. As I prepared to complain, my wife told me to hold my tongue or I would receive the same fate of an additional week just as our house guest just received.

    I went to be that night so disappointed my wife broke our deal and my cage did not come off. The next morning I woke up early and decided to suck it up and cleaned the pool and made breakfast for everyone. At dinner we fired up the grill and I made my signature bacon cheddar cheese burgers and we had a great dinner. Around 9pm I decided to take a late swim in the pool just as the fireworks in the area were coming from the different yards and my wife decided to join me. She grabbed my cage and pulled me to the shallow end and slid the key into the lock and released me. She pulled me out of the pool and had me please her in front of the other couple. After she came several times, she pushed me over on my back and mounted me and rode me until I came.

    I had her one additional time that night in bed and once the following morning before she locked me back up for another 2 weeks. This time she will hold to the schedule date, her defense was the July 4th holiday was an entire weekend and not the exact day, so in her thinking I could have waited until Sunday and she would have met her commitment. To be honest, the 12 hours free was some of the best sex in the last year, not that any other time was bad!

    The other guy, he put his foot in his mouth again and will not get released until the same weekend if he behaves.
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