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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by newsub4a, Jul 6, 2008.

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    This weekend we were supposed to go to the dungeon and have some friends there, but Goddess's brother and his family decided to pay us a last minute visit from 600 miles way so our plans were abruptly canceled. :sad:

    Well we finally got them out the door the next day to go and spend time with the rest of the in-laws and the house was free once again! :bigsmile:

    Goddess asked me what i would like to do and i asked Her for a fairly intense scene as i was pretty agitated after the family visit (i actually do like Her brother, but the rest of his wife and kids bug both Her and i :crossedlips: ).

    So i got the toys out and Goddess got busy! WE had a wonderful 2 hour scene. She started by putting me into duck tape bondage and then pulled out the needles. This was Her first real attempt at needles and i was a bit nervous...

    She slide the first needle into my ball sack and the pain was incredibly intense! i groaned and tried not to scream (Goddess later said my eyes rolled back into my head and i dropped into sub-space like a rock! ). The next 3 needles barely hurt and once they were secured She began an incredibly intense CBT session, not stopping until She drew blood!

    After that She began rubbing my "sweet spot" with Her forefinger. i thought i was in for some tease and denial (i had been told that i was not allowed to orgasm until the remodeling was done on the house :cry:). When i was close to cumming i diligently told Goddess this (OK, i moaned/screamed it). She stopped and then started again ... and stopped and started again... and again... and again... OH MY GOD! was it ever intense. Finally i told Her i was going to cum and She kept going! i begged Her to stop because i was going to orgasm... She kept going! My whole body began trusting and shaking, i was totally out of control and had no control over my body at all. All i could do was beg Her to stop and kept screaming "no, no no, i'm going to cum, please stop" over and over. She kept rubbing through the orgasm (which felt like liquid fire and hurt more than felt good) and just kept rubbing after the orgasm was over. i was soooo sensitive and Her rubbing went from feeling good to hurting and i kept begging Her to stop. Finally i just collapsed into myself, hoarse and drained and at peace... floating on a cloud of endorphins.

    Afterwords we snuggled and She held me as i came out of sub-space and i repeatedly told Her how much i loved Her and how lucky i was to have Her as my Wife and Goddess.:angel:

    (i also posted a few pics She took of me in the pictures section)

    Sadly i had to rush out after the scene to get to work (i was only a "little" late).
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