Weekend Fun with slave kris and Kris' Master

Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by Mistress Watchful, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I would have posted sooner but my laptop blew up. :(

    We have just had the most fabulous weekend with slave kris and Kris' Master.

    They completely "get" us, and to be honest, sometimes it's like looking in a mirror.

    We got a text from the boys Saturday morning, asking where the hell we lived. Despite speaking to them for ages via FetLife, here and FaceBook about coming to visit us, neither of us had told them our address! I thought pet had, pet thought I had... all the boys could say was "do you two ever speak to each other" LOL.

    They arrived after a fairly uneventful (but boring) journey and complained about the number of roundabouts in Basingstoke, which everyone does.

    We started on the pink vodka and lemonade and settled in for some chatty time.

    I popped in and out to conversations whilst stressing about my hair, makeup, outfit, etc for the evening's fun at CK.

    Our kids behaved fairly well and hopefully didn't stress the boys out too much.

    We had a simple chilli/nachos/wraps kinda dinner and then the boys went to their room (baby's "princess" room!) to get ready.

    I need to apologise to poor Kris for inadvertently flashing him on at least 2 occassions. Kris, I usually walk round naked, so you're lucky you only saw as little as you did. LOL.

    Time came around to venture off to CK and we piled in the car and went to pick up cupcake. The boys and cupcake chatted in the back of the car, and I annoyed everyone/most people with my choice of music. Off we went south to pick up PG.

    PG jumped in the back and started showing off all his photos of the metal work he's been lusting after and purchased in the last few weeks.

    We arrived at CK, paid our fee and ambled into the locker room to get ready.

    CK was extremely quite that night, but I was happy. That meant there was a lot of room about the place and I got to play LOADS.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to play with everyone and I have some private calls to make over the next couple of weeks.

    Kris' Master did some WICKED pole dancing... shake that booty! I was most impressed. Kris' Master + Lady Gaga = Wonderful combination.

    I got to play with another toy from Sir Emmott at FetLife. That man is a great salesman. It's a good job I've got credit with him at the moment, and the toy will be made and despatched this week.

    We headed home as things were winding down.

    Sunday morning was spent lounging around, with a bit of Asda shopping for slave kris and pet.

    slave kris also fixed up my hose in the garden so I could fill baby's paddling pool. Both baby and I were so happy about this, thank you slave kris.

    And then they had to leave :( Which was very sad, we really didn't want them to go, they were such good fun.

    It's awesome to have found such a wonderful couple through our website, and I can't wait to spend time with them again.

    We miss you guys x x x x
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    Thank you so much for having us. We had a great time, glad you guys did too. It was shame we had to leave, it was nice just talking to you two.

    Your kids were just fine, they're really nice and a credit to you both.

    Can't wait to see you again soon xxx

    Master priced up a love swing £900!!!!. Might have to improve my construction skills lol.
    He also priced up a lot of floggers and paddles [​IMG].

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