Wednesday Evening at Our House

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    This is a relatively true account of events in our home one Wednesday this past summer:

    It had been a long first day back at work after our weekend trip to the beach. My beautiful wife surprised me with a lunch visit in a sexy outfit she had me buy her while we were there. Her curves were highlighted by the flower-print bell-bottom leggings and the wooden platform sandals which pushed up her ass. Her cute little toes, painted a coral green, peeped out from under the hem of her leggings. She had looked like the sexy, hippie girl of my dreams and loved to flaunt it, using her infectious smile to get what she wanted. But that had been awhile ago and now, after five more hours in the office, my eyelids were heavy and I felt like I could pass out. Finally, five o'clock came and I made my way to the parking garage and got in the car. I put some music on and pointed the car home and pushed on for the thirty minute drive.

    Once I got home, the house smelled clean and I could have laid down at that moment and probably slept until morning. I went to the bathroom when I heard her call and ask if I was home. I called back that I was and finished up in the bathroom. The bedroom door opened and my wife emerged, in a black latex zip-front dress and patent stiletto platform peep-toe heels. Her makeup, as always, was impeccably done for the occasion and, like a chameleon, the hippie girl had been replaced by a cool dominatrix, who just oozed power and sex with a knowing smirk in place of her smile. Only the coral green toes gave away any hint of who I had seen earlier. I immediately dropped to my knees and began to worship, lovingly kissing her toes and licking her shoes. She reached down and pulled my shirt up, lazily running her sharp nails across my back. The weariness I had felt earlier was now replaced only with a desire to submit to any and all of her wishes.

    With a few words, she snapped me out of my trance and told me to crawl to the bed. It was freshly made and the restraints on the four corners were pulled out from under. A variety of implements, including her whip and flogger sat there, along with a brand new pair of pretty blue panties laid out on my side of the bed. She told me to strip out of my clothes and put on the new panties she bought me. She lounged on the bed like a goddess surveying her kingdom. I tore off my work clothes and pulled the underwear over my hard cock, a wet spot quickly appearing where it met the crotch. She giggled and said, “did you already make a mess in your new panties? You need to be punished.”

    With that, she told me to lie on the bed and she laid on top of me. Some might call what happened next making out but it was like she devoured me, plunging her tongue in my mouth, nibbling on my lips, pulling away to slap my face when I tried to return her advances, and taking what she wanted. She paused and waited for me to open my eyes. She pursed her lips and let a stream of saliva drop into my waiting mouth. Her nails dug into my balls and she held my penis in her hands and said, “this better still be this hard when I want to use it” and with that, flipped me over and put my wrists and ankles in the restraints, my cock firmly planted against the mattress.

    Initially she sat next to me, slid the long heel of her shoe into my mouth, and went to work carving her initials into my back with her razor-sharp nails. I lost track of time as I suckled on her stiletto while she continued to meticulously mark my back. She became bored of this, pulled her shoe from my mouth, got up and moved to where her toys lay. What came next was a torrent of impact from her paddle, her whip, her flogger, with a “thank you” for every strike. The sensations varied from the stinging of the paddle where she scratched me to the thudding of the flogger on my lower back and ass, or the snap of the whip on my balls. The assault on my backside was heightened with caresses of her nails along the marks she made. This could have gone on for five minutes or an hour, I had no idea, but I craved everything she gave me.

    Eventually, I felt her reach and undo one of my wrist restraints, followed by both my ankles and then the other wrist. “Turn over,” she said and I complied. I lay there with my body tingling and stinging and my cock had escaped from the panties pointing toward the ceiling. She climbed on top of me and immediately, I felt her wetness rubbing against me. She began grinding against my cock and said, “get used to this. After today, this is the best you can hope for.”

    “I have a date tomorrow afternoon. He’ll be by while you’re working.” She changed her position, slid around, and her pussy enveloped my penis. It felt glorious and she started riding. “This is the last time for you. I’ll have no interest in this anymore as I take other lovers. Your cage will go on as soon as you are done here. This will be the last time you clean up your own creampie, tomorrow it will be someone else’s. I became the dominatrix you always dreamed of and tomorrow I’ll become the hotwife you always wanted. And you will be the subby hubby cucky boy I want for the rest of my life.”

    She was right, of course. When I met her, I had finally escaped a bitter, toxic marriage. She was young and vibrant and I put my fantasies out on the table when she showed interest in me. To my surprise, not only did she not run away, she fleshed out my fantasies with her own flavor, creating a reality far beyond any erotica I had read over the last several decades. I catered to her every need and she returned those favors with a loving, dominant touch that I never knew could exist.

    It did not take long for me to erupt inside her. Rarely did she come at the same time, but her excitement at so completely having her way with me today, provided her that. She came to a rest on top of me, paused long enough for me to get my bearings, and then moved up and perched herself on top of my face. A dollop of cum fell into my open mouth and I set about cleaning her, the mix of her juices and my cum caking my beard as she writhed around just so. When she decided I was done, she eased herself onto the bed beside me and tenderly kissed me. She took her necklace off and laid it on my chest. The necklace held my chastity key and she didn’t have to speak for me to know what I had to do next.

    She smiled at me, pecked me on the cheek, got up from the bed and said, “dinner’s going to be a little late. I hope that’s okay.”
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