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Wearing panties, No Big deal!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by chastesoon, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Last Friday i had gallbladder surgery, and was instructed to wear something comfortable! I chose a aqua colored pair of cotton panties for the day!
    After the surgery my wife was instructed to get the car while I got dressed for the ride home. I was pretty stiff from the surgery so i needed some assistance. The nurse just grabbed my panties and helped me put them on. She did not make any comments or anything.
    My wife asked about putting on my panties and i explained what happened.
    I am sure i am not the first male to be found wearing panties by medical professionals.
    Guess everyone is getting used to to me wearing panties.
  2. You should have no worries. Especially in the hospital. Enjoy your sexy panties to the fullest.
    Hope your feeling better soon.
  3. Wearing Panties to the hospital isn't something I'd be worried about. Be proud of who you are. Your not hurting anyone by wearing Lace
  4. My family doctor and a few other doctors and nurses have seem mine when I was in the hospital. I admit they were not my fanciest lacy or pink ones, but they were pretty clearly panties.
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  5. Could it be that they were not that suprised because they see "interesting" underwear choices more often than we thnk?...

    PS: hope all went well :)
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  6. I had to smile, perhaps you are correct Pip, but it isn't a question that I'm going to ask my doctor. Thank you, all went well. I didn't mention, but along with the underwear, it was very evident that I was totally smooth too.
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  7. You do have a good point their @Pip@Pip the colour and design of u drew ear has changed a lot since I was a teenager. So maybe seeing panties isn't as much of a Big Deal as we think
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  8. Medical professionals have seen it all. I wear panties, bra and even camisoles to the doctors office at times. Never has a single word been said.
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