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Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Chastitygirl88, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Mod note: This thread is about the fetish of watersports, urine drinking, golden showers etc. If you are offended by this subject then do not read further. If you have anything to add on this subject please post it here instead of making a new thread. Thanks :)

    I think I've posted something similar somewhere else. Ladies, would you do it to humiliate or show your dominance? Slaves, how would you react if you were ordered to allow this?
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  2. I am an oldtimer into BDSM for 47 years so being used as toilet was part of the deal. I have not engaged in watersports in the last 5 years though. The last time my wife just peed in a water glass and had me drink it. I am too used to it to be a punishment.
  3. I believe it is a strong fetish for some submissive males. I did it a few times, when required to, when I was sessioning. It was no big deal really.

    When there was a strong D/s connection with the lady, it was beautiful to receive. Sacramental in a way. More often, it was just something to get through.

    Once, we both laughed throughout, and that was great childish play, the kind I'd forgotten.

    But it wouldn't bother me if I never did it again
  4. I love when she allows be to drink her golden nectar. It sends me into a deep submissive state showing I will do anything for her. It is more erotic if she releases directly into my mouth, it more humiliation if I am made to drink it from a glass.
  5. My wife and I had talked about this and while it wasn't a hard limit for either of us it was a soft limit. I was struggling a few weeks back and she used this to great affect on me twice in less than a week. I read about some people like @Vinny@Vinny where their partner pees in a glass and gives that to them to drink. I don't think I could do that. Being peed on including into the mouth is different for me. I have this odd love/hate relationship with it. It's like punishment spankings. They hurt while being administered, I don't like them and I want them to stop. Never the less I look forward to them all week and I love how I feel after. Pee is gross. If I peed on my hand by accident I wouldn't lick it off. I'd go wash my hands. So her peeing on me and into my mouth should illicit the same response, but it doesn't. It's been a few weeks and since I've been a good submissive boy she hasn't used this on me again and I find myself missing it, thinking about it and wanting it. I don't fall in the no way camp and I don't fall in the "golden nectar" camp. I think it's a submission thing. I like the feeling of laying beneath her and looking up at her as she towers over me and let's loose a stream of piss. I like it because I don't like it if that makes any sense at all.
  6. We have done it this way, One evening we went out to dinner at a local pub and boutique brewery spot. She ordered a large glass of ginger-ale and drank a bit of it. She excused herself; and went to the ladies room. She poured about half out of the glass and pissed into it, filling it up. She returned to the table and sat it in front of me, "Drink", you'll love it. she said.,. I did, she was right! it was the correct drink to go with fish and chips.
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  7. Interested to know more about you being a Toilet Slave in the past. I'm dabbling in that area at the moment, and interested to know about real world experiences (most online literature in this kink is made up). You can PM me with anything that might shock the sissies on here ;)
  8. My wife gives me a pee treat almost every morning, I love it and it makes me feel very submissive. If she really wanted to punish me, she would cut off my pee treats.
  9. Tonight I met a Lady who is a Mistress here in S Fl. We find that, together, we don't have a lot of inhibitions. I find it hard to believe that I'm her first sub with a Prince Albert but, judging by how unfamiliar she was with the piercing (while being EXTrEMELY familiar with cocks) shows that it's true.

    So...one Golden Shower that involved swallowing it all, and an improvised sounding session (using a sterilized crocheting needle) and she was astounded that I am craving a foley cath; I want to be cathed & plugged for some duration of time. Oh my god I am so erect just thinking about it that my piercing is straining the skin....

    The healing period from the PA is pretty much done; I'm about to get a larger piece of jewelry to start stretching it. When I'm comfortable with the 6GA piercing, I'll be ordering a custom chastity to take advantage of it.

    I love the EvotionWearables design more than any....but I'll probably go w/Rigid Chastity b/c I want to feel the weight of metal.

    Having a hard time deciding.....
    7/18/17 at 6:19 AM
  10. The degradation is so intense but I never once tried to resist
  11. ha! i love this thread! ;) at first, it is really a great honor to receive a ladies pee directly from the source! it makes me rock hard, just thinking about ;)
    if ok with you guys, allow me to share a kinky night in a club of me: i was there with friends, a little drunk and dancing but getting horny by the idea of drinking my own piss in front of them. so i went to the restroom with my vodka red bull, drunk the half and filled it all up again. OMG, what a crazy and humiliating expierience drinking it while chatting with the girls ;)
  12. We've done it on several occasions. It's not something we do every day, week, or even month.

    She's pissed on me while I lay on the floor and she stood over me, directly in my mouth while perched on the side of a table, into a glass and I've drank it. I've been tied to the bed and she's squirted it into my mouth from a water bottle to keep me hydrated. Once when I was strapped down she pissed onto her knickers from the day until they were sodden, shoved them into my mouth, then went hand had a bath while I lay there blindfolded.

    The only time I had issues with it was trying one first thing in the morning, the taste was too strong and my stomach turned.

    I generally quite like it.

    I guess we aren't strangers to pee play.
  13. My Mistress doesn't find that appealing in any way. She has said that's something she would ever want to do. I also am not interested in having her Pee in my mouth. Sorry for being that Guy that doesn't like it.
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  14. Ditto my Wife. She was a nurse and the idea of peeing on me, let alone into my mouth, is a hard limit.

    The only difference between Mash and me is I'm not sorry I am the (other) guy that doesn't like it.
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  15. I think there are a lot more that don't like it than do like it, so you two are not a minority. As I've said before pee is gross, I get it. Part of what makes it so damn effective. Still I understand that it's not everybody's cup of pee,,, I mean tea :D
  16. We practice it a lot. But it actually is not something that is turning her on or being a fetish or something. She just finds it ... practical.
    When we are in our tv room in the basement she doesn't need to go to upstairs bathroom. Or at night, when she doesn't feel like going out of the bed. Summer camping. Why bother to do it outside. Sometimes even in a car, she just pees in a cup and gives it to me.
    And from my point of view... It's not a fetish for me either. I just do what I'm told. And I have no problems drinking her pee during the day. It tastes nice. In the evenings if she drinks it is stronger, but I have no problems drinking it. But morning stuff is something else. Even after years the taste is still awful for me.
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  17. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy pee play. When I was married I quite enjoyed peeing on my wife in the shower, & she liked it too.

    Now, no longer married & identifying intensely (& exclusively) as a sub, I enjoy receiving pee, cleaning up after She pees, etc.

    The thing is, I don’t particularly like the taste or smell- though I love the warmth & feeling of bonding. What I most love, though, are the feelings of submission. I know that doing this on a regular basis will bind me to my submissive role & to the woman I love more deeply.

    The taste of pee is a small price to pay for the pleasure of deep, enforced, loving submission.
  18. As my wife is a RN, she is not for this type of play. However, if she changed her mind and said do it, I would give her what she wants. No problem.
  19. I’ve heard this a lot & it always puzzles me. Urine is sterile (in healthy people). Nurses should know this.

    If your wife (like I) had attended some of the more challenging survival courses the US Army offers she’d have been taught that in the field, if there’s no safe potable water available, urine is one of the better fluids available to cleanse a wound & prevent infection.

    Of course a steady diet of urine isn’t good for you; urea & salt are components of urine that your body wants to void for a good reason.

    But except for some odd Japanese types I’ve never heard of anyone suggesting regular urine consumption in any but moderate amounts.

    Any toxicologist will tell you, “the toxicity’s in the dose”, by which they mean that even water, in a high enough dose, is poison.

    I think that’s doubly so for kink- at least until you build your tolerance.
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  20. Mistress is not interested, so it won't happen... otherwise i'd be game to at least try as it seems appealing in fantasy.
  21. My wife drinks huge amounts water all day long, so her pee tastes like warm water. Her morning pee is much better.
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    A small point of order here. :)

    Nurses may well know that urine is sterile (until it meets the outer end of the urethra anyway), but they also know that it contains a lot of stuff that your body has no interest in reusing - which is why it's a waste product.
    Seeing as your body is doing it's best to rid itself of some of the constituent parts then it makes little sense to re introduce them - essentially loading oneself with products that your own system not only has no use for, but actively has to eradicate. It's possible to overload your system in this way over time with possible kidney damage as the result.

    Still - it's a potent thing for some, so....enjoy, but enjoy responsibly. :D
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  23. Watergames - some games -for some people - love to do this. No game for me and nothing i need to get satisfaction.
  24. Sounds like the ideal scenerio to me .
  25. I don't think Pissing on or in people has anything more to do with male chastity than paedophilia has.
    All it serves to do is associate it with all manner of other perversions and filthy toilet practices.
    Male chastity does not have anything to do with them.
    How can male chastity ever move into mainstream acceptable when it's being lumped together with this rubbish?

    Why do we have to put up with this?
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