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    Dear Female Superiors,

    Here I am, in the Northwestern area of the United States, as a free submissive. However, I do not want to be. I believe I am destined for a long term service to a special Superior Female. To answer any quick, common questions:

    **Are you real? Yes. I am real. I am not here looking to get off and disappear. Of course, even those who are lying would probably say they are real so I guess You would still need to find out. :)

    **Are you new to this lifestyle? Yes and no. I have been into this lifestyle for 3+ years, but have only had a few short term Superiors both online and in person who were kind enough to help train me.

    **Can you relocate to me? Unfortunately, as much as I would love to and respect the importance for, I cannot abandon my other responsibilities of where I live. School and work are a part of my life. This doesn't mean I could not host/accommodate should things get serious. Until then, I can certainly communicate well online, prove I am real, video chat, give video submissions....etc etc... yadda yadda....

    **Strictly in real life with a local person or online? I am open for either one. In person is preferable because there is more to do, but I would be open to serve online too.

    **Can you promise to do any and everything I say, forever? TPE? I would like to, but I could not count the amount of times someone I met 10 minutes ago asked this and I had to say no. I think if trust was built over a long period of time, yes. Once I feel I was with a sane Superior who did listen to me and cared about my livelihood. I can get pretty close to that though in the meantime.

    **Why pick you? Well, we might be able to click and have similar interests. First and foremost, I have respect all Superiors, even ones that tell me no because I can handle rejection, I have an open mind to try new things and like putting my Superior before my interests. I can handle intelligible conversations, including completely non-sexual ones.

    Chastity is a big part of what I believe in, but only a part of the lifestyle I seek. I like what chastity does for us as me being in a submissive mindset, always and not when I feel like it. I will not try to tell a Superior I have no choice or say so in the matter. I would be choosing to submit, and choose to keep the lock clicked shut. This is not to say I don't have my moments of weakness - I definitely do. No contract or lock could force me, and make me "stuck" completely at someones mercy, as sexy as that may sound. I wish to submit because I love to see the smile on a Superiors face when I did a good job pleasing them. :rolleyes: That could mean cooking dinner, writing 500 sentences for them, being in the corner quietly, doing laundry, wearing something She finds sexy, massaging Her neck, Her shoulders, Her legs....Her.....well, anyway...

    The level of permanence, severity, pain, or humility that comes with it I would leave up to You. Agreeing to long term chastity is a big step, but I think I am ready, if that is what She would want. Locked up for two days, two weeks, two months, two years, two life sentences, we can work up to it! Yes, I mean it! I would rather suffer my moments of weakness with a little bit of comfort and eventual "get over it speech" than know my Miss let me out against Her personal wishes. Erectionless training, spiked chastity (yes, seriously, "down boy!"), KTBs (do You prefer a gagged sub or a soundproof room for the cries?), long term bondage/position training (a night tied to the bed isn't hard anyway), it's all on the table for the right sadist. I am not new to suffering or to pain, I promise. I love seeing a sadist comfortable being who They are and able to delve into Their urges.

    For those who are into this sort of thing... one of my early Mistress' spoke of keeping my virginity to offer this sense of purity to another Mistress some day. This was not because I am nervous, shy, or unable to commit. I have had offers to vanilla sex but turned them down and the older I get, the less I am into the idea of a vanilla relationship. So, to this day, I am a penetration virgin. I have had the opportunity to give oral service though, in the past. Boy, is that one of the best services to give! :p Much more so to a Female than a male though, I've learned...

    Thank You all for the consideration. I can answer any questions. I'll stop here before I write a novel.
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