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Warning. Problem due to long term orgasm denial???

Discussion in 'Difficulties with wearing a device?' started by Vinny, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. It seems that I have developed Retrograde Ejaculation. This is when your semen enters your bladder. There is a valve that is supposed to cover the entrance to your bladder so that the semen goes to the Urethra. I no longer ejaculate. We noticed that last time I ejaculated and although you still can orgasm, it is not as pleasurable. For me it is no problem since I am not trying to have children.

    Why? There are many reasons why this can happen. I do have diabetes and that is a reason given but my diabetes is well under control and at the very bottom of the pre-diabetes ranges. I think this was caused by lots of edging and then clenching to prevent ejaculation. It hurt and burnt a little to stop my semen from ejaculating so I might have done something to affect that.

    It normally is nothing to be alarmed about as the semen will come out with your urine which is what I had been noticing and one of the reasons we decided to see if my plumbing was still working after 100 days of abstinence rather than wait a few more months. Many things can cause this such as medication, some medical conditions, etc.. However it is generally a result of something like Prostate surgery more than in indicator of an unknown condition.

    I do not know if things will change for me or not but at my age it is not a worry. What does worry me is that I no longer have a libido. I used to be a horny devil and now I have lost all desire for sex. Nothing arouses me visually but direct stimulation still works. Not many of us are locked up for years 24/7 or denied orgasms for months at time. There is also very little real world information of any harm. Not saying this is a direct result of chastity but rather just a warning that it really is something not studied so who knows. I have stated before that if I was a young man again, especially trying to have children, I would not consider chastity play at all. In fact, out of all the fetishes on Fetlife, Chastity was the only one we did not try other than denial for a week or a few days once in a while as a sideshow to our BDSM fetish.

    In short, my wee wee is broken so no need for locking up anymore. I have no desire to masturbate and the one time I did, the orgasm was not very satisfying or worth the effort. Keep in mind my age but I have also discontinued medication, one which had a side effect of increasing libido and orgasm intensity due to providing one of the feel good chemicals that are apart of an orgasm. While short term orgasm denial should be OK I will caution about too much edging tot he point that you start to ejaculate but then clench your muscles and valves to stop the flow of semen. In any event, Google retrograde ejaculation on your own and draw your own conclusions. My advice is that if you are single or even married and want to have children sometime, best not to mess around with long time orgasm denial or too much edging. Moderation in all things. Even pegging can be a problem. I had to have surgery due to it and it has had lifelong effects on me that manifested itself in older age. One thing I have learned is that things that we easily shake off in our youth, come back to haunt us in our old age. My football and baseball injuries are now causing me problems. When you stick fat objects into your anus you stretch your sphincter muscle and in old age it does not close tight anymore. You probably have seen pictures of prolapsed sphincters and while not a problem in younger days, it can be a problem when you get older.

    My message is to not believe the stuff you see in porn or read from posters who claim to do things that they wish they were doing. Like athletes who abuse their bodies for short term goals, they suffer the effects later in life. Thinking that you will worry about things or not worry at all since old age is so far away, is fine up until you reach it. Then you wish you could go back and change things. Just be careful and use your brains and all will be well. When you sacrifice your well being for a fetish, that is when problems can occur.
  2. Good and relevant issue. Any thoughts on "re-chastity" training?
  3. @Vinny@Vinny Thank you for your open communication on this.
    I'm only 53 (well..only??) and we started somewhat 18 months ago with erection and ejaculation denial.
    So I've learned from your warning that I should do a test in my upcoming Christmas holidays!
    I get to ejaculate every 6 to 18 weeks (without erection) and so far it has been fine, but nevertheless I feel I should try in my holidays a full orgasm (would be my first in 855 days (yes: I keep a counter in Excel ;)); so probably high time I got one again) to see how that works.
    Many thanks for your warning, I do appreciate it and I hope all will end well for you and that you manage one way or the other to end the 'retrograde' ejaculation.
    Whishing you good luck!
    kind regards,
  4. Thank you for that honesty Vinny.
  5. Just a little update. It is getting better but most of what I ejaculate is clear and not the thick white sticky semen I used to ejaculate. Does not matter at my age though but the orgasms are getting better over time. My wife is not thrilled about it, but I submit rather than am dominated so unless we both agree to something, we do not do it. Plus I just inherited a lot of money and told my wife she can have the new kitchen she always wanted. She is focused on that so she does not care about chastity anymore. :)
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've got a 24 year old just starting out on this adventure and I do not want to mess him up for life.

    I'm pretty certain I can ensure he learn how to play safely with Anal as that's a thing i've enjoyed for a long time and have learned to do without injury.

    I'm much more worried about long term effects of denial or caging.

    So clenching orgasms or pinching them back seems like a bad idea.

    What about other forms of ruin such as stopping contact before he gets there and letting him seep out? Does that seem to be a thing that would lead to retrograde ejaculation?
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  7. @Vinny@Vinny Let the kitchen be the reason and the place to bring up the heat! :D;)
  8. and spice up the menu ! :cool:
  9. This is interesting. jack and I have been practising non erection orgasm for a while now and tbh, it takes a lot of mind power to achieve for the sub. I think it's important to allow some kind of release, ruined of course should be standard. Long term denial in our experience has had no side effects. I have denied jack for up to six months sometimes, but important they don't lose the urge for it, or the fun for the Mistress could be spoiled.
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