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Wannabe cucks

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by demale, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. I do think that sexuality is becoming more fluid -- or possibly because the stigma against homosexuality slowly has been fading, that people are more comfortable with same-gender sex. I felt perverted for years because, seemingly out of nowhere, I was attracted to men as well as to women and enjoyed sucking cock and being fucked. I finally accepted that I am bisexual and am at peace with it. It's telling, by the way, that the majority of men with whom I've had sex were wearing wedding rings.
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  2. No doubt, I am a wanna be. Probably the main reason presently is because I want to do new things and have fun with my KH. I know how subby I would feel to two parties, an even more powerful and demanding experience. But I know I would enjoy serving a man, especially if my wife was present and wanted me to be a part of that. If that makes me bi, then so be it. However, it is a fantasy at this point for us, although I know she thinks about it from time to time. I believe it will stay fantasy for now This has to be something she truly wants, and I know that is not the case right presently.
  3. It's a positive sign that you're open to it. Having been a submissive cocksucker for decades (but no longer since my wife forbids it). I can testify that it is a rewarding, even addictive, experience. I'm sure you would enjoy serving a man. Hope it works out for you.
  4. i like doing it cos it make me feel important and the man who i make cum is always nice to me after and usualy says i am very good at it as well. its not as nice as with a Lady tho.
  5. I've always been proud of my cocksucking skills (and ass-eating as well) and of swallowing every drop.
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  6. Thanks for
    Thanks for your thoughts and support. If I get lucky and graduate from the "wanna be" club, you will be the first to know.
  7. Our origins differ but we seem to share the same view. I'm at an age now that for 90% I don't care anymore about the way other people look at me. I licked up semen from my wife. If someone perceives that as bi- or homosexual: fine.

    The thing that bothers me is: "have I truly accepted myself or am I convincing myself that I have". One wrong word brings back the pain instantly.
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  8. I would appreciate that. We cocksuckers always are happy to increase our n
    I can empathize. Therapy has helped me. The first thing my psychiatrist told me was: There's nothing new under the sun. I am wired the way I am wired and I could not change that even if I wanted to. For me the crisis was when my wife (justifiably) told me that the marriage was over if I continued to have sex with men. Stopping that was an exceptional challenge but my wife and I have found ways to provide most of what I was seeking by sucking hundreds, if not thousands, of cocks and having risky anal sex.