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Wannabe cucks

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by demale, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Why do so many of us want, or at least fantasize about, watching our wives fuck other men? I've experienced this numerous times from the bull's side but would love to hear the cuck's perspective.
  2. I would love too, to know what is in mind of cuckees, why that can be appealing to someone that loves his wife, for me it is nonsense.
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  3. Several cucks who watched (and heard) their wives orgasm with me deep inside of them thanked me afterwards.
  4. Adding a 3rd person to our intimate relationship would potentially be risking a 32 year happy marriage and we would not really consider doing that. That said, it is always fun to fantasize about things that will never happen in real life!
  5. Stepping back from the "cuck" a bit and sticking with chastity ... most chaste males do so lead by the desire to focus on her pleasure and let theirs go to the wayside ... taking that simple idea ... a cuck is wanting her to experience what is supposed to be the ultimate intercourse (large Penis) experience with mind numbing orgasms ... so from a cuck perspective, in the simplest terms, to give her a level of pleasure he can not give ... even if it is only the mental game of it ...

    But I agree with DonnaSue
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  6. I certainly can see that connection, especially when it involves fulfilling the wife's fantasies. My first experience was as part of a 10-man gangbang for which the husband was lying alongside. It was very respectful, his wife enjoyed it completely and the hubby was happy because he had helped her do what she wanted.
  7. Goddess and I keep this very much a fantasy. As donnasue says it would wreck a good thing. But the thought........oh My!
  8. No doubt, it can destroy a marriage. But if the husband and wife talk honestly about it beforehand, a cuckold marriage can be quite satisfying for both.
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    Ok - here's a thought. Some of us for whatever reason never experience their partners cum from penetration alone - as far as I know my wonderful never has, she just isnt wired that way. That has affected our sex lives in a number of ways, she does on occasion cum very heavily and long depending on mood and situation etc - but - I would love to see her have earth shattering orgasms from penetration alone, and if I'm not built well enough to make it happen then perhaps someone much bigger might be.
    Now I dont think that size actually does it for her especially - but for those couples where size and/or performance is an issue I can well see that it might be lovely to witness the love of one's life have those earth shattering orgasms.
  10. i'm happy to answer anyone's question, regarding what is in the mind of a cuck. please write to me and i'll give as honest and complete an answer as possible.

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    Erm....you know this public forum thing? Where we discuss things in public? :D ;)
  12. That was true in several of my experiences where hubby was quite small. He was masturbating while I was deep in his wife from behind and had an orgasm when he heard her coming loudly.
  13. Is there really an answer to this? Can you explain why you're attracted to blondes, but not to brunettes, or could you describe the essence of pleasure of a blowjob? Most research on cuckolding focuses on animals or are at an abstract male/female reproduction strategy level. The book "A billion wicked thoughts" gives a peek in the true interests of people in contrast to socially acceptable answers often given in surveys. The book shows a high level of interest in this subject but doesn't answer the question what causes it. Some "Lehmiller" Ph.D. is fascinated by this subject and writes a lot about it, but despite his degree, his articles are nowhere near academic level, not reviewed by peers and only supported by his own research of which the data is not public and therefore impossible to verify or validate.
  14. I love this. We have had 4 guys (me as one) and my wife and it was great. But to have a 10 man GB is something wify and I roleplay 90% of the time we are doing the dirty.

    So awesome!
    I didn't agree or like chastity OR cuck till after about the 5th time I saw my wife with another man. I had no idea how much I enjoyed it.
    (everyone is different on this.. take it slow)

    I really feel like sharing each other is about bringing back the first few times of having sex with someone you really love. The first few times of having sex with that special person is amazing and each time, weather we like to admit it, seems to become more expected or normalized and predictable. It is the UNEXPECTED that seems to bring passion. So another man/woman/couple brings in a new factor and that level of excitement jumps , 'just like the first few times'.

    Many guy friends I have have cheated (not swinger guy friends) and other pay for sex on the say. And just as many get divorced. But with out passion what is a relationship but an obligation, a room mate?

    After our first swinger, couple experience, my wife jumped me (which after 12 years of marriage she never did more than twice) 3 times the next day and twice a day for the next couple of days. We went from having sex that was pretty good 2 to 3 times a month. to having sex (with each other) 7 to 12 times a week that was AMAZING.

    That passion can't be faked. It feels like a fountain of youth. Wify and I agree swinger friends look atleast 10 years younger than most people. We truly believe it has to do with a healthy dose of passion every day.

    I feel cuckold is just an extension to that. I can't have sex 7 to 10 times a day.. because I work and have a real life... sucks I know. lol

    But wearing a cage and having chores and a few dominating text messages from my Mistress brings a bit of that passion and sexual energy. yum yum
  15. Absolutely. Sub hubbies make the best cucks because they're already trained to do what they're told. So if they're required to service the bull, they're more than happy to.
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  16. While it took awhile to admit to my submssive side..
    The wife and i talked and she had a period where she had lovers.. which i totally embraced and supported..
    It made me feel good to know that other guys thought my wife was hot.. and more importantly, it made her feel good about herself. That she was hot to other guys..
    And it turned her on when she showed them a thing or 2..
    All the cucky angst was sooo worth it.. and i was very open and living when she came home.. it took once or twice for her to believe me but after some French kissing on her retyrns... twas all good...
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  17. I think guys get aroused watching it in porn when it is not their wife or are feeling emotions. I like cuckolding porn too but only tried it once with a girl I was dating. She liked it and it was fun for me too. I did not watch but did taste cum in her during sex when she got home. I could not help thinking that the other guy was thinking I was sexually inadequate and a beta male. I never did it again and left that girlfriend after that night. I realized that I really did not want a woman who wanted to and/or enjoyed sex with other men. That seems like a slippery slope. I notice that I have not seen many posts from couples who are married for a long time and into cuckolding as a lifestyle. I bet that most of the posts are fantasies since it is very popular these days to live your sex life online. I doubt that a wife can go to a club and just happen to find a guy with a big penis who is also good in bed. All the girls I know said that the problem with a big penis besides the pain or discomfort is that the guy attached to it is usually a big dick too. I have had about two dozen sex partners in my life and no one ever mentioned penis size or expressed an interest with them. From what I see it is more of a thing guys imagine. I read in Psychology Today that 66% of guys into cuckolding are bi or repressing being bi. I do not think eating another man's semen qualifies you for the 100% hetero club either. No matter where you eat it from, it is still what it is.

    Not judging since I have had a few fetishes myself that I am embarrassed to mention. I just find the dynamics of it interesting as I really do not see it as the husband wanting to do it to allow his wife to get the pleasure he cannot give her. It is mostly that they want her to do it to feed their fetish and her pleasure, if any, is a happy coincidence. The fact that the guy thinks that he is not deserving of more pleasure, often likes humiliation too, speaks volumes about what cuckolding is all about and it is not mostly abut the wife's pleasure.

    Like many, I enjoy it as a fantasy like other things that would not appeal to me in real life. I like the fantasy of being whipped raw by a stern Mistress but in real life it hurts like hell and something I would not ever try again.
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  18. Do you have a link or reference to that survey? It's usually only Ley and Lehmiller confirming each other in their views based on old data.

    I don't think anyone is 100% hetero or gay. Isolate a group of men or women long enough and gay acts will happen. I understand the importance of being viewed rightly in our society as there is still no equality for LGBT people. Personally I don't care. I went to many festivals in the US (also when homosexuality was still a crime) and I always showed my support by wearing a rainbow bracelet.

    I enjoyed eating my wife out (so much easier than lapping up warm sperm from her belly), I was proud to show my support for the LGBT community in the US, I enjoyed seeing my wife being fucked in a way I can't, I respect men with crossdressing wishes or whatever wish, I equally respect women with urges that are considered as perverted in society.

    Do I still fit in somewhere and if not, does it matter?
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  19. You used the past tense. Does that mean she's no longer cucking you?
  20. Correct.. she no longer plays, as we have gotten older, the libido has changed, shes not into the chastity play either, so i cross dress a lil and we play with toys.. and i am currently involved with a Mistress/ Goddess who has accepted this pet, is enforcing chastity and is femme training me
  21. Sounds like a lovely transition. Am being feminized myself and am enjoying my evolution.
  22. Id like my wife to be more envolved tho.. but im adapting and not pushing... we have a great relationship n life...
  23. Yep it is Ley. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blo.../why-would-you-do-watch-your-wife-another-man

    I got into some of my fetishes decades ago and am still in them for the same reasons. So time did not change my reasons even though the data is old. There were guys asking men to have sex with their wives in the 70's too. The ones I knew were alpha males and not submissive at all in real life. So who knows what people do things for. Who cares.

    I did get the 66% number from another source, but it has been a few years and cannot remember who it was from. I only remember that he was a psychologist and talked about his patients' reasons for cuckolding. My wife was in the closet until her 40's because when she was younger she was told she was a lesbian if she had sex with women. There was no B or T in LGBT until later but the damage was done.

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  24. I think that's the best way to go. Being submissive has helped me accept that my wife will decide how we will proceed in her own time. I will be happy to have her cuckold me but the decision will be hers alone and it likely won't happen as long as I am obedient to her wishes in all things.
  25. Thanks for your response! I feel the same - the harder I tried to deny or solve my "fetishes" the stronger the feelings became. Although many man share this wish, it is still not something that I would share easily. That's where the support for the LGBT community also comes from. You can't change the way you're wired. We're just lucky that our fetish is only socially frowned upon (big time). But who cares indeed.

    I do care about the LGBT people - there are so many countries where this is or was punishable.