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    I am not sure I am in the right place, honestly, as I do not wear a device full time. But I can find nowhere that address's my situation perfectly or even closely. I hope to get some insight into whether there are others that are in my circumstances. I am made to milk three times a day, but with as little penile stimulation as possible and, and absolutely no erection, with anal stimulation of varying sizes and depths. I have not achieved the ultimate goal of touchless orgasm and have not had an ejaculation with an erection since my birthday of last year. The closet I have come (giggle) is just slight rubbing at the very end agaisnt the sheets. The reason I came to this forum is the fact that milking is very different to me than ejaculating, and three time a day for a sissy my age is very much less than pleasurable. Please let me know what you think; Am I in the wrong place? If so, can someone direct me to where I should be? I have a new friend, the Aneros, which I believe will help me achieve my goal as soon as the bigger model comes in.

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