waiting for my birdlocked to arrive

Discussion in 'Birdlocked' started by servant1966, May 3, 2010.

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    Hi all i am patiently waiting for my birdlocked mini to arrive in the mail.
    My master and i are looking for a form of chastity to wear 24/7 while I am not in masters presance.
    I have used a cb3k but I fint that a bit bulky under clothing while at work.
    I hope the birdlocked being flexible will blend in a bit better.
    We hope that birdlocked will do the job.
    Master is not worried if I can pull out as long as I cant get it back on as she knows that I would not risk doing anything that master does not allow me to do.
    This is a last resort before we try a lori tube with a piercing.
    Master has been very patient with me I hope it works she is concerned that I might be able to touch myself as i am not allowed to even touch myself while wearing it so I hope the mini will be a firm fit.
    I will post again once we have it and tried it on .
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