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Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by paulp123, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. paulp123

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    I am a who is practicing chastity to better myself and to help prepare me for my future relationship with whoever I meet to marry.
    I have been pretty good at keeping pure and staying away from porn and such but I have ocassionally had a problem with late evening or early morning masturbation.
    I have purchased a chastity belt to wear at night to help keep me from giving in to temptation when I am too weak or half asleep.
    I would welcome suggestions on both being in chastity and wearing a belt at night.
    I am also interested in becoming more accountable on a daily basis.
    I know from the past that since I don't speak to my friends about my masturbation because it's too embarrassing I often give in to temptation and then feel guilty.
    I would likevto have help in this area by being. Asked point blank questions which don't offer any grey area.
    Questions like, did you wear a device to sleep last nigh, if not, why not.
    Did you stimulate yourself in any way other then to wash?
    Did you look at any images that got you turned on,
    will you try your best today to remain pure?

    I think with a little help like Simone actually cares about my goals in this area I will do much better.
    Thank you,
  2. Mistress Watchful

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    Hooray for starting a Journal!

    We will help keep you accountable and work towards your goals.

    Hopefully some males will be along soon to help you with the more technical sides of your journey.
  3. lauren1fem

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    According to your profile you're using a CS100. It will help if you can provide as much additional detail for those most familiar to offer guidance.

    In general getting a proper fit is important for long-term wear. If you only feel the need to wear it when asleep or evenings then it you'll be a little less worried about other factors (like wearing under pants all day, visibility in public, using public restrooms...) One tricky thing is that if you wait to put on the device when you are erect it's nearly impossible to get it on, so you kind of need to plan ahead somehow.

    Lauren wishes you luck in your chastity choice and thanks for sharing what you learn in a journal.
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