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    Received email from vendor of The Vice:
    The Vice Mini and The Vice Plus recall

    Due to a manufacturing defect that affected some of the plus and mini cages structural integrity and ability to hold a spacer, we are offering a recall on devices purchased between December 1st 2017 - May 31st 2018.
    If you feel any piece or part of your device may be compromised or defective, please take a picture and send it to with the best mailing address to send the replacements to. We apologize about any inconvenience this may cause some of you, but want to ensure that everyone can fully enjoy their device as it was meant to be.
    We stand behind all of our products, and we want to ensure everyone receives the chastity experience we know The Vice was meant to deliver. Keep in mind, we do warrant our devices for 1 year from the purchase date too, please email us a photo of the defective part to with the mailing address to send the replacement to.
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