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Very Satisfying Day!

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. So in the spirit of getting back into the swing of things since the proposal, I ended up plugging @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet last night around 11pm. Hush plug is AMAZING! I seriously can't recommend it enough! He wore it to sleep and all day while at work. I spent the day sending him random zaps. I'd get a text every time I did it too....sometimes I'd do a few consecutive ones and other times I'd wait an hour or so and send him a nice strong one. During the last 10 minutes of his drive home, instead of sending a little jolt, I turned it on halfway and just left it there, telling him I will turn it off once he goes to check out the pool to see if there were a ton of people there, and then come inside. Unfortunately, our garage is a bluetooth/wifi/cellular network black hole, so the plug stopped working:( He came upstairs and took out the plug to clean it and so I could charge it. I noticed an immediate change in his subbyness once it was out. We had a nice dinner and shower then went for quick walk after to get rid of the "too full tummy feeling".

    I after the walk I was horny so decided to use him. I collared and leashed him and started out gagging him with my strap on and then held the leash to the floor with my foot while I flogged his ass - at one point I hit perfectly at the same time, his slut hole and balls. Then I proceeded pegged him while still caged for a good half an hour. I had a handful of orgasms, while he had none! When I was fully satisfied and he was no longer impaled by my 7 inch realistic toy, we both had a look at it and noticed it was bone dry! Like a good whore should be, he took it like a champ with not so much as a whimper and thanked me after. He is now on a walk, with his ass well used and slippery and I am sitting here, relaxing. Just received a text from him thanking me again for using him and that he is VERY happy I am using him to get off even though it is not with his little locked cock. He wants to be the best whore he can be for me and I am so very proud of him for being a real man and thanking me for using him.

    It is such an awesome feeling for me since I was so used to being the girl who was always walked all over and used my whole entire life! I am so very happy that our relationship is the kind of relationship that can turn something not "normal" in an every day sense into something that is beneficial (and FUN!!!) for both. It is beneficial for me because it allows me to develop the Dominance I never even knew existed before meeting him and it is beneficial for him, because he is the opposite of me and used to being in control of everything. It is teaching him that giving up and losing control is not necessarily a negative thing and can definitely have a positive impact in more ways than he could have ever imagined.

    He and I grow closer and even more in love every single day! We've been together two and a half years now and it somehow feels like we've been together forever but at the same time still manages to feel brand new! I wake up every morning knowing that our life together can only keep getting better and better! It really is such an amazing and awesome feeling!

    He has been locked now for 8 days and last had a cum 5 days ago.The goal is 14 days locked. Whether or not he cums while locked is up to me, but with he way things are looking, I will probably hold off. The keys are in the kitchen safe with the batteries out. I took the batteries out 2 days ago with 5 days still left on the countdown and really not sure when I am going to put them back in to be honest. Everything that vibrates is locked away, and his Evotions PA cage is so secure he is unable to get off any other way than me. I learned the hard way about leaving my vibrators unattended while I sleep, lol!
  2. Congrats.
    I'm s excited for you.
  3. Hot damn. That's a high intensity day indeed! :) I'm so happy you're doing something so fun and rewarding for the both of you. And you may have just reinspired me to order a back door toy of some sort...
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  4. For me the most amazing thing that grew out of the transfer of power and my complete surrender was the absolute honesty. She could demand with no inhibition and I was allowed to express my feelings without guilt. i'm sure he is truly thankful to be the object of Your attention and subject of Your desire.
  5. Amazing this change of roles. You two are a perfect adventurous couple, in search of some exciting new ways of playing the game of life.
  6. Getting back into the swing of things for sure...

    After a few weeks of frequent orgasms and relative freedom, Thatgirl has decided that that's enough cumming for me for a while. She noted the slackening of my submissiveness and apparently a generally more defiant and dominant attitude. Her level of strictness has fluctuated before, so initially I didn't think anything of it when she proclaimed no less than 2 full weeks before next release from the cage. Especially since two weeks is almost always the stated Lock up but we never actually make it that far.

    But a week in and I can tell things are different. She's always liked pegging, especially since she became able to reliably force prostate orgasms from me while cumming easily herself in the process. She allowed me a couple of those during the first week, but made sure they were fairly degrading experiences. Still, after those she decided that was enough cumming for me, regardless of method, because she isn't seeing the submissiveness she wants.

    That's where all of a sudden she seemingly flipped a switch. She has been FAR more demanding this last couple of weeks. Taking her orgasms via the strap on whenever she feels like it, but forbidding me from daring to finish myself "or else". Because the effects of a stern pegging without release for me are evident quickly, she says, she's decided that while I'm caged, the lion's share of her orgasms will come from her use of my ass. And she seems FAR more comfortable reminding me throughout each session what my role here is now, and why I deserve it.

    Because the pegging has had a more instant effect on my submissiveness than anything else, Thatgirl's also decided that I'll remain plugged more often than not. The result has been me plugged nearly constantly for days, with removal only so she can make use of the strap on. She's been taking delight in knowing I'm walking around caged and plugged, and even more delight in reminding me that there's no end in sight for this because of how effective it's been. Which of course she loves to point out while she calls me by various humiliating pet names.

    Plus she loves that damned remote control plug. Me spending the day working, in and out of my car and the office while plugged with that thing, never knowing when she's going to crank up the vibrations, gives her obvious enjoyment. And by the time I get home, I am literally grateful for her to take let me take it out just so she can use the strap on and I can watch her cum a few times before putting it back in.

    Thankfully she skipped last weekend's punishment day all together. I know I'll have to take double this weekend because of it, but the extra weeks denial has me much more eager to please her, and thus able to take what I know will be a harsher than normal punishment.

    This recent intensity and clarity of purpose on her part has both a turn on, and a surprise that's got me on my heels trying to catch up. But I have to admit, she seems to be enjoying herself so much, that it's all so worth it. She says she wants to try to get me to a place where I'm truly desparate and will genuinely beg her for a release. I would love to give that experience to her - and at this rate she's well on her way to getting it. And all while clearly having a blast (and a ton of orgasms).
  7. Amazing, you both are incredibly lucky!
  8. I am so happy you two found each other! Perfect match.

    How does it feel knowing you both can do this forever now? :)
  9. This is an odd subject for me. For while I crave the very act of submitting so openly. To have her feel comfortable and being n control enough to just take me when and where she wants. I also know that it isn't something that I would want.

    I know that doesn't make sense. I want something that I can endure, something that is very much hers to own over me, something I have no choice over, and most of my pleasure derived will only be from being hers. The act itself puts me into a submissive adororing mind set, and creates a proper pecking order than my brain can understand.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has done it a few times, but since she hasn't done it since, figure it's not her cup of tea. It's not something to ask for, because I really don't want it. I just want the the feeling of being taken and owned by her. To be told this is happening and to just have to do it. I am only really into the very fact that it is embarrassing, it is something that will be a bit painful and out of my control, and the act of being penetrated is so unmanly it instantly frees me from the shackles of being alpha or manly.

    It's not even an ass thing either, I have fooled around with toys, and as much as it's hot with someone doing it to me, it's just not my thing alone.

    So i know it's odd to have cravings and desire to have something done to you, that you really don't want.
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  10. Yes, we really are... And thank you! I can tell you we're both extremely happy we found each other too. Rarely does a day pass that one or the other of us doesn't stops to mention just how floored we are that given our situations just prior to meeting, we not only found each other but made it past some initial obstacles that by all rights should have kept us apart.

    You and I are quite alike. I'm always willing to try things, and so is She. That's the only reason we crossed that frontier. That she turned out to enjoy it is the only reason we stayed across it. I can't lie and say I take no pleasure from it at this point - I do. But I certainly didn't for quite a while. And even now it's not "pleasurable" as I've ever considered the word. It is as you said, more a confluence of the way the scenario makes me feel, the way She is enjoying herself, and in some quite particular setups, physical pleasure. Mostly though it's just not uncomfortable as it used to be so I'm not so distracted that I can't take in the whole scene. She can make it that uncomfortable, and takes some pleasure in doing so at times, but mostly I think She really likes the feeling of power. Especially now that she's learned to force a hands free O or a milking out of me.
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  11. That's a wonderful feeling, of being taken and owned by our Mistresses. No restraints to those fantastic girls.
  12. He's the most luckiest person in the whole world
  13. How do you keep in it clean down there while plugged?
  14. Sounds like exciting stuff, but unsure of the distraction while he is driving being safe. Other than that, it is certainly a fun sex life for the both of you. Good for you and keep it up, or down as the case may be. :)
  15. I believe she has the hood of her clit pierced and it rubs as she thrusts...pretty cool
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  16. Yep! Clit hood pierced, which the base of the dildo rubs and gets me off.
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  17. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  18. @Thatgirl@Thatgirl is blessed in that she, unlike the vast majority of partners I've had, reaches orgasm relatively easily, and can do so repeatedly. Her ability to orgasm via pegging, or really any contact with her lady parts, has some very real advantages for this sort of play.

    If only my brain were as easily satisfied as that. We'd be in good shape. This submission stuff is difficult. She says she can tell we're at a bit of a breakthrough point in terms the mental / emotional part of all this, particularly for me, as she has stepped up her control, and her seriousness about consistency and about me being where she wants she wants me to stay mentally. It's more intense, and demanding. And it seems like during the course of any given day I go from perfectly fine with everything and responding well to her exercising her control, to longing for my dominant default it ways I thought I had gotten passed, and back again all in a single day.

    For her part she sees my inner struggle as a sign that we're pushing past another, particularly significant milestone, and I know she's right when she says she'll have no backliding or interruptions right now, because she doesn't want me to stop progressing, or worse. So if anything her expectations have become more concrete in most areas, and she's gotten more forcemful in demanding I behave right. Most of the time we have a ton of fun and I keep my head right and it's all good. So hopefully she's right and once this bit of a transition is passed I'll be more consistently comfortable with my place in the dynamic. Maybe I'll do a separate post about it if I can organize whats in my head more clearly. I do know though that I feel bad that I present such a challenge in this area, and often really do wish I could be more naturally submissive, and I could stop longing to take the cage off and be dominant like the old days. I know she's keeping it on longer and denying me a lot longer for just that reason. I'm trusting it i will get there. And I'm sure we'll continue to have fun in the meantime regardless.
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  19. Don't sweat it too much. If you were perfect what would she do with herself :D. I think our KH's in some ways need a challenge. I'm not suggesting we run amok or deliberately make their lives hard. I just think that for those of us in some form of an FLR the female is a leader. Leaders rise to challenges. Sounds to me like you guys are doing great.