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vein issue from chastity ring

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by happilydenied, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hello all,
    I am writing to see if anyone has a similar experience or can offer some advice.
    I have been on the journey for almost two years now and thought I had a pretty good understanding of limits and safety. However, my story unfolds as follows. I bought a used device which I thought would be an appropriate size. But it seemed just slightly too small on the base ring. I decided to try and get used to it as every other aspect of the device was fantastic. This went fine for about 2 weeks, no swelling, no edima, nothing cold or purple. Just rather snug and I was actually quite happy about that. my wife removed the cage portion and left the ring on, made me service her to orgazm first of course, then put a condom on me (durax performax intense, has built in numbing agent, so I really have to work for it). The ring at this point acted as a cock ring and I had a fantastic errection (you know how sometimes it just seems larger and your actually quite proud). The love making was epic with and resulted in our first simultaneous orgazm! This all sounds good right. ?..
    Well I wake up the next morning and noticed firm bumps forming a line down the left side of my penis. I removed the ring and assumed he must need a break. But they were still there at night, and three days later, at which point I started doing some research and getting myself all sorts of nervous.
    I went to the doctor, he didn't exactly ask if I knew what happened and so I didn't volunteer the answer. He did say he has never seen this before and ordered an ultrasound and urologists appointment.
    At the ultrasound it was confirmed, I have a thrombosis of the superficial dorsal vein.
    I have not met with the urologist yet, but the dr is telling me to take asprin, put hot compress on it, and refrain from any "vigorous activities". Which is actually quite difficult if I am unable to lock myself up.
    I will keep you all posted as this developes more.
    Has anyone ever had issues with this? Thanks
  2. this is just my opinion but I think using it as a cock ring is where you did the damage. If your device is the same size as you are flaccid then its hard for me to beleive that you did any damage while locked up. Cock rings can be dangerous because it allows blood flow in but not out which can put extreme pressure on your penis. Next time just take the ring off for sex.
  3. I agree,
    I dont think wearing the device caused the issue, as I have been pretty well kept under lock and key for almost a year and a half ( plenty of breaks of course;)). I am just very suprised that something as simple as a cock ring could cause such alarming damage. Over the years i have done some really terrible things to my little guy and never had anything more than a bruse for a day. Now i am quite apprehensive to continue my southern assault for fear of another legitimate injury.
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  4. An update,
    After 2 weeks of daily asprin and very little play the issue seems to be slowly correcting itself. It is by no means gone, but it is improving and I am hopeful it may disappear entirely. However what I read online says it may take months and may never go away entirely.
    I have an appointment with the urologist, I will keep you all posted (if in fact anyone wants to know).
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  5. Of course we want to know, medical risks are no fun and it is better to be aware of them.
  6. So I had my appointment with the urologist a couple days ago. She said it is looking fine and she expects a full correction although that may take months. I was given the green light for vigorous activities.
    She did ask if I knew how this happened. And I told her about my device (she asked). She handled it all very professionally and even admitted that she had heard stranger. She then said that she saw no negative effects related to the device as long as I removed it prior to achieving a full errection.
    So this is a lesson for me which I will share with you all.
    Keep him locked and keep him small, you should have no trouble at all.
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  7. I'm uncircumcised, I wear my chastity cage and lately I saw a vein appear in my foreskin. Do you guys ever have same experience?