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Vegas Trip - suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by CZSteve, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. More of a vanilla post/question if that's allowed...:cool:
    @n2toys@n2toys and I are planning on a brief / first time trip to Las Vegas next month as part of our 20th anniversary celebration and welcome to any suggestion - Flying out on a Wednesday and returning on Saturday.

    We're not big gamblers but obviously planning on some play such as slots, roulette, blackjack, and maybe craps.
    Want to stay at a nice / modern hotel with the Aria and Vdara being the front runners right now - leaning towards the Vdara with a Studio Suite with a fountain view.

    We'll have a rental car and planning a trip to the Hoover Dam, walking the strip, zip lining, maybe a helicopter ride around the city but not sure - not looking to blow the entire budget.
    Approaching the gambling aspect of budgeting 'x' amount of dollars as an expenditure - if by luck we happen to win anything it'll be a bonus.

    Just my Wife and I traveling - un-caged while going thru TSA or 'gamble' on what happens?? :confused:

    Any suggestions of where to stay? Things to do? Places to go?
    Do I get to have an orgasm?? ;)

  2. Been to Vegas...once. So. Stayed at The Flamingo. Liked it the room was nice and the location is good. Enjoyed the Mob Museum and visiting the Pawn Stars store. Wish we had gone to a shooting range. Consider re-newing your vows at one of the quickie chapels. We did at the little white chapel. You could blow some $ and get Elvis to a officiate.
  3. Watch all 4 shows of the water fountain at bellagio. Watch the volcano if it's not windy. Cirque Mystere was great. Tix4tonight is best for buying event tickets. Fremont is a great time.

    Wear comfy shoes your feet will hurt
  4. I shouldn't need to rent a car IMO. You can Uber/Taxi all over. Take a tour to the Hoover Dam or just rent a car for that day. People watching is great in Vegas.

    I'd find at least one great restaurant that you could really have a great meal at. I don't have any specific recommendations.

    I enjoy playing craps. If you aren't familiar with the game, go to an empty table and ask the dealers to he explain the game. I love playing craps and there are still some aspects of the game that I don't understand cause I don't play it that often. When you play with other players, sometimes they get upset. Don't let that bother you so you don't have a good time. Keep your hands off the table at all times. Unless you are rolling the dice or picking up your money there is no reason for it and you'll get told not to. When a table gets hot though, its so much fun.

    I'd unlock before TSA and lock back up after. Guess it depends on how big of an airport you fly out of. Give yourself a little extra time if you are going to test the waters.

    Oh, and now that weed is legal there, how about an edible? :)
  5. Stayed at Vdara a couple of years ago. It is a nice hotel for the price. It is not "on the strip" and is a decent walk to it. Offers some pluses and minuses. There is no casino in Vdara again pluses and minuses. All in all I enjoyed staying at the Bellagio quite a bit more, but the room at Vdara was much nicer.

    I wouldn't bother with a car while you're in the city. Driving can be a real pain. My favorite restaurant in Vegas is a place called Firefly, not sure if they're still there. It is well off the strip, closer to the convention center. Also love the restaurant in the Paris Hotel, but don't remember the name. In regards to shows if you are not put off by crude humor and it is still open Absinthe is brilliant. I loved people watching in the Bellagio lobby/casino area. My wife and I sat in the lobby bar and played a game we called "Pro or Show". In other words were they a hooker or just dressed like one.

    Can't recommend Hoover Dam enough. It is the best dam tour ever. I love saying that :p. There's also a State Recreation area nearby, I think it's called Red Rocks. It's got a nice circle drive with pull outs for scenic views and hikes if you want to stretch your legs. Get a rent a car for these two trips, but other than that use the rail, cabs or uber. Have a great trip.
  6. Thanks all for the replies so far.
    Agreed on killing the rental car idea; we'll just do a daily if we do the Hoover Dam tour.

    10-4 and thanks for the reminder! - already have a healthy stock of options...
  7. Caesers Palace has the highest blackjack table limit.
  8. Vegas was our playground. We went 2-4 times a year. We got a three room suite at the Paris hotel with a 24/7 Concierge by telling the check in desk clerk that it was our anniversary. We used to get upgrades for anniversaries or other special occasions. If the room is not rented out, why waste it. We mostly stay in suites but only ones that have a casino. That way you do not have to walk in the heat late at night and you can gamble or eat right before bedtime without a walk. We walked the full length of the strip in summer time and it is a long walk. Things look very close in movies and pictures because the camera compresses them but they are much further apart than you think.

    It has been 12 years since we were in Vegas because of our dog named Vegas whom we did not want to board due to a previous problem with a boarding kennel. A lot has happened since then. When we went the old casinos were there and over time the old ones were demolished to make room for the new. Each casino/hotel is themed so it is fun to visit as many as possible. Cabs are plentiful and not expensive. We even used to hire limos. The trick was to find an owner/driver who did not have to answer to anyone. If they had nothing going for them that night, we would pay about $75 for 4 or 5 hours. I am sure it costs a lot more now. I liked to splurge when in Vegas going first class all the way. Back then they did not sell specific seats. You would show up, stand in line and the guy in charge would tell you where to sit. I would slip him anywhere from $20-$50 to get a private booth up close to the stage. In Vegas you can usually get anything with money.

    Marijuana for recreational use is now legal so I am sure there are places selling it to the tourist. However, the supply ran out the first day it became legal. Contrary to movies, prostitution is no legal in Vegas. You have to go to a different county. We met a couple where the husband was a judge and the wife a lawyer. They said that they came to Vegas so that they could hire an Escort and each got a chance to have sex with somewhere else.

    We are not big gamblers. The first time we went I hit a jackpot on one of the slots which paid for the entire trip and then some. I thought that people were nuts for not going to Vegas for a free vacation. I learned that you win some and lose some. I was pretty lucky most times at the slots, craps and Roulette. We usually spent the day walking from one casino to the other and then look around, have a free drink and play the nickel slots to kill time. .However since those small change slots have a lot of lines to cover you end up paying a lot more to play and the payout is not very large. I liked the quarter slots and once hit the big life changing jackpot but I did not play the maximum so I only got a few thousand. If I had played a few more quarters I would have won close to a Million dollars. I am still kicking myself for that. The dollar slots give you better odds and end up being cheaper than the quarter slots which make you play over a dollar to cover all the lines.

    We tried to limit ourselves to $100 each but if we were winning we would go much higher than that. At night we had dinner and took in a show. What we paid $14 for, now costs a hundred dollars. The shows are expensive and my tip is to book them online long before you get there. The Cirque du Soleil are very good shows. There are many of them in Vegas. For us, it was the most enjoyable. We were lucky to see Frank Sinatra and Rodney Dangerfield before they died. We were in Vegas the night Sinatra died and all the places turned off their lights for a minute. So check out websites and book online. The hot tickets go fast.

    There is, or used to be a free monorail from The Excalibur to one of the Casinos in the middle of the strip. They do not advertise it much and you have to hunt for the entrance to it. There is a lot of free transportation if you do your research before you go. Downtown Vegas is old school casinos. They have since added a roof to the strip there and have light shows each night. Worth a trip but it is far from the main strip. Gives you a glimpse of the past. Try to hit the big casinos/hotels and enjoy their themes. We never drove because the free or paid parking lots for the Casinos was a good walk away from the casino. They all hide their parking lots so you cannot easily see them from the Strip. With all the free transportation and cheap cabs, it was a lot easier not driving. The strip goes bumper to bumper quite a bit and sometimes you can get to where you are going faster by walking.

    What we did on our 25th anniversary was to have an expensive meal and hire a limo for a few hours. That allowed us to visit lots of casinos that were off the strip like the Rio, Hard Rock, Stratosphere and Downtown. The zip line is at the Rio and the roller coaster and sky high restaurant are at the Stratosphere. You will do a lot of walking because going from location to location with a car will be much slower except for the places far away. The heat is sometimes unbearable and in the fall and winter months it was iffy as to whether it would be hot or cold, much like were I live now. Casino hopping was easier since we could sit, have a drink and play a little slots before walking to the next casino.

    Vegas is jaw dropping the first time you go. It overwhelms your senses. When we used to go there were a lot more old people than younger ones. Now that has changed and a lot more younger people can be found. There are a lot of dance clubs, organized pool parties and some pools that topless was OK. :) Every major chef has a restaurant there so plenty of places to eat all kinds of food. Cheap Buffets that once were the drawing card to Vegas, are now expensive and have long lines. No more cheap stuff to bring in the gamblers. Depending on when you are going, bring both warm and cold clothes. Summer is brutal with 90 degree temperatures at night. We used to favor March but although most times we were fine with shorts, one year it was freezing cold and we had to buy sweatshirts. Of course the day we left the temperature went back up to the 80's.

    That is all I can think of now. You will have a good time but beware that you can get drawn into gambling more than you wanted to even if you make plans not to do so. We always had a gambling allowance but when we used to go there was nothing to do but gamble. Even if you go on a ride, it is not going to take up the whole day. We started to bring a few hundred more because if you do not win at all, a hundred dollars goes so fast and there is always a lot of time to kill. The best thing to do is carry only what you are willing to lose because you will be tempted to win back what you lost or be faced with a lot of time after losing you money fast. Shows are expensive as I mentioned and depending on where you eat, that can be very expensive too. We are mostly hot dog, cheeseburger and pizza people. We did splurge on one fancy restaurant each trip. If you get a mini or full suite, there are no bad rooms. Go for the upgrade to a full suite. I used to pass a twenty to the check in clerk and most times I got upgraded unless there was a large convention in town. Tipping generously will get you far. That bellman who takes your bags can make over a $100,000 a year. The problem they have in Vegas is that many do not go to college because they can maker a lot more working there in what we would think are menial jobs. When we drove, I would tip the valet money upon arrival and ask that they park it close buy. This is another problem when you have a car. There are long lines to get your car and it can take a long time for the valet to find it buried among other cars that have to be moved. The free parking is not very close to the hotel usually. One last thing is that unlike pictured in movies and TV, most people are dressed casually. You can find some women in nice dresses but most will be in shorts or long pants. You can dress nice for a show though or a fancy restaurants but the casinos will be mostly informal dressing.
  9. Still far too long @Vinny@Vinny.

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  10. I forgot to mention that you will get a lot more info from some of the many Vegas websites. There are some where people comment and review the various hotels. I am not familiar with all the new places but the old places like the Bellagio, Mirage, Paris, etc. were all very nice with good casinos and pools. I tend to like the old Vegas look more than a modern sleek Millennial oriented hotel. Pick a hotel with a good casino. You will know how important and convenient it will be, especially when it rains.
  11. From now on I think I'm going to be at minimum wearing my base ring when I travel by air. I'm beginning to find that getting back into it when I've taken it off is difficult, and even after just a short time out I have several hours of discomfort while things get settled back in. Going through security doesn't seem to be a problem (I've only done it once, though, so caveat lector) and if they do look more closely it's just some body jewelry. I'll be flying again in a couple of months and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try going fully caged. If you decide to try it I'll be interested in hearing how it goes for you.
  12. I just came back from two trips to Vegas. Stayed on Fremont Street the Golden Nugget, and the D. Live band every day, big party and kind of a freak show. Everything is cheaper and I think it much better than staying on the strip. Even if you don't stay on Fremont Street go there at nighttime it's a great party.
  13. Thanks all for the input; especially @Vinny@Vinny - you never seam to be at a loss for words :) Seriously, thanks!

    Locked down reservations at the Venetian - a bit old school maybe but still has excellent reviews and figured nothing wrong with the classics... ;)
    They were also running an appreciable discount promo that made it very attractive.

    Can't wait to go - I'm currently 1/3 of the way into my longest lockup stint of 9-1/2 weeks and we'll be in Vegas at the 8 week mark.
    I asked my Wife @n2toys@n2toys if she was serious about the 9-1/2 weeks; reply was 'yes' - this is actually very exciting.
    I Love worshiping my Wife and could not think of a better place for a slave to worship his Queen; especially being at my longest denial period to date - I imagine Vegas in and of itself is going to greatly enhance my desire and frustration... :D
  14. She should make you wear your device through security. I have traveled two different times lately and passed right through without any issues. I was wearing a Lori Tube #4. A big hunk of steel and not even a pat down. I suggest you go through the body scanner, not the metal detector.

    That way you are guaranteed your 9-1/2 weeks!
  15. If staying on the strip, I recommend renting a car.

    It was fairly cheap for the four days I was there. It's a long walk between casinos there, and almost everywhere has valet, quick and for a few bucks you don't deal with parking.

    Pretty easy to drive around there and most of the golf courses are a bit out of town, and of course use a taxi if doing any drinking...just ain't worth it.

    If you like blackjack, the players club downtown used to use a 2 deck shoe, and was a very nice place to casually play without some of the fancy smancy stuff of the larger casinos.
  16. The Venetian is very nice. We stayed there a few times. Once they sent a limo to pick us up and we were treated like royalty even though we are not big gamblers. I think they mixed us up with someone else or maybe the letter to them saying that I was scouting locations for our corporate annual meeting. :)

    I learned to write in the Army. We were taught to write what you want to say first. Then repeat it a different way and finally write what you said in the first paragraph. :)

    The Venetian is not old school at all. It is very modern but with an Italian theme. It at least has soul rather than some places that are modern modern. You will love it, I promise. You will be near one end of the main strip but there are Casinos all along the way. Downtown is very old school and when I went there, there were drunken couples fist fighting and all the Casinos were old looking. Now they have that overhead light show and were making things things better to attract more tourist other than those on a budget. You will be near all the other big Casinos. The Bellagio is worth visiting and catch their water show. The Mirage next door as the erupting Volcano. For a younger vibe check out Mandalay Bay Hotel. Lots to do and so little time which is why we used to go back every few months. Visit the forum shops and the new one in Planet Hollywood. Good story about them as they were frozen out of Vegas for a very long time for not respecting how things are done there. The Mob was replaced by ruthless corporations who put on a smile to get your money. I saw the casino they used for the movie Casino. It was the Riviera and that was old school along with a lot others.
  17. I have to fly next month out of Atlanta airport. They have body scanners and metal detectors. Shouldn't they go off? Also if you take it off has anyone had issues with it going through the conveyor scanner. I would prefer them not going through my bag and pulling it out in front of everyone. Lol. Might be a tad embarrassing.
  18. I stayed at the Aria recently. Very nice place. Ipad controlled room which can, when the alarm goes off in the morning, open the blinds, set the room temp, set the lighting level, turn the tv on, set the station etc. Hilton is nice too. Ate at the very pricey Golden Steer, oldest restaurant in Vegas. I think the bill was $110, no drinks, salad, nor dessert. Nostalgic.

    As for airport in a < 300K person city, I went through the body scanner accidentally with a normal belt to hold my pants up. It highlighted my lower abdomen and groin. Couldn't walk back through. Thus, the female attendant summoned a male to check me out by running the back of his hand over all my front groin in a sweeping pattern.
  19. Been through Phoenix, Chicago, San Antonio, and a smaller airport. No issues at all. When it was in my carry-on, they did pull it out in semi-public. I did not appreciate that at all. I haven't tried to go through with my Carrera. It would more than likely trigger the scanner. Not sure of the results of the metal detector.
  20. The Louboutins outlet at Crystals is great. Don't go to the one at ceasers. Not unless they have change the staff there since 2015.
  21. I'm in Atlanta as well... My queens keep with padlock triggers the millimeter wave scanner (body scanner) every time but costs less than 2 minutes for the added pat down. The main reason I observe people held up "longer than usual" is because they are waiting for same-sex TSA agent to perform the pat down so I would choose a line with a male attendant in the area. Same experience in Atlanta, Detroit and Pittsburgh. If you request a private inspection I suspect the TSA will be more thorough (read: vindictive) for wasting their time.

    Two things to consider... First your bag may undergo increased scrutiny if you ask for the private room so make sure everything is in order. Lastly I always wear jeans and I pull them down a little (sag) when removing my belt as to not make it easy to feel around the groin area. The first time I went through I used the body jewelry excuse but the agent told me "I don't think its that... that normally doesn't set it off. I bet its because your pants are sagging" -- done in less than 2 minutes.

    Unrelated but funny: I fly frequently for work so I'm rather quick removing my laptop, belt, shoes etc... and the same in reverse. I was flying with my wife and stopped for a pat down. Once I was cleared I reassembled myself and was ready to leave the checkpoint while my wife was still putting her shoes on. I asked if she was stopped too and she answered with a glare followed by a smile then we were on our way.
  22. OK - Getting close to our Vegas trip and picked out our toys to take as shown below.
    Both @n2toys@n2toys are very excited to get away for just the two of us to have some quality romantic time together :)

    I'm currently at almost 7 weeks since I've had an orgasm and insanely horny and not sure when I'll be allowed to cum and when I do whether it's a full O or ruined; during intense teasing I'm damn near crying to cum but in the end grateful I'm still being denied; even play time over the last four weekends had been with me remaining caged!
    For Vegas my Goddess has said I'll be uncaged for some play and She will require me to fuck Her but not allowed to cum - ordered some stronger desensitizing spray along w/ desensitizing condoms... :eek:

    EDIT: Unable to post pic right now - My Photobucket acct states I need to upgrade for 3rd party hosting and before I commit to the cost to upgrade any recommendations on other photo hosting sites that are better?
  23. Anyone know with absolute certainty if edibles can safely get through 'checked' bags without detection?
    We already have quite a few of edibles that are not being used much as I usually vape while at home - Have some gummies, cookies, and a liquid punch but not sure if they 'may' run the risk of detection by canines - if any chance I'd rather play it safe and buy as needed while in Vegas. Thoughts?
    Pretty sure better safe than sorry and just buy locally VS trying to safe a buck.
  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/StonerProTips/comments/5op9yg/traveling_with_edibles/


    The liquid will be difficult to get through I would imagine since they are specifically looking and asking about liquids. I've never tried it but the above links are 'tips.'