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Valentines Dilemma

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Corsetbob, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Hi I’ve been into chastity on and off for a few years now, but since the beginning of the year decided to step it up a bit, I am now locked and have been for the last 6 weeks (the longest time I have ever gone) my next release is in 1 weeks time, valentine’s day also my and my wife’s anniversary. I have Event Timer running on the front screen of my phone and is currently counting down to 7 o’clock on the evening of the 14th.

    Although my wonderful wife is my keyholder I have always set the release date on my phone prior to locking and handing over the key, I now believe the time is right to relinquish control.

    To this end we have agreed a little game for that evening, at 7 o’clock I am to give my phone to my wife whilst I get undressed collard and cuffed, during which time she is to set a date on my phone. She is aware this can be any date of her choosing in the future, and without me seeing it she will place the phone face down along with my cage key on the dining room table.

    I am to bend over the table with hands bound behind me and my wife will tie my ankle straps to the table legs.

    Now I have always wanted to be pegged and to that end I have brought my wife a beautiful harness and large 10” dildo.

    Now to my dilemma I can choose the key in which case I will be unlocked and given a blow job or I can choose the phone in which case my wife will not unlock me but will screw me with that dildo, only afterwards will I get to see what date she has set, and it goes without saying that she then takes control.

    Which do you think I should choose?
  2. I would ask her what she prefers. I've never really not had her in charge of release so not used to choices. Even when I had an emergency key, it was wrapped in laminate and was tamper proof.

    I'm guessing you will pick pegging because you want to experience it, I would ask her what she wants.
  3. My wife would probably choose to peg as she is not keen on giving BJs, thing is she is giving me the choice. Either way it's a win win for me but I fear how long the lock up could be possibly, certainly months, maybe Christmas.
  4. Go with pegging. I enjoy that more than a BJ
  5. Well that's the fun of it...it could be months. I really don't know your dynamic, if she's someone that would never let you orgasm you might wanna take the bird in hand.
  6. I'd like to think I'd choose the pegging, especially if I also believed that to be my wife's preference. That said, I've only been locked half as long as you (a little over 3 weeks), and I'm quite looking forward to release. Whenever that might be. Not sure if, after 6+ weeks, I would have the courage to endure what might be a much longer lockup.
  7. Choose the phone and not the BJ. Can you imagine how degrading it is for women to put their mouth down there and then get gooed on? It's kind of disrespectful, especially if you're the submissive one.

    I vote phone.
  8. Bj might last a few minutes especially if you are locked.

    First time pegging and 10 inch dido !

    Have plenty of lube and don't upset her in the days run up to the event.

    However this is your choice I feel it should be hers .

    Re Bj and the woman's point of view .
    Whilst we have the view .

    Why do brides smile? no more blow jobs . I also know women who enjoy the practice .
    Xx Wendy
  9. Valentines??????????? What ever happened to flowers and choclate or a nice piece of jewelery?
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  10. It will also be our 30th anniversary (yes we’ve been together from the age of 15) so trust me there will be plenty flowers. She does not do chocolate so I was planning on cooking a romantic meal.
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  11. Well what happened