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    The last couple of years my Mistress and her mother have taken a week long vacation over the summer. I'm left at home, after work every day I work deep cleaning the house. Scrubbing toilets, floors, getting all the laundry done,boot polishing, defrosting the freezer you name it. I basically work till I'm worn out so I can go to sleep, alone, locked in my cb, in my sweaty pink uniform. By the end of the week it's pretty filthy.

    A couple of times during the week she will phone or text to ask me if I'm being good and tell me how much fun they are having and all the food they are enjoying.

    I'm not allowed to leave the house at night so I eat all the leftover food and pretty much live like a recluse. By the time they get home the house is sparking. The last thing I wash is my maids uniform so it's fresh and clean for her when she gets home.

    Any suggestions as to what we could add for this year?
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