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Vacation!! Game Ideas?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by TimidKeyHolder, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. So we have been using chastity since July. Recently, I'm not going to lie things have not been hot and spicy. Things have been mundane. That whole real life thing getting in the way of our kinky love :) With that being said we leave for vacation on Wednesday!! We are going to an all inclusive resort for one week. Overseas, so no worries about seeing anyone there ever again.

    Anyone have any fun tease ideas, or game ideas? Looking for something to spice up our 6 days away
  2. I'm not sure about games but it would be an excellent time to let someone else see him caged. Also if he needs to be Disciplined for something you could find someone to watch or maybe even take pictures. I'm sure you will think of some very exciting things to do. Have a fantastic time and don't worry about things being mundane, that's life. If we lived on the edge of excitement all the time it wouldn't be so special. Have a great Vacation. I'm already getting excited just thinking about what your going to post about it.
  3. I guess the most obvious tease would be to say you left the key at home. I wouldn't really do that though lol. Especially being so far from home. Maybe buy some new lingerie special for this trip.
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  4. I usually shop for lingerie when I'm on a trip too. It can be a fun embarrassing activity, especially if the shop keeper realizes the items are for the guy.
    It's also a fun way to remember the trip every time I wear it.
  5. Each day of vacation at a time of your choosing unlock him and giive him a half hour to make you cum twice (adjust the time and number of orgasms so it is challenging). Each attempt must be creative and different from the others. If he is successful, he gets edged and then rolls a single die hoping for a 6. Any other number is back in the cage. However, depending on your power dynamics, a 6 means he gets to cum and continue fucking you the rest of the vacation.

    If he does not make you cum enough, he also gets punished for teasing you by a half hour teasing session or spanks or cbt or lingerie or whatever is appropriate. If he cums without rolling a 6 is 6 months lockup.
  6. This is hard to give practical advice on not knowing your dynamic and what would get both your engines running. I think for me as many elements of public humiliation as possible. For example a very tight form fitting swimsuit that the profile of the cage would be clear through. Spending the week with my nails done. Having her clearly commanding me in public to do everything for her such as applying sunscreen, fetching drinks or going to the room to get stuff she forgot. Seeing her flirting/paying attention to other men. Ordering my food.

    My wife and I did an overnight at a resort and she did my weekly punishment paddling there. I was sure the smacks and my cries were audible through the walls. As soon as she was done she sent me to the resort store to buy some drinks for her. I was sure everyone was staring at me the whole time. They probably weren't, but the feeling was intense.

    For more private time it kind of depends on how much/long denial you are into. For me it would be quite titillating to know there might be a chance to have an orgasm, but odds would need to be a lot longer than 1 in 6. I've always enjoyed the not knowing. You could tell him each day to guess the number you are thinking of between 1 and 10. If he guesses right he gets unlocked and gets an orgasm. Don't tell him if he guesses right or wrong. Get him very aroused and worked up and tease him about whether his guess was right or wrong. "Oh sorry hon, better luck tomorrow. Now lets take care of me."
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    I suppose you could take with you a ksafe if you can get one in time. Cb keys go in it as soon as you get there, and locked till just before you;re due to leave. (Assuming he may need to br unlocked for the actual flights.)

    And at the resort you can be wearing a key on a necklace. Needn't be the actual cb key but you may get some comments......
  8. Thanks all for the ideas! We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I suppose he will have to keep his fingers crossed that he has pleased me and gets unlocked some time :)
    Who knows... with mass quantities of tequila there is a good chance it might slip that he is my locked bitch.
  9. Be sure to fill us in after your trip. ;)
  10. Hope you two have a great time xxx
  11. I believe Your going to have a Fantastic,Memorable Vacation. Enjoy