V-Day for the Mistress

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by sub4life, Feb 13, 2009.

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    For us its a day of pamering for her.1st breakfast in bed followed by a nice bath.Then an afternoon with me taking her shopping.Dinner homemade,surf and turf.All will be made by me.The theme is C.F.N.M.Clothed female nud male in my pink cuffs ankle cuffs,collar and of course my pink cb.
    She will let me out for some play after dinner but I will go back in befor bed time.I have only been out for a total of 5 days since 1-1-09.Not much sissy maid time but plenty of lock-up.Since we started chastity when I'm out the only time I can touch my self is restroom duties or showering.Ms. M. gets a real kick by her not letting me touch my bits.The new thing is for me to lie in bed with no bondage with my hands up by my head or hugging her.They are free to touch her but myself is off limits.Slowly my brain is getting rewired.I now crave her touch alomst anywhere.I'm even feeling guilty now for thinking about it.Is this normal?:love0071:
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