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Used for Her pleasure only

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by CZSteve, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. My Goddess used the hell out of me last night for Her pleasure with no disregard for my comfort what so ever; I felt so objectified and used as a personal sex slave... It was incredible and I loved every moment of it!!

    We were out of town visiting and staying with family and friends.
    An evening of socializing and some wine had my Lovely Wife Goddess extremely horny when we went to bed - obviously I was locked and just hoping for an opportunity to worship Her before going to sleep, if I only knew... :D

    My Wife was commanding me on everything She wanted me to do with my mouth and fingers to Her Love.
    She kept committing that She wanted to be fucked but knew if I was unlocked I wouldn't last and I'm not allowed to cum - She kept instructing me to finger fuck Her and commenting about I don't care about how tired you you, this is all about My Pleasure!
    She would then would tease me by rubbing my Jailbird caged cock against Her Clit and teasing me trying to penetrate Herself with Her (my) caged cock.
    She was the most aggressive with humping my mouth when I was servicing that I can ever recall; especially when She was sitting on my face.
    After about an hour I was instructed to hold/cuddle her where I was the big spoon and to keep my fingers in Her while She slowly humped my hand.

    After a little while we switched to our normal end of the day nightly cuddling where She's the big spoon and insistently teasing me; constantly telling me this was Her cock to use however She wanted.
    Telling me She'll never allow me to cum again except for ruined orgasms.
    Telling me She'll unlock me in order to fuck Her and I'll have to learn to control myself and not cum; mentioned I'll try as but not sure I can hold off as I'm only human and so incredibly horny - I asked if I do have an accident what will happen? She then mentioned we may just have me wear the strap-on harness & dildo to fuck Her that way while remaining caged; this is such a mind-fuck when we do this.

    Unfortunately we did not have any toys/vibrators which She needs to get over the edge - plan is I'm to service Her again tonight now that we are home and finish things off! :)

    Wow! Even though we were away from all our toys it was about as intense a night my Goddess has put me thru; both physically and mentally.
    Than You and I Love You @n2toys@n2toys ;)
  2. OMG What a lovely relationship and what a lovely experience you were lucky enough to have had, I am very envious! :) Your Key Holder Wife might enjoy something I found on the internet! You, on the other hand, might NOT enjoy what I found on the internet!!! HE HE HE Replaced !!! :) :) :)

    Size Humiliation and FLR Solution
    Miss and I have recently purchased an extender it was honestly incredible, the ability to absorb all her pleasure free from the distraction of my own pleasure was genuinely beautiful.

    Miss here! I’ve been planning some size teasing recently and getting him to wear the extender during the day and out to dinner or with friends is definitely part of it. But also just acting like it’s his cock, sucking, wanking it, drives him crazy, as he can just feel it, but never enough to cum. And then when it’s all warmed up, well it’s like the ultimate endurance condom. He can just keep going with no risk of him finishing. He actually needs to get fitter (like a Black STUD?) because that’s now the limiting factor in how long he can fuck me. Before he always had the excuse he could stop because he’d cum! Oh I’m all flustered now… that’s tonight plan then my pleasure his frustration! Giggles

    Sub here! The Viagra has my cage very tight this morning. Yes she forced me to take one last night at the bar. On the way home she made me drive her home nude and teased me along the way.
    We got home and she was making fun of her little caged penis. She unlocked the cage and made me put on our new penis extender. Told me I was going to use it and if I cum she was going to feed it to me. We had sex for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t feel a thing and I fucked like a real man for the first time in years. Back and forth between oral and penetration she soaked the bed. She loves her new, bigger penis extender. I fucked until I just had nothing left.

    I never did cum and was made to lock my cage back on as fast as the extender came off. Now this morning I was woke up with a Viagra erection attempt. Her penis keeps testing the bars. The pressure is a little painful as the erections come and go. I don’t know if her owned penis will ever touch her pussy?

    Apparently the FLR Solution to "Size Satisfaction" is a "Silicon Cock Extender" and "the humiliation of a beta caged, tiny, little, baby penis, along with no 'cummies' ever again, except for ruined orgasms or prostate milking!!! OMG I'm dripping! :) :) :)
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  3. :p
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  4. Your goddess used you in a way that all males should be used. She knew what she wanted, and got it. Your job is just to obey.
  5. It really messes with your mind when you first realize that " Your being used for her Pleasure only " than you wouldn't want it any other way. This is a fantastic life style
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  6. Driving while nude is very exciting and safer. You don't speed or do anything that might get you Pulled over.
  7. Yep, obviously in a good way.

    The more I'm denied and the greater the pressure gets in my balls the more I crave my Wife and Her having more and more orgasmic pleasure.
    Last night She had an incredible orgasm and as much as I love worshiping Her body anytime I'm allowed it is even a greater thrill to do so when She's so post-O sensitive; I love to gently suck on Her sensitive clit while rubbing on Her body after She's gone over the edge.

    I love our play nights where I'm often teased and tortured and I know Wife also enjoys it as She'll get so incredibly wet, even though I do the most I can to set things up I sometimes feel guilty being on the receiving end as I love the torture and can't help but feel like I'm the one receiving all the attention; just have to keep in mind that my Wife is truly enjoying torturing me - double bonus She's very good at torturing me and enjoys being sadistic, in a loving way...

    Thursday my Wife is having minor surgery so I get to take of Her and I'm sure we'll have a short hiatus in Worship and play time - I can only imagine how my craving for both will peak over this time...

    NOTE: Apologies for the grammer typos in my first post - I really need to slow down and proof before posting, especially given the limited edit time.
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  8. Wow! Just wow! So awesome. I have a similar situation with my beautiful wife. Were we have used the silicone extender many times and it's our go to toy to get her off. She wanks me of with it on. Make's me take vaigra first to get me all hard then I've got to prepare her for a big cock. My wife then slides the big extender over my hard small cock. Then tells me to fuck her like a guy with a big cock would. I absolutely love it and so does my wife.
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  9. More than excited to try this.
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  10. Our strapon Johnson gets more action than I do. Sometimes it’s my own fault lol. The other day after servicing her I got Johnson on and pounded her to a few orgasms. After she said she was going to unlock me, but there was no need to now. Oh how I love those little comments.