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Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by erin_1987, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I just want to ask about urinating standing up. I have heard this is possible however I have not tried it. I usually just sit and that doesnt really bother me, A lot of my underwear does not have a fly so it was hard to use urinals before.
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  2. As a boy with a penis, I've been able to pee standing up most of my life. Now hitting the spot I want, well I am a man. Now that Chastity is involved in my life, sitting and hitting the bowl is much easier.

    I don't know what answer you wanted. But for me while locked, sitting is a must. And I find I sit more even when not locked, go figure. I guess you can teach a old dog new tricks.

    Missy Tanya
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  3. I was told early on that I would never be allowed to stand and urinate again, that is a privilege most men have that I have lost.
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  4. I wear a cb-3000 and personally the quickness of standing is needed. I work in a fast pace job and down time is little with every drunk frat boy getting a broken bone.
  5. My Masters word is - Real med stand, slaves sit... :spankwhip: :gen085:
  6. When I'm at home, I sit. Honestly, it's not always practical to do so in public. I am in a CB6000 and can easily use a urinal. Depending on the temp, my mood, etc, I may fill the tube completely at times and other times, I may not come close. When the tube is full, it's a no brainer. When I'm not filling the tube, I often find it helpful to hold the tube as close to my body as possible, which pushes the penis as far into the tube as possible. The closer you are to the end, the easier it'll be to use a urinal and not make a mess.

    If you stand really close, no one can tell that you're locked in it. This is one of the reasons that I think it's better to go with a clear CB as well. The colored ones look cool, but probably attract more attention.
  7. The Lori 12B device I have on allows me to stand while peeing. The trick is to make sure the hole is lined up with the hole. It sometimes takes some moving around, but its pretty easy.
    In public, I usually end up in a stall if someone is around, though if I have the room to myself, I can do the urinal.

    The only real challenge is at night with an erection. Then I have to really make sure I'm lined up, and make sure I don't spray everywhere. My wife / keyholder makes me clean up my mess anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

  8. Sissies sits to pee ... :)
  9. I'm locked in a CB6000s and when at home I sit most of the time but I do stant also. I fill the CB6Ks most of the time so I'm usually lined up with the pee slot most of the time. I do stand when out in public I really don't like the idea of sitting in a public washroom. I use urinal most of the time and stalls if its in a crowed bathroom. I like when the urinals have privacy shields between them so no one can see but I figure no one is looking anyway. I have been getting over the fear of somone seeing me locked in it anyway not that I show it off but who cares if they see and they doont know who you are. If I'm not lined up with the cage I use a Q tip to line myself up I just started doing that and it works good.
  10. we , in chastity have to sit that's it !!and that is good so it reminds that we are privileged !! reg. gweny

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  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will try it at home before work.
  12. Standing up in a shower is the safest place to urinate
  13. I've read somewhere that peeing on your toe's helps with Athletics Foot. So while in the shower I did it, and it did help mine, no more burning down there. Just the burning desirer to have a hard on and squirt like a man. No luck for me, just dribbles out the end of my Neosteel. Any suggestions for that problem??

    Missy Dribbles Tanya
  14. that's normal, the penis is not in his "normal" position when urinating , in other words the penis is bended down and therefor the flow is slightly interrupted...i got use to it after all this years in the belt , that "dribbling" is normal for me now !! :rolleyes:
    reg. GWENY :p

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  15. when my wife first saw that i was trying to stand to pee with my chastity device on she said we needed to have a discussion as soon as I was finished.......I meet her in the living room and she said I have two questions to ask you........ do men hold their penis when they stand to urinate? I answered yes...........second question...............can you touch your penis? I answered no.................then I would say that you would sit to pee then should you not? I hung my head and said Yes ma'am ................good she said this is an added benifit for me because the toilet seat will alwways be down now........oh by the way if I ever find the toilet seat up again it will 10 with the paddle..........needless to say i sit down to pee.
  16. siting is the only real answer. Standing to pee in some cages is possible, but a bit haphazard. this can be a problem with an embarrassing wet mark. So to sit is the answer.
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  17. Never understood the obsession about standing up, i've been sitting my whole life by own choice.
  18. I've never really been able to pee standing up in any of my chastity belts without having to drop my underwear and trousers like a litle boy, as this is less than discreet in a public bathroom I just pee sitting down.
  19. My little "girl" was taught to sit and pee. She luvs the feeling she gets when I told her to hold her clitty against herself when she pees and tell me how it feels. She said the sensation of the pee running down and dripping from her made her feel like a real sissy girl.

    Now that chastity has come into play she luvs sitting to pee anywhere she is. That goes for work or when we are out on the town.
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  20. I must admit that there are a lot of male obsessions that I never understood ... but standing up for peeing is definitely the strangest one ...
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  21. When locked I always have to buy and use a Kotex lite days pad in my panties as it is imposiable to get it all out of the tube.
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  22. Sanding up is not an option for me anymore, and I am quite glad about it. It sure was convenient, but then I'd find myself doing it anywhere and everywhere. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean, perhaps. Off the side of a boat, into a bottle when in the car... the list is almost endless. I used to feel bad for women that they had to sit (yes, I know many can micturate standing up). Now I am in that same category, and it makes me feel that much closer to the superior sex.

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  23. Been there, done that, unfortunately. I don't necessarily "sit" in pubic restrooms, but squat over the toilet. It's much easier to hit even if the stream goes astray.
  24. Ha, maid katrin, I think us guys are born with "stand up to pee genes" :)
    I know when Wife and I started a few years ago it was a real pain to drop the pants and undies everytime duties call.
    Especially out in the public restrooms when we have to walk by the regular free men standing at the urinals and head for the stalls in the back of the bathroom...and if they are already occupied and we stand and watch the "others" come and go for such a simple act.
    Now that Wife has reintroduced this life style back into Her marriage I can only hope to please Her for my release.
  25. I've decided after reading a few threads here that it would be more appropriate for me to sit to pee. But i keep forgetting. Does anybody have any helpful memory hints ?. Does being in a CB help remind you more?
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