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Urethra tube

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by smash363636, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. How long are people locked up in an urethra tube. Hours, days, weeks? Any comments/ advice would be appreciated greatly
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how people get them in.
  3. In my case with great difficulty.
  4. are there any that are small in diameter or easy to install for beginners with small urethra's? I tried one once and I could not get it in at all.
  5. The one I got with my current cage has an 8mm tip on the end. Lot's of lube and a willingness to push past the initial opening are required. It won't want to go in and then "pop" it's in. Sliding the rest of the tube in is easy. Getting it out is the same thing. I really had to pull hard to get it out. Not a feeling I want to experience again. I use the cage without the urethra tube.
  6. Yea I tried a polymer one in the past and I could not get it in at all used tons of lube and it would go in at all, maybe I didn't push it hard enough but I was scared to push harder. I think I may just leave it alone and not try it again.
  7. x
    That's probably a wise choice :)
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  8. You need to treat urethral play with some respect. Trying to cram an 8mm tube in there while wearing or trying to fit a cage is really jumping in at the deep end. Negligible force should be needed going in or coming out. I suggest you get a graded set of urethral sounds (I have a set of rosebud sounds but other styles are available). There are videos out there and from these you will see that a sound will drop all the way into a cock under its own weight and that is how inserting a urethral chastity insert should be.

    With the sounds you need to start with maybe a 5mm one. For lube I use pH neutral antibac. hand wash though something like “Liquid Silk” works fine as well. If the first one slides in under its own weight then you can go up 1mm in diameter and try again. You will reach a size where a few ounces of force are needed to get the sound past the first bit. Keep working with this size until that too drops in under its own weight and then move up.

    It may take some time to gradually get able to take the 7 or 8mm diameter of the smaller chastity cage inserts but there is no point in even trying them till you know sounds of that size go in easy.

    Silicone inserts can drag so finding a lube that makes a silicone insert slip in as easily as a stainless steel sound is needed. I find the Liquid Silk and anti-bac. handwash do this well.

    There is no doubt that urethral inserts increase the chastity experience - invaded as well as caged - but you need to take your time. As for length of time an insert can be used we are short-term lockup players so I can't really comment.
  9. thats some good info gyrator, maybe the one I tried was just too big.
  10. As a urethral-play newb, I used medical sounds to get the trick to it and moved up to using a plug and then the insert on my cage. There is much good info on the web about beginner safety but not much on more advanced play. While almost every metal device I've ordered came with a urethral sound, some were pretty sketchy with random bends and difficult hardware to manipulate (especially with lubed up fingers!) For me it has to pass the sniff test: does it look safe, (materials, construction) and is it something I would want inside my cock.
  11. Rule 1 - Keep it clean. That means sterile clean, not just washed. You really, really do not want an infection down there. The urethra is in fact sterile all but for the last couple of cm and you want to do your best to keep it that way. Whatever it's made of must be able to be sterilised and must not rust....surgical steel, titanium or medical grade silicone work. If its silicone, be prepared to replace it frequently - I find silicone tube with steel ends works best & the tube is easily obtained by cutting up a catheter.

    Rule 2 - Never rush or use force. The tube will go in given enough time, lube & care. It may seem massive at first but honestly, if you are patient you will stretch. There is never any need to push hard - do so and you will damage things. There is a sphincter just inside the urethral opening, this is what causes the resistance to insertion & removal. Like all such things, patience, relaxation & practice are key. Slow & gentle pressure (the tube's weight alone is often enough if its metal) will eventually cause it to relax & the tube will slide in.

    Rule 3 -Pain is bad. If it hurts at all, stop. If you bleed at all, give up for at least a week to let things heal. Drink plenty & urinate often - it is sterile & will help flush out any bacteria.

    Rule 4 - Not too long. At most I keep a tube in for a week, after which it's removed, cleaned thoroughly, sterilised and then reinserted. Like it or not a film builds up on tubes and can provide a route for bacteria to enter, not a good thing.

    Lastly, any tube has the potential to cause serious harm. I woild never wear one during sports for example, The cage must fit well & be tight enough to prevent erections (if its a short tube) that could cause the tube to move within the urethra. Thats less of a problem with long tubes that go deep into the urethra but you still want to be careful.
  12. Thank you all great information.
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  13. I ordered an new cage with an urethra tube all titanium. From steelwerks. Never did any urethra play before. So all this information was an great help. Should be here the end of April. It also can accommodate an PA piercing. If I ever get one. I think I'll see how the urethra tube feels first
  14. You first need the right size or diameter sound and either a squeeze bottle with lube to shoot into your pee hole so you are lubed up
    Like s girl needs to be fingered before fucking so she is wet
    To stretch your pee hole
    Go to any makeup section in a drugstore. Look at the mascara tubes or brushes
    Notice they are tapered super smooth and perfect to insert into any urethral opening as they go From small to larger so stretching can be gradual
  15. Im thinking of making really short plug for proper align, would food grade sustarin C be enough or should i look for better material?
  16. Interesting, I have a small urethra and I can insert the tube in my avatar easily. Lube and patience. As people say, if it hurts, stop !
  17. Why you try it if it hurts and/or hard to use? How long can you keep it in? When looking at cages i saw these nut never thought about it hurting,bring dry when removing
  18. Ah, I see the problem. It's not meant to go in your avatar, it's meant to go in your penis ...
  19. Don't knock it til you've tried it ;)
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  20. Mine is no problem to get in. It makes wanting to sneak out an impossibility. Not sure if I like,