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Urethra insert devices.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Wendygirl, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Help wanted :) with Looker1 / 2 urethral tube length beyond base ring. I am about to order a new Looker 1 and my current Chinese cage has a tube extending 5mm and this I cannot feel anymore.
    What is a practical length that one could accommodate without discomfort is it 10mm (looker standard) or longer say 15mm ?
    I know that the longer the insert past the base ring adds security but I would not want it to be at the expense of comfort and agility for long term wear as I will most likely be fitted into this cage for a month at a time because it is open and easy to keep clean. My current enclosed like a Looker 2 smells and needs cleaning every day.
    Has anyone experience of 10 and 15mm inserts?
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  2. Just depends on how you are put together down there...I'm fine with 10mm....more than that is uncomfortable, but I'm sure if I tried it would settle down....it just feels a bit too deep in me, not use to it I guess.

    But I think it will be trial and error....
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  3. Williana: You are a trail blazer, I am soooo impressed!!! You rock, so I will follow your exploits with real interest because I hope to follow you!!! :) :) :). Thank you for your bravery an sense of true adventure! :) You are the best!!!
  4. well i had a insert of 25mm and though it made it slightely more secure i can still pullout , for anything to be real escapeproof for me the insert would have been much longer again.
    Though for me there was no difference between the 25mm or 10mm insert felt exactely the same..so im betting your safe with the longer version.
    But dont be surprised if you find you can still pullout though
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  5. OMG I just read your adventure story!!! You too are a true trail blazer, I am soooo impressed you got the bulb tip of the insert in at all!!! I have been fighting with the same problem with one device for years. I love the device so I even searched for a machine shop to grind down the tip because it is about 15mm at the wide point then tapers back to the tube size (but could not find one I could trust). I love the device because it is just a tube locked to a rod soldered to a ring for the testes. You rock, so I will take you at you word that the muscle of the urethra that controls urine for both of us must be tighter to control the urine escaping unintentionally, and it cannot be stretched too far!!! :) :) :). Thank you for your bravery, I have other smaller devices to use like my flexible MEO (delightful)! :) You are the best and now I will consider a Steelworxx Looker 01 that has a removable urethral tube for short enjoyable periods of control!!!
  6. actually wore my insert first time today. odd. problem/question. my tube screws into the end of cage. once screwed in place, the threads protrude down into the urethral area. This is the only place that is really uncomfortable. backing out screw can solve that though. trouble urinating, some blood. fluttering sensation. burning. gonna give it a few days before trying again.
  7. I had a similar problem with a Chinese cage so I coated the thred with epoxy adhesive screwed it in place and coated the internal exposed thred also. Does mean you can't remove it but that's how I like it.
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  8. I pondered that
  9. You can avoid the 'fluttering' by throttling back the flow of urine. This takes some control - try it first without wearing the insert. Once you're used to doing that it will become second nature and the problem will go away.

    The problem with the 'fluttering' is that urine is forced out around the tube instead of through it. This leaves a puddle in the cover at the end, and will lead to smelliness. If properly throttled, all the urine will come out through the tube, and this will lead to a cleaner experience.
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  10. I have done a lot of experimentation on the flutter issue with silicone tube and have established that flutter is not caused by peeing past the tube, I have experienced both flutter when not bypassing and no flutter when bypassing.
    I believe flutter is caused by the urethal wall closing across the end of the tube, under severe flutter the urine flow will pulse in sync. This mostly occurs when the end of the tube sits within a bend. Getting the length so that the end of the tube is in a straight section of the uretha all but eliminates the problem. I found this by inserting a 6 inch tube and gradually removing whilst peeing, for me having the tube end 2 inches past the base ring has completely eliminated the problem.
    As for bypassing I have obtained a supply of medical grade silicone tube with 7mm Of larger
  11. Sorry accidentally posted before completing,
    7mm OD larger than the tube supplied that has all but stopped that.
  12. I am sure you are correct regards the pulling out as the little worm is very flexible. However I would have thought that getting it back onto a tube extending 10mm or longer would be quite difficult. I find it really hard to get mine back onto the 0.5cm insert which is why I wear a rear shield to make access to the rear very difficult. I would like to remove the shield and just rely on the insert to stop re insertion.

  13. Yes I had the same problem on my current cage which you can see in my pics. It has a permanent insert however the weld was a little rough and cut the penis head when you expand so I had a little blood from my penis tip. Resolved by covering the end of the tube and weld with high viscosity super glue now all is just fine.
    I am though looking for a better quality device now I am convinced the urethral method is safe and very comfortable so will invest in Looker1 as the Looker2 like my existing cage is much harder to keep clean and stop it from smelling as you cannot clean the inside of the enclosed penis end. Looker 1 is open so much better imo.
    The thread I started was to see if I should order 15mm or 10mm. I wear 5mm now and cannot feel anything and also its almost impossible to get back in if I pull out with the rear shield so were very happy with the security.
    I would say without a PA you can pull out of anything at least that is my experience getting back in is a different story :)

  14. Yes I agree with this and its related to the flow rate / pressure that causes the fluttering / cavitation so like you advise I control my urine flow to be slow and I now see this as part of my behaviour / having to sit to pee it does take much longer to use the bathroom sitting / slow pee pee / drying well that's what we have to accept if were locked in chastity cages I guess.
    By controlling my flow I can also keep my cage cleaner by ensuring most goes thru the tube and not inside my cage and over my sac.
    As I say Looker1 will be much cleaner.

  15. This is a good observation and sounds plausible well done for the feedback :)

  16. I've just started using The Repressor from the Master Series which includes a silicone urethral insert which is around 8cm in length and around 7mm in diameter. It took a couple of hours to gently work up to the full length. I can feel what I believe to be the end on the inside which is causing some pain but no blood (so far). I've urinated once with it inserted and there was a bit of pressure but no fluttering. As others as suggested I hope to train the speed of the flow more over time as it did spray a little. If the pain becomes constant rather than the occasional stab from moving it or simply gets worse I'll remove it immediately. I hope to keep it in for extended periods of time so I'm also interested in the long term health concerns and limitations.
  17. well yes i could pull out and also go back in if i pulled the cage as far forward as i could,perhaps if the cage is secured with a waistchain this would be not possible so that might be anoption :p
  18. I am sure @Corsetbob@Corsetbob is right that the flutter is due to the urethral walls closing off the end of the tube. I have experimented with several diameters of silicone tubing and several end shapes without solving the flutter problem and find for me that it is more easily triggered the deeper the insert goes (perhaps the urethral walls get softer deeper down). As for the pull-out I have found that using a long (about 180mm) insert with a series of stainless steel tube inserts makes for a formidable pull-out obstacle. This is one of the inserts I have made:-


    Pull-out attempts leave you with a considerable length of rigid tube still inside the urethra so cutting the tube (and subsquently explaining how this happened inside your urethra) is about the only way out.

    I only wish I could solve the flutter issue!
  19. that long an insert could do the job indeed , if its fixed and rigid even more so.....but then the bends the insert needs to take would be an issue perhaps as with you flexibile one that would to it on its own.

    I had thought about an even longer insert then i have now but im going down a different route i think
  20. I could spend quite some time adjusting the total length of the tube, the wall thickness and exactly where in the insert the thing is free to bend and I have not done much of that yet but I was surprised that even that first attempt in the picture gave me no issues moving about. Obviously, the longer the last rigid section the more secure it would be. Also, if the first stainless section was fixed to the cage, curved, and run low down in the cage back to almost the A-ring I think it could make it even more secure. The feeling of having the tip of the long insert moving slightly when near the prostate is like being sounded which is not exactly bad (especially if you like being sounded as I do)
  21. I would like to get a stainless insert made that sits within the tube about 40mm to stretch me open further possibly tapered so as I get hard the tip is pushed further down the taper.
  22. Looker 2... Love the fit and feel. Very secure. Only draw back is cleaning. It is hard to get behind the cap to clean properly. I used a thin pad after going to bathroom as it tends to dribble more than my MM jailbird.
  23. For the cleanliness issues related to the Looker 02 design we are now considering the Looker 01 which looks much better for keeping the penis clean.
    I have decided on the 10mm insert and a total length for the device inc base ring of 5.5cm as I am usually 7cm when soft.
    I find my current Looker 02 'look alike' so comfortable at around 5 - 5.5cm as the penis is compressed and reduces movement.
    Can't seem to locate good Looker 01 reviews
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  24. Lately i have been triyng the insert again. The other day
    Tried to stop wearing, but was drawn so i put on cheap steel with insert . Been wearing daily with threads unscrewed out of way. The other day i noticed somerheng different feeling. When i could finally check it the threads were all the way in. Guess took some getting used to. Kinda medieval cool.
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