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Urethra insert devices.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Wendygirl, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Please only if you have own use or have first hand experience. !!

    Which one and how do you find it .
    I am looking at the ones with the tubes perminatly fitted and 24/7 wear.
    Xx wendy
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  2. ...shudder...
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  3. I have had a Looker O1 for a few years now with no problems at all.

    I think it's fair to say that it is the leading device of this type and there has been plenty written about it on the Forum here.

    You can read all about it:


    Some do have problems, but then we are all different:


    I am sure you will find a lot of help there.

    There are cheaper ones available but I have no knowledge of them. It was thought best to get the guaranteed quality of Steelworxx.

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  4. Thanks very much for all the links .
    All look quite positive about the lack of problems .
    Xx wendy
  5. I meant to say
    Looker 01 - and between my legs ;)
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  6. I currently sell two chastity devices that utilize a urethral tube (MouseTrap and CockTrap.) The MouseTrap on my website is only shown with a PA hook, and not a wand, but its original iteration used a wand and it can still be purchased with a wand instead of a hook.

    I do wear these devices myself and am about to prototype a new, cage type device that will incorporate a urethral wand as an option for those who want one.

    My suggestion is that you purchase any such device from a know and reputable source, for two reasons:

    1 - Quality of steel - Sometimes the Asian devices claim they're made of stainless steel when in reality they're standard, carbon steel with a chrome coating. These devices will rust if the coating is scratched or wears away...and they will eventually scratch or wear away! I say sometimes because the Asian manufacturer's are getting better, but their steel mills are still melting scrap metals of unknown pureness and quality. For any sort of urethral insert you really want a high quality, medical grade steel (316L) or titanium.

    2 - Quality of work - A couple years ago I saw an Asian made device with urethral insert in one of my local, adult toy stores. The insertable part of the device was sharp and would cut a urethral lining if inserted! I haven't seen any recent work of insertable Asian made devices, so can't qualify how good the work might be now as compared to then. But with this in mind, I wouldn't personally purchase an unseen device from an unknown manufacturer without reputation in the chastity community.

    Such factories interests lie in mass sales rather than customer service. They can make millions of copies of a "one size fits all" device, but can't compete in the arena of fabricating a custom manufactured device made specifically to your specifications and needs.
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  7. if you have an ebay account, try searching urethral sounds, (it means the same thing). there are many different forms and shapes, and most sets come in different sizes. Be careful you can damage yourself easily, especially check the bit where they change shape, if there are two joins of metal, it is essential that there are no rough bits, if there are, then file them down. Experiment also with what size you can get in, the tiny ones are usually easily slid in, you might be surprised at how wide your urethra is. Stop at the first sign of blood if there is any.
  8. Mistress says that i only has to have my one put in me if i fiddles. It has been put in me once and some blood was there. i don't likes it much.
  9. @MaleChastityNowMaleChastityNow I assume that the "wand" you are referring to is hollow to facilitate the flow of natural waters?
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  10. is there a wand/urethral device that can be worn all the time, my slave has one (see my recent pics) but its not really suited for longer term use
  11. @maid_carriemaid_carrie,

    Yes, by wand I do mean a hollow urethral tube. Through the years I've seen people call urethral inserts by a number of names in several different chastity forums or kink related websites. I tend to use these terms interchangeably and forget that not everybody knows what a Prince Albert Wand is.
  12. I just uploaded a photo of a MouseTrap with urethral tube in my photo album, so you can see what I'm referring to. It's basically a stainless steel version of the PA-5000. The MouseTrap can utilize a PA Hook in place of the urethral tube if that's what's preferred.

    The urethral tube on the MouseTrap can be made to suit one's personal tastes...up to 3-1/2 inches in length. My personal limit in regard to comfort is a urethral tube no longer than 2 to 2-1/2 inches...longer than this and I find that my MouseTrap is too uncomfortable for long term wear. With a 2 inch urethral tube I can wear the device pretty much indefinitely.

    The length of time anyone can wear a device with urethral insert depends on a variety of factors, including not only tube width and length, but also how one's body initially responds to having something inserted into the penis. For some it's a breeze, and for other's their body needs time to adjust. For a person in the latter category it's best to alternate time-in and time-out of the device, slowly extending the period of time-in.

    To date, the longest anyone has reported using any of my chastity devices with a urethral insert is one very strict Mistress. This woman has had her slave wearing a combination Kali's Teeth Bracelet with urethral insert for nearly three years (it'll be three year on Saint Patrick's Day.) She only removes the urethral tube for an occasional cleaning via her supervision. I personally suggest a weekly removal of a tube for hygienic reasons, but her slave has never incurred an infection during his entire internment.
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  13. According to.......the Seattle times?
  14. Of course I can't verify this persons report, so it can all be easily made up. She's purchased several different custom made, specialized (spiky) urethral wands from me though, pieces I haven't listed on my website because they're a bit extreme and I don't really think there'd be a market for them. I do keep a portfolio of my work and have pix of these pieces. But yeah, for all I know she's merely purchased them as "objects d'art," isn't using them, and just gets her kicks by occasionally writing me detailed stories of her slaves "progress."
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  15. Hi Wendy,

    I have had experience inserting the urethral insert on this device, it goes in easy with a little lube. I was kind the first time and used a local anaesthetic gel designed for catheterization but I think that caused more irritation than it was worth.


    I would suggest that it will take awhile to build up to 24/7, initially he experienced stinging and discomfort. As suggested vary the period of time initially and ensure the urethral insert is clean prior to insertion. After cleansing the insert, pour boiling water over it....obviously let it cool completely before inserting it into his male member :)

    Ms RJ
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  16. I have a device with a urethral tube. I've only worn the tube portion a few times for short periods. When I pee while wearing it, I often dribble a little more pee after walking a bit. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to prevent it?
  17. i don't think that there is really, you just has to wear pantie liners.
  18. A vacuum is created when you urinate, leaving some urine behind after you're done emptying your bladder. The vacuum will eventually release. You'll have to put some toilet paper into your underwear to catch the urine when the vacuum releases, unless the device came with a plug that can be screwed into the tip of the tube.
  19. Thanks for the tips! Glad to know this seems to be perfectly normal.
  20. The device I am locked in is a Steelworxx Looker 01 that has a removable urethral tube. The tube is also available as a permanent fixture to the cage, but since I am in the chastity for extended periods of time, perhaps several months without removal, it wasn’t a practical option. The times I have had the tube in place has only been for 2 to 3 days. It is okay when in place & not uncomfortable, but I am fully aware it is in & there is no way to forget about it.

    Like mentioned, everyone is different. The tube is very difficult to insert for me because of the bulb shaped tip. My urethra near the end must be quite small compared to others. It takes me 20 minutes or so to slowly get the bulb portion inserted. Once it goes in it slides freely in & out the full length. When removing it I have the same issue, it’s difficult to get the bulb part out. My guess is that the end of the urethra is just tighter to make sure it remains shut on the body.

    There was a penis plug I bought that is tapered & I use it to help stretch the opening so the tube goes in easier. It worked well & makes the entire process easier to deal with. I did make a terrible mistake with the tapered plug once that I will never do again, I inserted it all the way. The design of the plug is that it has a small tip that tapers from about 5mm up to 11 mm. The shaft is about 25 mm long & then it drops without a taper, back to 5mm. Once I had it all the way in I had a VERY DIFFICULT time removing it. It took over 2 hours to gradually slide it back out & I bled once it was out.

    I have had a few drops of blood come out while peeing through the urethral tube, also. This was before the mishap with the tapered plug, but it tells me that using a tube may not be the best thing for me. It is very exciting to have it in place, it’s a mentally rewarding feeling that my wife has such strict control. She doesn’t care one way or the other whether I have the tube in as long as I am just locked in my device so it is not a disappointment to her if I cannot use it. For us I suppose, it’s more of a reward to me if it is in. I cannot go more than 10 minutes without being reminded it’s there. Walking, getting up or down from a chair, coughing, or anything I do the tube lets me know it’s there……lol
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  21. After a few weeks of stretching finally wearing, so far that is, comfortable my cage with urethral insert. It is 15 cm long. I had to tighten the ending as far out as practical. What was happening the head of the penis was getting stretched and or inflamed by the friction. I have no idea if there are health considerations for using the urethral tube for long periods, hope at least a month. Every once in a while I get a few drops of blood but now rare. When I pee, sometimes a stream of water. Other times, there is some flow interference at the most internal part and feels like opening and shutting the valve dozens of times per second. To feel this deep within you is great for most part. Just had to use a internal plug that was like a bullet, curved that would not cut or damage my utheral passage. In addition, super sure that when if ever removed, all would come out. If not, not even want to think about that. One thing I did, I have a tight pair of shorts I used while on our country property, and have no bathroom there. I punched a small hole in shorts and the "pipe" sticks out about half an inch. When I have to go, drink much water for heat but make sure I have to pee alot, I just spread my legs and go. No pants down at all. MAIN QUESTION I can not find with real information, is long term wearing bad for one´s health? Anybody have experience. Now I am up to three days, so now think I have it made to go a month or more.
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  22. Sorry about double post
  23. I like the idea of panty liners. Will get some for me also. Have same problem with little dripping but not much. Not used to how posting works here, and had time limits of 3 min.
  24. Hello: I am currently using a Flexible Urethral Penis Plug with Massaging Beads and occasionally when I can stretch my urethra wide enough a hollow Bad Wolf Sound from https://www.meo.de/en/. The point for me is to achieve a state when I can find a comfortable cage with urethral insert that I can wear for at least a few days at a time. The advice I see in the answers above provide me with a great deal of thoughtful information particularly 1) Steelworxx Looker 01 that has a removable urethral tube, 2&3) the two chastity devices that utilize a urethral tube (MouseTrap and CockTrap) sound very interesting. I have several stainless steel cages (as well as a Birdlocked device) which are high quality easy to wear and easy to clean but without the urethral insert I desire. Thanks to all for the excellent posts!
  25. i am new to inserts. my first attempt at urination with it in had the same fluttering valve effect. i had read some blood is not unusual so i wasnt scared of seeing it, but not sure about the fluttering. is that normal. ok.....so what is normal. unusual?
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