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    I don't post much, but I just wanted to do a little update here.

    Wife and I play with chastity more as a for fun thing and we are not into FLR or stuff like that. She like's a man's man and not a sissy etc...so other than her having me on lockdown in a cage and her controlling my orgasms...we live a pretty "normal" life. ha

    December for us is always a VERY busy time of the year, to the point where I dread it - work wise. Our professional lives definitely get in the way of enjoying the holiday season...or they have the past 5-6 years. That was where our plan started. We thought maybe an extended lockdown (for us anyways) might help the situation. Normally, she has me in the cage for 3 weeks or so at a time...then I'm unlocked and we play for a week or so and I go back in the cage.

    This year, I was put on lockdown the night of Nov.30th...and I haven't be unlocked yet! No ruined O's...not even having the cage off or even unlocked since then. It's been crazy. December was a lot better...as of course I was a lot more helpful and willing to help out this month...she LOVED it...as did I.

    I am very horny and want to cum so bad...the longest before this was 25 days. Today marks the big milestone...40th day!!! It was picked sort of to mock the "40 days and 40 nights" movie. After today, its up to her when I get unlocked...I doubt it will be long...she needs PIV...as do I!! haha

    But for us, it is a huge deal and just had to post how proud we both are of ourselves. I thought for sure she'd crack...but she didn't waver a bit...despite my pleading some nights! ha

    So yeah..there it is...new territory for us, and she liked it a lot...I presume longer durations will be instore...but probably with a brief unlocking now and then for PIV...and then back in. Who knows.
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