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Unsure Cuckold

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by CuriousTwosome, Aug 28, 2017.


Should I go ahead with the MMF?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I'm 45, girlfriend is 30, so 15 years younger and fitter. We have a great loving relationship and dabble in the swinging scene a little bit as she is bi-curious

    Age is always a worry; she says it's irrelevant but I'm always worried eventually I'll be too old to please her (not yet though, I'm still a horny sod!)

    The chastity cage was a whim to go to a Swingers Club on a night she was on her period; if she can't play, then I'm not allowed to either. But as soon as the key turned, I wanted to see her with another man! It was unexplainable!

    On the night she did kiss a BBC, and it turned me on so much we met him again for a session, though she never fucked him; always saying she only wanted my dick (alongside other women too)

    We have swapped with another couple once a year ago, and she enjoyed the FF, and got of watching me with another woman

    We're about to go back to the same resort, and with me now caged, I/we have been fantasising about an MMF with me caged maybe. An exciting thrill

    But now she has chosen her Bull... and my mind is in bits! He is the same age as her and really fit! I'm not bothered about the fucking, I think it's the age and fear one day I will lose her that is affecting my thrill seeking

    She assures me this is just holiday thrills, and she's been reading the Georgia Ivey Green books, so maybe this is her just playing the tease game

    I'm keen on MMF, but not if it means she's going to turn into a Hotwife and eventually trade up to a hunk her age?!

    Thoughts folks?!

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  2. Yep, I have thoughts. I was both a cuckold and bull. There are many reasons why you are aroused by your girlfriend being with another man. Read this for a list of them:
    I have gone into details about this in other posts. All I can say is that having engaged in various forms of group and open sex, all of our friends who also were into it ended up broken up when one or both of them left for another person. Sex does produce the Hormone Oxytocin which emotionally bonds the couple together. That is why sex often leads to love and in your case with the age difference, you are sitting on a powder keg. I have seen younger woman, my sister included who left their older husbands for younger men but tried to do it without cheating by swinging and swapping. My sister ended up cheating on her husband because he became an old man with physical problems and no more desire to go partying or anywhere. St sometime you will be 65 and she will be 50. That is when the age difference will drastically affect your relationship. Best thing for you is to find an age appropriate women because you are already entering the period where the age difference is very noticeable. You many find yourself viewed as a sugar daddy or the safety net that she can fall back in should her new relationships not work out.

    I cuckolded a few husbands, one as long as 25 years. It seldom ends well as it is not like you see in porn with the wife doing it for her husband exactly has he wants her to do it. After awhile the hot wife/girlfriend, ends up resenting her man for not loving her enough to want her all to himself as does some of the men she meets. Or she will find someone that she falls in love with at first sight. You will see how excited she is to see the other guy. How she cannot stop talking about him. How she compares him to you and all of that stuff that love makes women do. At first it is exciting to you for the reasons in the article above but the problem is when you ask her to stop and she does not want to. Even if she agrees, she is likely to see men behind your back. I have been on both sides of that coin. I know how intense sex can be with a woman who has just been with another man. How exciting to see a live sex show where the porn star goes home with you for the night. You also have to consider if you have any bisexual feelings, the largest reason why guys get into this. That was the case with my wife. My wife would bring women into our bed for FFM threesomes so she could watch and have sex with me afterwards when I tasted and smelled like the other woman. Eventually she came out as bi when she no longer could deny her feelings. Not suggesting you are bi but I consider myself straight and have had sex with two males in my lifetime. I am heteroflexible in that I am not sexually attracted to men but under the right circumstances I can be sexual with a male since it does not repulse me. A good example is that I used to live with a guy who threw wild parties that turned into orgies by night's end. It was very common to watch women have sex with other guys and girls and then come to me smelling of their former sex partner and had not cleaned up. When you are aroused by one or more women, stoned and drunk, it is not difficult to have sex with a man since the girls are keeping you aroused. So I am not judging.

    All I know is that we ended up in a close poly triad after we same the drama and divorces of couples we thought would be together forever. They had kids together, good jobs and always acted lovingly to one another, especially in group scenes. Seems that sex with others turns into love often and all it takes is an argument with your partner to drive someone into the arms of another. Then there is the contradiction of poly people all of a sudden wanting to be monogamous and the sole object of someone's sexual attention.

    With your age difference you are entering a minefield with a heck of alot more mines than fields. Keep in mind that some, if not all, hot girlfriends will be oh so grateful and thankful for having such an understanding partner but they do so only to keep a good thing going. I dated a lot of women in committed relationships, both with and without their partner's knowledge. I heard what they told their men to turn them on and it most times was what actually happened. Your odds are remaining together just due to your age difference are slim to none so adding hot wifing will almost guarantee a bad ending. On the other hand if you do not plan on having a lasting relationship, then have fun. When I had a hot girlfriend, I did not love her and knew I was moving far away at the end of the year. Due to that I did not care who she had sex with because I was doing the same. It ended early because I would come home finding guys waiting for her thinking that because she had sex with them, she was now their girlfriend. All the phone calls and the her desire for a gang bang with me and my friends. After that she started dating two friends behind my back which left me looking the fool that I was at 19. After that I realized that I could still have the thrill of sex with a women already in a marriage or relationship with someone else but be the bull and not the poor guy she talks bad about waiting at home for her.
  3. Thank you so much for that. You and along with another forum I think have helped me realise the the tease and denial game we play with the cage on, and our couples swinging world (for her bi side) are two different things.

    I'm now thinking I'm more a voyeur and shall keep the caged cuck think as a porn fantasy and not risk ruining a relationship with someone I dearly love
  4. if you have a feeling that it will ruin your relation ship.... than dont do it and stay with the porn ... but at the end you will never know, if you dont let this fantasy come to reality.
  5. If either of you have any concerns you need to address them before you try an MMF.
    MMFs can be amazing but you have to be in a place that both of you can communicate open and honestly. It has to be about the two of you having fun together. As swingers you know you Define your rules and abide by them.
  6. We've swapped as a couple before and presumably will again, but there is a balance and equality in a MFMF swap, this is different and I think I have been mixing up porn fantasy and the harsh reality I am handing over the woman I love to a lad her age - it's only a matter of time before a penny then drops in her head and she realises her desirability to her own age group.

    I know she loves me, and most likely we'd do it and have loads of fun, but to risk losing a woman who means so much to me in the normal world... not worth the risk I don't think
  7. I think you are completely correct. Acting out this kinky fantasy is not worth the risk of losing someone you love so much from your life. It is also something you can undo and unsee after the fact. If this is not something you can be totally comfortable, trust your own gut feelings and explore your sexual imaginations together as a couple rather than by bringing in a younger third party.
  8. If you have any doubts, dont cross the red line. Stay where you two are now. Enjoy it.
  9. Seems to me most of your hang up is the 15 year difference.
  11. Vinny if you had had a guys penis in mouth or butt you are not completely straight. You have bi tendencies no matter how weak. Stop the excuse you were drunk and excited because of all the women having sex. De-Nile is not only a river in Egypt
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  12. Oct 2017 update! Well. She didn’t cage me for the session. But she fucked a guy we met in the beach... and I fucking loved it! Next time, she is going to cage me!!!!
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  13. Wow, pretty huge step. Looks like your cock is getting ready to burst its cage in the photo, so can see you were excited. So honestly, any "morning after" regrets for either of you, or is this the beginning of a new chapter of your life together?
  14. Definitely no regrets :)

    What I/we learned is the selection of the male is vital. For me as a loving partner, I do not want an aggressive alpha male bull, nor does she deserve a drip. Danger is anything in between is potential replacement boyfriend material so not enjoyable.

    We landed so lucky meeting this guy (who was known to friends of ours) and he fitted the role perfectly!

    I’ll never be a true Cuckold, but the session was amazing and eventually she wanted both cocks in action which was so much unexpected fun

    Definitely do again with him, or someone similar if/when they come along, and only if we are in that type of mood - overall we are still predominantly bi-girl couples only swingers
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