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Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Thatgirl, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. So I had to unlock my guy for a few days due to some pretty bad irritation/swelling/raw skin. I pantied him the first day, had him wear his base ring and pink boxers the second day and have him pantied again today. I did this to give him a reminder that he is still owned. I may be able to put the cage back on tonight but does anyone have any other ideas for me if I am unable to put the cage back on if I deem his irritation to still be too bad?
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  2. Keep him plugged , that’s a great reminder :p
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  3. Ah, yes. We DID just buy the largest Implicit Creations large Core plug, hehe! I will definitely make sure to implement that;)
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  4. Sounds terrifying :eek: Miss is getting me the hush plug for my birthday. Looking forward to using it :p
  5. Ohhh, good choice! The Hush plug is AMAZING! I send him to work in it sometimes and zap him when he least expects it.
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  6. maybe a couple of different things you can try... use the biggest dildo with your strapon you dare too on him everyday until he's locked back up as well as keeping him pantied, a nice stretched and sore ass ought to remind him your position. Another option might be if it's been a week or so since his last release you could also feel/gauge his prostate size and make sure it's still nice and swollen. I'd imagine itd feel pretty obvious with how big it should be. You could always press/massage on it just a little to see if a few drops of cum come out, if you can't get anything out you know he's cheated and should be severely punished.
  7. Well, he can already take the biggest dildo we have. lol! And i've been ::ahem:: taking advantage of him more since he's been unlocked. He's probably had more O's in the last week than some locked guys have had this year. I'm weak when it comes to using my property if it's unlocked.
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  8. @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has been dealing with me roaming free herself. I teased her this morning, after I watched her get herself off with wand, that I would just take care of business myself after she left. She said “you would be in sooo much trouble, you wouldn’t cum for a long long time”

    Another little reminder you could use, unless he wears flip flops, some pink toenails would be a nice reminder.
  9. Why are you roaming free, Nic?
  10. Burn like blister under sack, it’s where the skin bunches up if excited. Happened enough times and half healed over and now kind of a lump there from all the constant healing over.

    Going to try to let it completely heal until it’s smooth again
  11. IMG_1301.JPG
    lol fair enough :) at least if he's going to get released it better be with you. Maybe give a serious threat, even if it's something you'd never do but might even be an extreme for him. I know he likes anal play but maybe threaten him with fist training and send him some hardcore videos to let him know what his "future" could be. Freaks4u on xtube have some great videos and might scare him a bit lol.

    I know this is not really either of your style but another good threat would be the sissy maid threat. Take all his measurements and have a very sissy maids outfit all ready to order from eBay and let him know this is his future if he defies you.
  12. That’s a good one, just hanging there in the closet like the sword of Pericles
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  14. well please @Thatgirl@Thatgirl Mistress, You cud always give him a smack and tell him not to be bad. then if he is bad make him stand in the corner for a long long time cos that's a horrible thing to have to do.
  15. The thing I love about my idea is, from what I've read of thatgirl and thatguys content I don't think he'd be too happy about being dressed in that super frilly shit. It's even better that @Thatgirl@Thatgirl isn't into it really either which means it's even more embarrassing for thatguy considering thatgirl wouldn't necessarily want to see him dressed up like that. Very humiliating! He'd have to work his ass off doing chores and pleasing thatgirl justbto earn time out of the maids outfit because of his lack of compliance. The boy can't keep his hands off his wiener lol ;)
  16. Lmfao! Great ideas, but you are VERY correct in that neither one of us is into feminization! I’d laugh my ass off seeing him like that, but then also seeing his insane embarrassment would be a huge turn on for me...definitely food for thought. I’m pretty sure he’s being good...the night before last I put him in the new head harness and cuffs we just got and messed with his nips for awhile...that’s usually sufficient to get him to confess if he’s been bad. He denied like crazy, so I used my property and let’s just say that the ending O he had and the amount was more than enough to show me he was true to his word! He’s not a big masturbatir anyway, and he’s unlocked for medical reasons, so he knows that he is not to break the rules.
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  17. Might I suggest that:-
    If he does not have a PA perhaps now is the time to get one.
    If he has one then what you might put through it until he is again locked is limited only by your imagination and physical capability due to size.
    A padlog perhaps? Again with whatever you fancy attached to that.
  18. He has a very well healed pa. And we do have a padlog actually!!
  19. lol you guys are awesome I've always loved reading your antics. I'm glad to hear about him being good and he should be for you. I just couldn't help myself with offering that suggestion. For most on this website I wouldn't consider being turned into a sissy maid a punishment but after reading thatguys content I could think of few things worse. Like nicoftime said, just have the outfit hanging in the closet as a reminder to him of what's possible. Hell for $130 firva custom frilly dress that fits him perfectly it's worth it. I've thrown away more money on all kinds of sex toy stuff that really never gets used so I'm never shy about spending money on that stuff.

    My mind kept going back to a thread that thatguy posted a little while back and he said he'd been watching maledom videos because he felt like he was "losing himself" or something like that lol. Then I thought of my idea with the maid outfit... if you catch him watching maledom porn or masturbating again. Sissy him up makeup and all, ball gag him, hush buttplug, and kali's teeth device in and on him. Hand cuff him to a chair in front of your computer in your office or wherever. Set up FaceTime so he can see his face on 1/2 the comp screen and on the other half pull up an hours worth of maledom videos. Then you go off and do whatever you want for the next hour while he is being punished as well as trained to not want to get hard looking at maledom porn. Give him a buzz with the plug every once in a while just to show him you're thinking about his situation. That way you don't have to have him around you except for minimally (getting him ready) when he's dressed if you don't want too. He'll have to stare at himself the whole time this is happening too, giving him time to reflect on his situation. Many of these sissy outfits are fitted for mini padlocks too so you could even go out for the afternoon with a girlfriend while he's locked at home being your good chore boy. Sorry I keep going I just love this idea :) if you ever go this route I hope you post for us lol!
  20. Lol, I just texted my kh teasing her that I was going to use my temporary freedom to orgasm, and she said, she would know and that I wouldn’t dare. And for trying to tease her about it she was going to get herself off while she paddles me.

    I am doubting she will, punishment has fallen off the table for a long time now. But it gave me a very exciting yet painful mental picture.
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  21. Due to my work, I have unrestricted freedom every 30 days for 30 days. When I come home, that first week in chastity is like my first week in chastity ever. Which makes for a great month of very effective tease and denile and benifit for FEMABAC. I feel bad setting thatguy up, but letting him totally run free for a while would be a big build up to a sharp transition back into chasity. I guess you could judge it based on the last time you let him run free. It is a bit of a delayed effect, but so is chastity. The key would be to switch the game very sharply to leave him craving your rewards.

    The butt plug, strap on and panties are good reminders as said above. I recommend that you consider a thong, could be your thong for him to wear. It is not like they are designed to hold a guy. They are uncomfortable, diffcult to keep 'clean' and very clearly submissive when you have to drop them around your ankles. I have a love hate relationship with them as they are the best for my submissiveness but the worst for my convience.
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  22. yes, and as well they makes you fidget a lot.
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    Not sure if this is practical for when he's at work, but otherwise: maybe have him wear jeans or similar, but instead of a belt have a chain with lockable padlock, and swimming trunks or whatever underneath so he cannot access his bits without your release
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  24. If the irritation isn't where a base ring would rest (since you use a ringless device, I would guess that's not the issue), you can try playing with this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PU1B5AS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.
    It is sold to enclose the ball sack only, but you can do this:
    • loop a string (clothes line, or paracord) around both scrotum and penis (like a base ring), to prevent the balls from escaping.
    • invert the silicone pouch (like a sock), and press it to the flaccid penis and balls (penis down, covering the top of the testicles)
    • grab the inverted opening of the pouch and pull it open while pressing inward to revert it back to normal shape over ball and penis.
    • Once it is snug over balls and penis, loosen and remove the aforementioned string loop.
    • To secure, you can loop a small chain over the neck of the pouch and padlock it
    He won't be able to pee without being freed, so this is not for long term, but no masturbation/erection it possible either.And his crotch will look pretty funny in that!
  25. I am quickly getting the impression that I really ought to have known that. :)