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ultimate tease

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by rebeccacd404, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. OK, I am new at this and stumbling along hoping to discover new heights to my sexual stimulation. I have been in my pretty CB3000 now for 5 days. I am getting to the point that I like wearing my device, only taking it off to clean myself, I actually couldn't wait to get it back on! But 15 minutes ago I removed it and teased my self watching a joi denial video, I am now just waiting for myswlf to calm down before putting my cage back on. I do feel frustrated but this is the whole point isn't it? It might be different if I had a key holder but for now I just tease myself. I would love your input, thoughts and suggestions.
  2. Hopefully, you will soon find that having another person in control of your penis is incredibly powerful.
  3. Yikes
  4. I agree. I'm uncaged and my wife still controls my penis by her insistence in my absolute obedience to her directions. Extremely powerful.
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  5. It began with her insistence that I pee sitting down. It was all about hands-off.
  6. I hope so, I just have to find the right person.