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Discussion in 'The Library' started by CanuckSnowman, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Brilliant links to different subjects.Thanks lori nr#9.
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  2. Great links as always Patsey Belle.Thanks
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  4. I know this statement might sound ridiculous but most of the images related to chastity have 'models' who frankly are unbelievable!

    I like this account partly because the women look genuine!
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  5. I am just honored mine made someone's favorite list! Thanks!
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  6. Mine is Gabby-CD.Tumblr.com
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  7. I do like some of the Tumblr sites which are based around real couples and the fun they have rather than more the glossy porn picture captions, I know its a bit niche and too date I haven't found a lot of it on Tumblr but i do find screenshots of text messages sent between the mistress and subs hot, whether its teasing, denying, humiliating or ordering them to do stuff extremely erotic. if anyone knows if these have been collected anywhere it would make me awfully frustrated and cramped!
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  8. Thank you for you kind words!!!!
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  9. do you have some links to texts between keyholder and keyheld?

  10. http://nfrgp.tumblr.com/

    Here is a link to a very sexy aussie couple who share a some of there hot text messages and original content.

    Sissysnax x
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  11. Ownedbyqueendomina is my Tumblr
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  12. Mr.Orange Thank you for pointing me to such a lovely site! In fact all of the sites posted above are a wonder to explore! Thanks to all! :) :) :)
    PS I followed one link and discovered a very elegant B&W site! Enjoy

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  13. Black and white is way more expressive than color.
  14. Totally agree with you about this very elegant site, stunning pictures and a couple of great text message screenshot's. Also agree with you madbdsm that in B&W the picture look more refined and a study in passion. thank you for posting that link.

  15. OMG Beautiful! I can't comment extensively as I'm headed out on vacation but for your lovely links thank you so much! :) :) :)

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