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TSA Body Scanners - Dullas Airport Experience

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by techteam, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. My husband and I were flying out of Dullas airport and he was told to stand in front of the body scanner. He told the TSA lady he had "body accessories" which were in a pretty fun place. She just laughed and said to come on and sure enough he was called to the side.

    While waiting for a guy to show up the lady and I were talking.- she said there's some person who views the scans in remote room and said private parts normally show up like marshmallows. I told her my husband had a male chastity device on and she didn't seem that shocked - only asked what it was made of.

    I told her it was plastic and the lock was plastic and nothing that was of any danger.

    When some guy showed up she briefed him about the situation and he took my husband into a room and my husband had to let this TSA guy see his cock locked in a camo device.

    While they were doing that the TSA girl (well lady) was asking the questions she wanted to ask before my husband returned.

    I told her she would love it and where to get them and how they work and that it's really a life changing step, her man will be in her control, not just when and if he has an orgasm but if he even gets hard.

    I told her if we weren't meeting like this I'd show you my husband's and how even if another girl wanted to he could do nothing.

    There was some definite flirting with her and me and my husband's a hunk. I told her to email my husband and gave her one of his cards. When we were walking away I turned back and told her the one on now was camo.

    My husband said the TSA guy said it was the first time he'd ever heard of such a thing.

    No idea but those body scanners pick up anything - that's for sure.
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  2. Has anyone had airport experience with a full metal chastity cage, I am permanently locked in a Lori and the keys have been lost so I am concerned that I would not be allowed to fly.
  3. I am connected to the airline industry. It really does not make any sense to even try to get through security with a device like this concealed about you. The security people have quite enough to deal with without this sort of thing adding to their workload and these days they are not generally in the mood for joking around. Remember that people have tried to board aircraft with explosive devices in their pants.

    Even if you think it is harmless you will be diverting their attention and in so doing you may end up being responsible for allowing a real terrorist through the security net.

    Anyone who doesn't fit within certain behavioural profiles will be singled out for closer scrutiny and finding plastic or metal devices attached to your genitals will at best delay you and could very possibly lead to you being denied boarding and depending on attitude could even end up with you being on the no-fly list. Which is a very bad list to be on and getting off it is very time-consuming and not always possible. Even if you are stopped, they find it and they decide to allow you to proceed, do not think that you are in the clear as you can bank on the fact that the Captain of the flight will be made aware, so will the chief flight attendant, and so will the security people at the destination, all of whom could make life difficult for you if they've had a bad day.

    Also, my pet reports that sometimes he finds it difficult to sit for any length of time with his device on and has on several occasions had to get off trains on the way to work so that he can make 'adjustments'. On several other occasions he has had temporary mobility issues getting in and out of cars, moving very gingerly. In the event of an emergency evacuation of an aircraft, he says that you will possibly find that the intense pain of having your testicles trapped/twisted or otherwise confined as you scramble for the exit may incapacitate you and consequently delay others behind you.

    My advice is, don't under any circumstances try to do this. It just does not make any sense.

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  4. Disagree totally. Walk into the security check, tell them you have a huge genetial piercing that triggered the alarm and a nice man/woman in uniform will check, giggle and let you go. Slight blussing is only harm done.

    Put on the no-fly list for wearing a chastity cage? Where did you get such an idea?
  5. You wouldn't be put on a no-fly list for wearing a chastity cage, you'd run the risk of being put on a no-fly list if you were behaving suspiciously and caused a security issue, especially at times of raised security threat levels. Different people have different attitudes and if you happen to piss the wrong person off at an airport they may well have the capability to make your journey very uncomfortable from start to finish should they so choose.

    I'm just sayin'

  6. Oh dear, I wish she hadn't been banned....
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  7. she is spouting just what the government wants you to think.the TSA is the gestapo of the transportation industry.
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  8. I don't care, I wish she hadn't been banned
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  9. I work in security at an airport and the only certainty is that you would be embarressed by the situation,maybe a good thing to you but security is for preventing real situations occuring. The only thing I can sugesst is having a plastic or silicone chastity devise,then you shouldn't be stoped unless it was a random search,then just tell the guard what you have and after a probable search you would be fine to fly.
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  10. Last I checked, I was an American citizen who has given a significant portion of his life to the service of this country. As such, the TSA goons are *my* employees, especially considering that I help pay their salaries. If I chose to wear a device on my body that in no way breaks any laws of this country and presents no danger to anyone in the airport or on the flight, I have the right to.
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  11. thats right we need more americans like you,epiladdy
  12. This is such a non issue. Went through body scan at LAX. Just takes about 30in
  13. My long distance sub flies in chastity all the time and they never bat an eye. He goes through the scanners, looks them in the eye, tells them "it is jewelry" and they wave him through... never, ever had an issue with it or had to drop his pants. Everyone in security acts like they have seen them before and know just what they are.
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  14. Flying is a big part of my job. Cock cage is a big part of my life. That being said, as a commitment to my partner we agreed to wear a cage every time we are apart. I have been doing so for over 15 years. I always mention that I am wearing a medical devise on my private parts. Most of the time I get a full body scan, no problem. Only once did I get held up by a new employee that was not sure what it was he was seeing. His supervisor came over and chuckled at the bewilder stare I was getting and apologized for any embarrassment this caused. I see it as any other medical device that is used to improve our lives. To us this is a commitment not a fetish.
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  15. techteam did she ever email?
  16. Up until recently I worked as an ASO (Airside Security Officer), I couldn't work caged as I would be frisked etc every time I left the area.

    But there really is no reason why you couldn't wear one as a passenger, there are 2 types of scanners in use in the UK.

    Walk through metal detector - as the name suggests picks up on large / dense metallic objects on or around the person, so metal cages / padlocks will lead to a full frisk and hand held metal detector be used, then likely a quick visit to a private search room and a swab taken of the metal.

    Body Scanner - uses millimeter radio detection doesn't show the body under the clothing but picks up on area's that are inconsistent.
    For example clothing that might be ruffled up, large chunky watches, hot spots on body or sweaty area's.
    A small cage more than likely wouldn't detect unless there is a build up of heat there, the silicone type would be detected hense I couldn't use the cb6k.
    On detection you would go through the same process as above with search etc.

    Staff are trained to be discrete and wouldn't be phased by it, I know it never bothered me or the people I worked with.
    It might raise a few jokes on the newer members of staff if it is the first time they encounter a situation like this but when you face hundreds of people per day it is very soon forgotten.
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  18. Ugh, my bad!
  19. I'm not sure if you're free to reply, but if you can, curious minds want to know - could you guess what percentage of people dare to fly locked? One out of a hundred thousand? More? Less?
  20. It would be a higher percentage than 1/100k.
    The terminal I was working would deal with 3 thousand pax per hour on average and I personally would encounter a wearer every 2 to 3 week.
    I couldn't tell you exact security staff numbers on terminal but much higher than 100 at a time is not uncommon so the chances of me encountering the only wearer is very small.

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