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Trip to A&E

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by paulie slave, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Been a long time away from here due to various personal reasons, however I thought I'd share an experience from a few years back as an anecdote and possibly a warning! A long time ago I was wearing the CB2k for my wife, girlfriend at time. The lack of security annoyed both of us and when I suggested that a PA piercing would do the trick, she booked the appointment the same day! I got a fairly large PA ring and it worked perfectly with the old CB2k for years.

    Eventually we embraced the modern world and got a CB6k a few years ago. I as usual attached the chain to the PA and all was good. What I didn't notice was that the narrow part of the cage was smaller in diameter than my PA ring. When my penis retracted it was putting a lot of strain on the piercing because the ring couldn't follow. Weeks went by and I didn't notice then one day I was in a lot of pain. I took the chastity off and the piercing hole was a big lump of scar tissue.

    This was bad enough but then I had the genius idea I'd take the PA ring out, it was captive bead and I'd had it in for years, never removed it since it was done, so I thought I could expand the ring by opening a pair of pliers inside the ring, this worked and the bead fell out but no matter which way I turned the ring I could not get it out, the threaded end started to jam into the head of my cock and I was in a lot of pain. I tried a couple of piercing/tattoo places in town but was told there was no chance they'd even look at it so I had to go to A&E....

    In the hospital I had to tell the nurse that I'd made the mess by wearing a chastity and after a lot deliberation and about an hour, a surgeon appeared with bolt cutters. The terror. Add to that every female nurse in the place came and watched "apparently to help" but they just watched the surgeon put the bolt cutters millimetres from my cock and CUT. Anyway the ring was cut off and I slunk away. I think the moral of the story is make sure your PA ring is never bigger than the narrowest part of the cage. Something I won't forget any time soon.
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  2. I"m glad you're ok. And glad you were willing to share to help remind folks to be careful and safe.
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  3. I have the same belt and don't have this particular issue. Perhaps the diameter of the ring for penis tube is too small?

    Are you semi-erect in the belt to cause the rubbing?

    I have had other issues, but it relates to the backring that goes behind the tube.
  4. Please disregard. Wrong thread...
  5. good to hear you recovered and I wouldn't worry, I'm sure those nurses have seen worse!
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