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Travelling in Chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Metalman, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Hello!

    I'm planning a trip and I'm gonna take a plane; I was wondering:

    Does anyone know if the new airport security detectors ( the one where you raise your hands and all) can detect plastic cages? Does any one travel regularly and goes through them?

    Secondly, do those same detectors detect the small metal part on those internal locks found on the Holy Trainers and son other devices.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. They are metal detectors and will detect metal only. Whether or not they will detect the metal in an internal lock depends on the amount of metal and the sensitivity of the detector. However if you keep in mind that they detect loose change and want you to remove all metal objects, you have to think that they stand a very good chance of detecting the internal lock.

    You have two other options. One is to put your device in checked luggage and then put it on when you arrive, sending a picture to your KH. If you do not have a KH what does it matter if you put it on after the flight. The other choice is to ask for a scanning and explain to the TSA that you are wearing a chastity device for religious purposes and leave it at that. They will be very professional, at least while you are there and are aware that chastity devices exist. If you risk it and the detector goes off, you will have to tell them anyway but until they scan you, they will be cautious with you since you tried to get past their scanners with a metal object hidden in your crotch. :)
  3. The scanners are not metal detectors. Completely different technology. They are backscatter technology. Looking for hard materials.

    I have traveled four different times this year wearing my Lori Tube through security without any issues. San Antonio, Phoenix, Chicago and Green Bay. No beep, no extra check, no issues at all.
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  4. @Vinny@Vinny, overall great advice about not appearing to be concealing an item and just placing it in your luggage if that works for their situation. I would only add one point.

    @Metalman@Metalman mentioned the new scanners where you hold your hands up. These scanners are NOT metal detectors but use either a backscatter x-ray or millimeter wave technology. It bounces radio-frequency waves off people to construct a 3-D image. Concealed items containing liquids, plastic, drugs, ceramic knives and other things are easily detected that would have otherwise passed through metal detectors undetected.

    Point is....they WILL see it. Here is what the image looks like: [​IMG]

    But like @nuts69@nuts69 said, it may not be an issue. But they will likely be able to see it. Whether they choose to question you further or search further depends on who's working and if they feel it's needed I guess.
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  5. https://www.chastitymansion.com/for...2/&q=airport&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[node]=6
  6. It is interesting to see the scanner images - thanks Trey.

    Different airports have different arrangements. I have never gone through security with a chastity device but regularly travel with metal rings in my nipple and PA piercings. I have only been challenged once and that was in India by a guard with an old style hand scanner. I just had to unbutton my shirt and show a nipple. The guy smiled..

    However, I do remove the jewellery if travelling with work colleagues or with my children. I would not want to have to explain to these people why I had been stopped.

    As for a chastity device - maybe next time I travel alone, I will wear a metal cage and run the risk of embarrassment of being detected.

  7. Holy shit, I didnt realise they were so clear. That's really quite invasive.
  8. I've been through cylindrical scanners where you have to stand in with your feet and your hands on marked places and the canner circles you completely and my HolyTrainer did not pose problems.
    Seeing the pic's of the scans, probably the officer saw I was wearing, but did not mention anything.
    Mind you: that was on Moscow airports (Russia) on business trips and when you know how you are checked in Russia it is quite extreme confirmation that the HolyTrainer is airport security safe. ...and I passed other airport security also in lots of European airports with severe scanning but never had a problem.
    I adventured it first when I was without colleagues to avoid the possible embarrassment but now I don't mind at all and pass it packed in in my HolyTrainer without any problems (with or without colleagues).
    Having a packing of aspirin or so in my pocket did get off the alarm, but never the HolyTrainer so far.
    So even when it is visible through these scans, these security people at least never mentioned anything and I don't know them so I don't mind in case they would be able to see...
    My experience so far.
  9. They have seen it all before. What you boys are doing is not new.
    Also, there is no reason for you to be embarrassed because there is nothing wrong or sad or fetid or deranged or perverted about it.
    You are at the cutting edge of modern male society.
  10. Waoh! The scan images...
    They literally see you naked!
    In the most prude of all western countries with that!

    It is quite unbelievable that they are allowed to scan us in such a way :mad:
  11. I go every two weeks in holy trainer v2. Perfect, didn't t get detected as for now. Please make sure you are not wearing trousers full of metal. It could be several buttons on jeans, leg side pocket with metal zip etc. These will trigger the beep and you off for full body search. Good luck.
  12. That's cool, I've never been cutting edge in any way before!
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  13. That's the whole purpose of the invasion. To get you used to being invaded by "authority" figures. To remove your privacy and anonymity. So the governments and large corporations have you as a slave to their profits and control.
  14. Are you joking or being serious? I hope you're joking...
  15. I am serious. Governments all over the free world are becoming more dictatorial than the old Russian communists. But feel free to ignore me at your peril.
  16. I don't care to get into a debate about governments and conspiracy theories about their evil plan for control and dictatorship. That's not what this thread was started for and that's a whole different topic to dive into.

    I'm just really surprised you used this as an example of it. Even someone who is extreme about their privacy and rights would typically agree that a scan at the airport is necessary in this day and age. You said the purpose of the "invasion" was to get you used to it. Like it's part of some master plan and not just to make sure the guy sitting next to you doesn't have a bomb or a firearm. I'm not saying there isn't a topic to be had about government power and citizen rights...I just think this was a terrible way to bring it up.

    That's my opinion and obviously you have yours. I'll leave it at that and like I said this really isn't the place for it but I couldn't stop myself from replying when I saw it.
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  17. My first time through a body scanner was also in Moskow, in 2007... I was wearing my CB3000 with a normal brass lock (as I had previously discovered that there was no problem at all with the "normal" scanners whatsoever). When I saw that machine in Moscow I was in shock but, as I was transferring, I couldn't do a thing... so I just kept in line with my heart racing. I got in (first time ever in this tumblr) and was told to go... I then saw a lady doing the check. She looked at me I looked at her and tried to see the images she was seeing: she must have seen it, but found it OK ;).

    Nowadays, with all the polemics around these machines, I heard that the images aren't that clear. In fact, it seems that now they are abstract with indication of potential objects. I've red that the image is computer processed and, if the computer gets any "doubt" it maks the area with a rectangle so that a personal search can be performed.

    I was hand searched and had to show my belt once, in Madrid... But I was wearing my Mature Metal JB ;) (I've traveled with it about 5 times in total - My KH didn't want me exposing it so I always get to switch to plastic).
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  18. That can very well be the case, as after the cylindrical scan machine, I also had to show that my electronics that I had in my hand luggage were just electronics (they ask you to start your laptop for example) and while putting all back in my hand luggage I was in a position to look over the lady's shoulder on the screen of what she saw of people in this cylindrical scanner and couldn't see the same clear body silhouette as shown on the pictures further up in this thread. So it must be something like @guodor@guodor mentions.