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Transgirl from SF

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by SaraLovesChastity, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just joined up here at the lovely Chastity Mansion! I am definitely a submissive and not a sissy. I'm a transsexual and very active in the BDSM scene in SF. Recent negotiations have resulted in the wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy more frequent chastity. The hope is to normalize this situation ideally so that I can be in complete control by both my girlfriend and my boyfriend. The later, of whom, I have recently negotiated a more formalized D/s relationship. I'm so excited that my entire training regimen will include prolonged chastity! Yay!

    I look forward to meeting more like-minded individuals here. Not just those that are in situations similar, but those that are here because of their mutual love of chastity. I'm also very interested in learning more about long-term wear and the pros and cons of permanent chastity. We can dream can't we?

    Sorry for the double-posting. This message is similar to the response that I provided to a thread for transgirls in chastity.

    I look forward to participating in this lovely community.

    In chastity,

  2. Thank you so much!
  3. I'm sure this place will answer all your questions..... or make you ask more. :eek:
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  4. Delightful! I'll be happy to be made to ask more. ;)
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  5. Welcome home. I gather that you are bi because one of my old friends is a TS and married to a woman and not into guys. My wife is bi as were all three of my girlfriends. I tried but while I can have sex with a man, I am not sexually attracted to them and cannot be submissive to a man. I am hetero flexible which means that under the right conditions I can have sex with a man. If you are into group sex sometimes you are with some women and men and it does not matter which port you dock in. :) Anyway, I was involved in BDSM for 47 years. My wife's girlfriend/lover of 30 years dominated me after a few other women I knew. Mostly S&M. She enjoyed hurting men and would sigh with pleasure while doing so.

    While permanent chastity is a fantasy we all have, in practice it is not practical. You will see once you are denied an orgasm for a few months. For many of us, there is no reason to keep on playing Chastity with no hope of an orgasm. Personally I enjoy the anticipation of an orgasm more than the orgasm itself. In permanent chastity, there is no orgasm to anticipate. It really depends on how you define chastity. Is it just lock up or orgasm denial. I can stay locked up indefinitely when practical. Even priests cannot go without an oragasm once in a while. I had an ex priest as a friend at one time and not only do they masturbate, but also date men/women or see prostitutes. Then they confess and all is well again. My friend quit due to the hypocrisy.

    The CB6000 is a good starter device as it comes with the things to make it fit all size of penises. However, for long term wear we mostly all use custom made devices as they are more comfortable than the one size fits most off the shelf ones. Hope this helps.
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  6. Yes, this is definitely helpful. Thank you so much!
  7. And, yes, I am very much bi.
  8. Congrats and welcome.
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  9. Thank you so much! Day 2 and I can't belive the effect that chastity is having. My eagerness to be obedient and attentive is astounding! My desires are focused on her pleasures rather than my own. The impact is powerful.

    Next weekend, I will be accompanying my Master to LA. He will be in control of the keys. I can scarcely imagine how this will effect my subservience. I feel so fortunate.
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  10. I did not realize until I was 64 that all four of my relationships were with bi women. Did not know they were bi until well into the relationship. I seem to attract bi women as does my wife. I have never had a relationship with a hetero woman. Wonder how that would be like. I guess she would not be pointing out the hot women to me and telling me if she would do them or not and then asking me if I would. :)
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  11. Welcome to our little tight restrained world...!
  12. Thank you so much!
  13. welcome.. enjoy
  14. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your experience here!
  15. I have come across very few women in the BDSM world who are completely heterosexual. In my experience it is rarer than being wholly lesbian.
  16. Thank you all for the warm welcoming.
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