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To sum up: Chastity and feminization

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by PuppyMastersPet, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Sounds just like how I feel. I also paint my toes and wear a toe ring. Its now progressing into xdressing more often. I used to just pop on some heels for the stimulation now I dress head to toes and wear make up when I can. Its a real TV fetish I am sure. The chastity intensifies this when you Xdress and it turns you on but you cannot masturbate anymore. I mind rush
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  2. Why dont we just turn all white guys into sissys?
  3. I have been curious about feminine clothing all of my life. When looking at a woman, I have always imagined her in lingerie and how her bra supports her breasts, etc. As I grew older, feminine feelings and urges began to overtake me in stronger and more frequent ways. Then , once my wife of 30 years discovered my love for lingerie and began to dress me, I thought I was in heaven! Now that She has feminized my mind, controls my clitty with a cage and dresses me in lingerie of Her choice each morning, I get to be the person that I really want and need to be!
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  4. I've been interested in feminization for as long as I can remember and I've been cross dressing for a long time to, however I've never fully dressed and I've always kept my makeup to a bare minimum (lipstick and mascara) is my limit as I'm not to good with anything else however my New Years resolution for 2017 is to learn how to properly apply a full face of makeup and I'm having my first lesson this tues and can honestly say although I'm excited about it I've also never been so nervous about anything ever, this will be the start of my complete feminization and I cannot wait.
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  5. Nice share. Its good to have an outline in a beautifully confusing world....
  6. Ever since I was younger I had always loved everything feminine. Panties, dresses, skirts, nails, stockings, everything! I was always just too scared and embarrassed of my inner girl to express myself.

    One the biggest realizations for my love for humiliation and emasculation was when I was in middle school. A girl in my class took notice of my longer feminine nails and then began talking about how cute and girly they were in front of the whole class. She even suggested multiple styles I could have them done in and what paint to use. All to just humiliate me...and I loved it c:
  7. This is me too. I've been in panties 24/7, and I've had painted toe nails for a couple weeks now. I have a new toe ring coming today with a cute heart shaped lock and key design. These are or will be constant and can be hidden under my clothes. But when I'm alone in the house I dress and make myself up and practice walking around in my heels. It is definitely very arousing... and frustrating not being able to masturbate.
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  8. Your a mirror of myself :) I do exactly the same :)
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  9. I come to chastity and feminisation from a somewhat different perspective than most here.

    I first came across t-girls; cross-dressers, sissies, transgender and all the variations on those themes, whilst running Muir Academy with Miss Prim, 30 years ago, until 2011. They were 60% of our customer list and 35% or so of the pupils.

    Whilst Miss Prim ran 'front of house' at her Academy, I was pumping out the paperwork in the background, thousands of newsletters, mail-order catalogues, printing and distributing hundreds of booklets and journals. More work than I could manage, of a sort I'm not good at; repetitive routine stuff. But I couldn't afford to pay anyone.

    So I asked our customers for help: if they worked for me as girls in jeans or other forms of trousers I'd treat them as a modern politically correct employer should. If they wore skirts or dresses, then I'd treat them in a wholly politically incorrect, sexist, chauvinist way that would get me sacked in hours in that politically correct office. Very few opted to wear trousers!

    A a side note I'd like to pass on an observation I made, there are huge numbers of men who dressed and acting male fancy only women; but if feminised, dressed en-femme, they become strongly sexually attracted to men, either as well as, or instead of women. Something not often realised.

    Anyway it worked well, though sometimes they'd drift into the office in the morning, unshaven, in male garb surly and uncooperative. It didn't take long to realise that it was because they'd had a wank and lost focus on their reason to be there. So I had them lock themselves up and give me the key. It improved their attitude no end! (Trying to lock them up myself usually failed because they got so excited!) They liked it too, for reasons many heremay understand.

    Anyway, to cut a very long story short, I am now establishing my new home in Portugal. I have given up on monogamy and have a wide circle of women friends and lovers.

    So I am recruiting maid-slaves to look after it for me. On past experience if they are t-girls prone to masturbation, I will insist they're locked up.

    The strongly transgender girls with severe dysphoria will simply 'tuck'. I'm not yet sure about the cis-(ie. not trans) women.

    Anyway I'd like to publicly thank maid Carrie who heard that call for volunteers and encouraged to get active on here again.
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  10. i like Carrie as well .
  11. Hey! So I have been reading this thread and it seems really interesting. I have been interested in sissy fantasies for a while. My GF noticed this and locked my up thinking not masturbating to SIssy Tumblrs would make me act more masculine, but reading everyone's opinion here that Chastity increases feminisation her actions might backfire :rolleyes:
  12. Caging encourages submission on the part of the lockee to the keyholder, I don't think there is any doubt of that.

    If your fantasies revolve around being a submissive girl, according to the sexist stereotype, you're a sissy.

    That isn't going to go away if you're locked! It will most likely intensify the depth and extent of the fantasies.

    Sooner or later she will have to accept she has a sissy boyfriend and come to enjoy it.

    Or one, or both, of you will be unhappy in the relationship.
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  13. Being in Femme, casually or fully dressed became second nature to me. Actually, i was more comfortable in slacks and a halter top that a sports shirt and jeans. i felt undressed without the weight of breast forms on my body. However, She never placed me in chastity and as submissive as i am, i'm sure it would have improved my behavior. She used Humiliation and certain sexual acts as punishment but i suspect, chastity would have removed the need.
  14. Very interesting discussion, thanks to all. I am having difficulty finding the original "summary" post though--help please?

    For me, prolonged chastity keeps my desire to be feminine and submissive peaked. As a gender fluid individual, I literally use chastity as a tool to explore and embrace and love my femininity.
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  15. Crazed.... yesssss